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Steeda Mustang Charge Motion Delete Plugs (09-10)

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Manufacturer:  Steeda Autosports

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Bummed that you bought a 2009 Mustang GT and found that you couldn't use Steeda’s Charge Motion Plates? Well, we have the prescription for happiness! Steeda’s 2009 Charge Motion Delete Plugs eliminate the butterflies, giving your intake air a smooth shot into the head.

Machined from billet aluminum, these plugs are a great upgrade for your 2009 Mustang. As used on Steeda's Q350 Mustangs, Steeda's plugs reduce turbulence and improve airflow in the intake path for more horsepower and torque!

Steeda's charge motion delete plugs require computer recalibration for use which is available with any of our SCT tuning devices! Once tuned, charge motion plates will not sacrifice any low end torque and provide midrange and upper rpm horsepower and torque increases. Peak increases of 10 horsepower or more have been seen on naturally aspirated applications, larger gains possible on supercharged engines. Install them now and maximize your power curve today!

Note: If nitrous injection ports are desired on a 2009 or 2010, a 2005-2008 manifold can be used on 2009-2010 engine with Steeda’s Charge Motion Plates.

Product Benefits

  • More Horsepower to the Tires!
  • Made from Billet Aluminum
  • Increased airflow
Time to Install
About 3 Hours
Level of Difficulty
Easy Install
Tools Needed
Basic Tools
Model Year(s)
2010 2009


Manual Automatic

Product Reviews

These resulted in more hp and more airflow - just what I was looking for!

If you have an 09-10 model, get these charge motion delete plugs! Super cheap mod for the hp you gain!

top end feels alot better but nothing thats gonna make u scream about it and with a tune u can get rid of the huge control box on the back of your intake manifold which cleans up the engine bay a little. but its super easy took about 30min and its fairly cheap so i figured why not, didnt sacrafice any drivability or torque as some claim it will and if it does u wont notice it, my 2010 gt is an automatic and i break 3rd gear loose with 20x10's out back wrapped in nitto nt555 275 wide if that tells u anything. i do also have CAI by JLT and off road H pipe. i hope this helps with your choice in parts.