Form Lighting Mustang LED Headlights (2018-2022)

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Form Lighting FL0009 2018+ Mustang LED Headlights feature aggressive styling, a start-up sequence, sequential turn signals, and bi-LED projectors!

Part Number: 991 FL0009
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Set your Mustang apart with these exotic headlights. Boasting sequential turn signals, bi-LED projectors, a startup sequence, and more, you can be sure that these headlights are taking your S550 up a notch. 

Improved brightness. With the bi-LED projectors, the headlights have a higher output when using either your low beams or high beams. A sharp cutoff and strong center intensity help you clearly see what is ahead. Two additional LED reflectors are utilized to triple the high beam output and illuminate the road further ahead. 

Sequence at startup. Like many exotic and luxury cars, these headlights have a 2-stage chasing sequence that plays when you start your car. This is a unique feature that stands out and gives you Mustang a high-end look. 

Sequential switchback signaling. The turn signals on the headlights are sequential, with a smooth chasing sequence. The white DRL's change to amber and begin the sequence when you put on your blinker. 

Top notch construction. Rivaling the construction of OEM lights, the lights use OE-grade materials and manufacturing methods. UV-coated polycarbonate lenses, automotive-grade LED emitters, plug and play connectors, and more ensure these lights will exceed expectations. 

Features & Benefits: 
  • Unique look
  • Startup sequence
  • Switchback sequential signaling
  • OE-grade construction
  • Road legal
  • Higher output
  • Plug and play
  • 2-year warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hey everybody it's Chris from Steeda and today we're going to be installing these Form Lighting LED headlights fitting your 2018 plus non-Shelby mustangs. Offers a super unique look, the daytime running lamps sequential LEDs when you're turning, it's awesome, tie that in with the Diode Dynamics combination lamps down underneath. Again everything's sequential and you get that beautiful yellow fog light if you opt for it. You also have the bright white one as well. We're going to show you a product overview as well as a step-by-step installation to give you guys an idea of what installation looks like on your 2018 plus mustang and ultimately some beautiful glamour shots of these things installed so stay tuned it's going to be a good one. Here we have the Form Lighting LED headlights fitting your 2018 to 2022 non-Shelby mustang these are an awesome design from Form Lighting because they really are unique and stand out from the crowd. They feature a unique startup sequence which is great. It has that sequential signaling that taps into the turn signal, includes all necessary hardware and wiring for installation, and all in all you really can't go wrong. They feature an OE-grade construction with a UV-resistant polycarbonate lens. They're plug and play and they have a two-year limited warranty from Form Lighting so if you have any issues they'll be happy to take care of you. We're really excited to get these lights on a 2018 plus mustang specifically because you're going to have more light output so we'll show you that comparison before and after as well. So like I said let's get this installation rolling. We'll show you a step-by-step as well as a before and after the installation of what these things look like on a 2018 plus mustang.
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Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Form Lighting

Installation Information:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Tools Required: Basic Hand Tools

Vehicle Fitment:
Fits Model Years: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
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