STEEDA MACH 1 #2022-009

Steeda Mach 1 #2002-009
Steeda Mach 1 #2002-009

825 Supercharged Horsepower

Available Track-Ready Competition Package

Signature Steeda Styling

Steeda Mach 1 #2002-009

At Steeda, we understand heritage. We're all about family trees. We know they're important. We know that who came before you has a bearing on where you're going. We take heritage seriously - both ours and Mustang's.

The Mach 1 branch of the Mustang family tree has a heritage as good as it gets. It evokes sepia-toned memories of screaming small blocks and thumping Cobra Jet big blocks. Of legendary styling and hole-shots, podium finishes and max respect….on the street and at the track.