If you're looking to make a statement to intimidate the competition and let the sounds of freedom roar. Then, Steeda is your one-stop-shop for all your exhaust needs. We offer plenty of options to give your Mustang that ferocious sound it deserves. Exhaust system does more than just turn up the volume when you hit the loud pedal. They allow you to gain more horsepower, torque and free up air-flow in conjunction with other complimentary modifications. Steeda carries a wide variety of exhaust options from long tube headers, resonator deletes, down-pipes, cat-back, and axle-back exhaust systems that will extract the most power out of your Mustangs beating heart.

For over 30 years Steeda has been engineering, designing, and manufacturing performance exhaust options to fit the need of every enthusiast. If you are in need of selecting the perfect exhaust option for you, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our performance specialists today!

No matter where you go, Mustang enthusiasts will always tell you that making their presence known on and off the street is key! The legendary exhaust note of the Mustang is almost as synonymous as America itself. To many different people exhaust tone is subjective, everyone likes something different. That is why there are so many variations of exhaust combinations on the market today.

Steeda makes it a mission to provide the very best quality in exhaust offerings for every Mustang enthusiast out there. We have been designing, manufacturing, and engineering exhaust for more than 30 years. If you're looking for everything from mild to wild we've to have it. From long tube and shorty headers, axle-back exhausts, cat-back exhausts, and a wide selection of mid-pipes.

Upgrading your Mustang exhaust isn't just for sound or looks. It will allow you to free up a lot of restricted air-flow that stock exhaust systems and manifolds don't allow for. By adding a performance exhaust you will allow the engine of your Mustang to free up horsepower, torque, and the all-important symphony of freedom exiting the rear. With supplemental modifications, you will see substantial horsepower increases over the stock application.

In the end, you will allow your Mustang to unleash a sound that is absolutely furious and downright evil. For any questions or concerns for your next exhaust upgrades feel free to reach out to a Steeda performance specialist for all your needs.