2021 Ford Bronco Exhaust

Kevin Cassar
July 10, 2020

If you’re a die-hard off-road enthusiast fan, you have ridden, owned, or driven a Ford Bronco. You know that part of its legendary status in the off-road community is its powertrain options and capabilities. The latest information we have received in the Bronco community and Ford is to be rumored the all-new 2021 Bronco will receive two engine options in the 2.3L Four-Cylinder EcoBoost and the 2.7L EcoBoost V6 most commonly found in the Broncos trucking the F-150.

For purists, this might be a saddened moment because a V8 for the first time won’t be offered in a Bronco. It comes with the time of technology and efficiency when that is key.

Reasons To Upgrade Your 2021 Ford Bronco Exhaust

  • Performance
    • Just as previous generations of Broncos were offered with massive four-hundred plus cubic inches of American fury. The all-new Bronco will give this power in a different formula, think of how Ford engineers dubbed the new Raptor, and look at how that turned out to be a marvel of American engineering and performance. We genuinely believe that by adding a performance exhaust to the all-new Bronco, it will enhance horsepower and torque but still give you the lineage of the Bronco heritage at all times.
  • Sound
    • As the saying goes, there isn’t a replacement for displacement, but unfortunately, times have changed. It still doesn’t mean you can’t have a throaty exhaust note and visceral experience when going full tilt in your Bronco.
  • Experience
    • The whole point of owning the Bronco has an overall adventurous spirit, why not add a performance exhaust to enhance that experience to the most potential possible.
  • Efficiency
    • Just like a cold air intake lets more air in creating greater efficiency, an exhaust system will do the same thing allowing more torque and horsepower to be created. These areas can be crucial, especially when you’re out on the trail leading to nowhere.

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Image Credit: Ford Motor Company, Ford Performance

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