Steeda Lightweight Mustang K-Member (96-04)

Steeda Lightweight Mustang K-Member (96-04)


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Steeda's SN95 K-Member was designed to shed some weight from the front end without requring a full suspension replacement or requireing modified geometry.

Made from a mix of 4130 chrome moly and low alloy steel, our K-member is approximately 19 lbs lighter than the OE K-member. The control arm cups were designed to accept unmodified stock control arms so tubular control arms are not required.

Our k-member features 2 lower control arm mounting positions for fine tuning of roll center geometry. One position if for cars at stock ride height or less than 1 inch lower than stock. The second position is recommended for cars 1 to 1 1/2 inches lower than stock. For further roll center correction if you are lowered more than 1 1/2 inches check out our X2 Ball Joints.

Finally, while the rack can be positioned in the stock location, we've made it adjustable for changes to the Ackerman geometry. Ackerman adjustment is a must for the serious road racer.

Note: Only compatible with Rack bushings with standard 3/4 inch hole such as our urethane rack bushings. Ours as well as any other aftermarket aluminum bushings with smaller than 3/4 inch holes will not work.

Product Benefits

  • 19 pounds lighter than stock k-member
  • Accepts stock control arms and tubular control arms that work with stock K-members
  • Two control arm positions to compensate for vehicle lowering (can also be used with X2 ball joints)
  • Adjustable Ackerman geometry
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