All-New: Steeda Trident Flow Formed Wheel

Samuel Weber
September 7, 2021

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A new offering from us at Steeda, these all-new triple-split five-spoke wheels are designed for the performance driver in you, inspiring confidence around every corner on the track as well as cruising the street on a night out. Designed and developed through flow-forming, these track-tested wheels are lighter, stronger, and are more durable than many other companies’ wheels. The Trident wheels let you use your factory lug nuts to keep installation easy and quick too. These wheels also feature knurling to ensure your tire does not slip on track, helping improve overall traction. Additionally, the flow-forming process keeps these wheels stronger and more affordable than a standard cast wheel.

For over three decades, Steeda has offered race-proven performance parts for Mustangs and other Fords. Steeda wheels have been included in that mix many times including the Ultra-Lites, Spyders, ST-R, and many more! With that said, we’ve been wanting to get back into offering high-quality, performance-oriented wheels at a price that everyone can afford.

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Steeda Trident Wheel: Trailer

Steeda Trident Wheel: Aesthetics

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A unique take on classic five-spoke wheels found on Mustangs frequently, these triple-split Trident wheels add an extra layer of subtle aggressiveness to your car’s look at any speed. The Steeda Trident wheel was designed to be aesthetically pleasing while also a dominating force on road courses or the drag strip. The Steeda Trident Wheel not only is track-tested and engineered with performance in mind, but it also looks the part, too! Whether you’re pulling up to a local cars and coffee event or carving the next apex at your local track, this wheel truly does it all.

A couple words from the designer of the wheel, Eric Westover.

I put a lot of time into gathering sources for inspiration, looking at various sites, pages, and photos. My art board was covered in images of wheels that I liked, or thought would look good on a Mustang and started drawing. I just had a circle for the base of the wheel and drew different types of spokes and shapes based off what I've seen. 5 or 6 designs were originally submitted as ideas, and this was the last of them. I think as I was turning on and off different layers, the combo of the 5 straight and 5 split spokes were on at the same time and I thought it looked kind of cool how they fit together perfectly. I presented it as a final hope as I was running out of ideas, and it got some good feedback. Another member of our team suggested a few changes that added some additional detail, such as the channel down the straight spokes and the stepped layers of the split spokes. Overall, it was a great team effort, and we are ecstatic with how they turned out. - Eric Westover, In-House Graphic Designer

progress trident wheelSteeda Trident Wheel Design Progression

Steeda Trident Wheel: Fitment

We designed these wheels from the ground up to perfectly fit the S197 through S550 Mustang as a road and track use wheel. Fitted on these cars, these wheels are the perfect way to make your Mustang stand out in the crowd. The stepped layering of the spokes makes these wheels dramatic and different compared to any wheel on the market currently, firmly cementing these Trident wheels as a staple of upcoming performance Mustangs. Steeda’s Trident wheels effortlessly flow with the Mustang’s lines and are the perfect way to round off your car’s look.

2005-2014 Mustangs

s197 mustang with steeda trident wheel

Across the sports car and muscle car lineup, the Mustang is always able to make a statement wherever it goes and is recognizable around the world. However, to make a car truly recognizable you need each part to make a statement near as much as the new Steeda Trident wheels do. Across the S197 and S550 generations, these wheels fit perfectly for any look ranging from daily driver to show car to race car on the track and strip.

On the 05-09 bodystyle, the angles of the wheels work with the flat body panels of the car to show off their aggressive design. Fitted to the 05-09 body Mustang S197, the Trident wheels concave shape fits the flared arches while making the car look lower and wider. The 19-inch wheels fit as a combination of track setup and road appearance and the staggered rear wheels gives these cars the classic hot rod look with ease. Perfect for any build from street cruiser to dedicated track car, the Trident wheels are a great do-everything wheel guaranteed to get attention.

In the second generation S197 Mustangs, the new and more curved body brought the Mustang from muscle car to performance car looks, and with the new look came a new upgrade market. The Steeda Trident wheels work beautifully on the 11-14 Mustangs on the street with their concave and dramatic lines. These wheels are also wide enough to fit the wide arches to be flush with the bodywork, making the car sit like a show vehicle on display. Even with this look, they are the perfect combination of performance and style by keeping rotational mass lower and ensuring proper tire is on the pavement at all times.

2015-2021 Mustangs

s550 mustang with steeda trident wheel

The S550 Mustang brought in a new direction for the Mustang name by moving more towards the sports car world than the muscle car market. With its new body and completely new suspension, the S550 became a serious sports car, and a serious sports car needs a proper sporty aggressive wheel. The Steeda Trident was designed with the intention of making the road presence of the Mustang sit even higher in the performance world and on the S550 these wheels give it a perfect balance of road presence and track performance.

Fitted to provide a balance of race car and street car, the Trident wheels are designed as lightweight and sturdy while also keeping the tire planted firmly and evenly on the ground under any circumstances. These wheels fill the S550’s wheel wells enough that the car can still be lowered while also providing enough traction from the 11 inch rear wheels to rocket your car forward.

Steeda Trident Wheel: Finishes

gt trident wheel

Satin Black: Sinister and powerful, this satin finish on the Steeda Tridents fits perfectly with the Mustang’s lines and can fit the matching Steeda or factory center caps.

yeller trident wheel

Gloss Titanium: Sleek and stylish, the gloss titanium finish of the Steeda Trident wheels provides the perfect accent to your ride and can fit the matching Steeda or factory center caps.

close up trident wheel

Steeda Trident Wheel: Sizes & Weight

We have designed these wheels to give an aggressive yet sophisticated look to your S197 or S550 Mustang that will keep your car looking as good as you had ever wanted it to. With two different sizes available depending on what you intend to do with your car. For those who intend to use the car solely as a street car and need to handle increased horsepower or simply want better traction, the street wheel package is the way to go. To the everyday driver, these wheels and tires will give a massive increase in handling ability. For those who track their Mustang our square setup with spacers in the front will be your best option for you with a square 19x11 setup.

Steeda Trident Wheel Sizes

  • Front Wheel: 19" x 10" | ET37 | 22.9 lbs*
  • Rear Wheel: 19" x 11" | ET53 | 23.32 lbs*

Weight is based on prototype wheels. Production wheel weight may differ slightly.

Steeda Trident Wheel: Product Pages

Steeda Trident Wheel: Gallery

Steeda Trident Wheel 2013 Mustang Titanium
Steeda Trident Wheel S197 Mustang Satin Black
Steeda Trident Wheel S197 Mustang Satin Black
Steeda Trident Wheel 2013 Mustang Titanium
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Steeda Trident Wheel 2021 Mustang Mach 1
Steeda Trident Wheel Logo
Steeda Trident Wheel Satin Black
Steeda Trident Wheel 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Rear
Steeda Trident Wheel 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Rear
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Steeda Trident Wheel 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Rolling
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Steeda Trident Wheel 2005 Mustang Yellow
Steeda Trident Wheel 2005 Mustang Titanium
Steeda Trident Wheel 2005 Mustang Satin Black /rear
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Steeda Trident Wheel Mach 1 Track Testing
Steeda Trident Wheel 2013 Mustang Jacksonville
Steeda Trident Wheel S197 Mustang Close Up
Steeda Trident Wheel S197 Mustang Rear Quarter

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