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Steeda S550 Mustang MagneRide Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs (2015-2022)

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2015+ Mustang MagneRide Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs. Lowers the Non PP Mustang .750" front & rear or Lowers GT350, PP1, & PP2 Mustangs .500" front & rear. Designed for competition racing but maintains outstanding street-able ride Get the proven performance of Steeda manufactured suspension parts, tested on and off the track for over 30 years.
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Part Number: 555 8243
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Are you looking for competition-proven handling performance for your 2015+ S550 Ford Mustang  or Shelby GT350 while still maintaining street drivability? Our Steeda Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Springs are now available for your MagneRide equipped S550 Mustang! Our experience and expertise in high-performance street and racing suspension systems is second to none, and the team here at Steeda has put that experience to work for you. Designed for ALL street and road racing applications, Steeda's Competition springs have the highest rates on the market but still maintain a comfortable and enjoyable ride when put on the street.

Competition-proven in both NASA and SCCA events, these springs greatly reduce nosedive and keep body roll to a minimum for the ultimate in performance handling. By lowering your S550 Mustang .750" all around, these springs provide an optimized center of gravity and an aggressive stance. At a recent HDPE event, Steeda clocked a 4 second lap time improvement with the just our springs and adjustable camber plates. They are a tremendous handling upgrade for GT350's as well as any MagneRide equipped S550 Mustang. 

Professional racecar driver, Billy Johnson borrowed a Q500 for some laps at Palm Beach International Raceway and this is what he has to say about them.
"The Steeda Q500 was a blast to drive on track... The adjustable suspension was far from harsh and had a wide range of adjustability to dial the car in at the track. Overall it was a nice dual purpose street and track package that raised the limits of the Mustang GT." - Billy Johnson


  • Lowers the Non PP Mustang .750" front & rear
  • Lowers GT350, PP1, & PP2 Mustangs .500" front & rear
  • Designed for competition racing but maintains outstanding street-able ride
  • Highest spring rate for dramatic improvement in handling and reduction of nosedive
  • Steeda collaborates with the best motorsport spring engineers in the industry to provide you the best products possible
  • Steeda springs are developed using advanced proprietary CAD data, and our exclusive 3D modeling setting us apart from the others
  • Race-proven in NASA and SCCA events
  • LIFETIME warranty

Note: This kit is not designed for the 2020+ GT500. Please see 555-8244 for springs specifically designed for the 2020+ Base and Carbon Fiber Track Pack GT500.

Note: Lowered amount may vary from car to car depending on vehicle package and trim options.

MagneRide Dual Rate Springs Installation on GT350

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, spotlighting some go fast springs for MagneRide equipped Mustang GTs and Ecoboost models as well as Shelby GT350 and 350Rs.   Hold the shoulder straps tight and here we go, today we're talking about the fastest set of springs you can install on your MagneRide equipped S550 Mustang, the Steeda Ultimate Handling Dual Rate Springs. These are a true dual rate spring that transitions from a softer rate into a stiffer rate we're going to come back to this in just a moment but these things are the fastest springs you can put on your Mustang. These will bring down those lap times well as those Autocross times and still be perfectly streetable.   Let's begin with differentiating a dual rate spring from a conventional coil spring. The Dual Rate Springs are true two rate springs. They have a softer rate section and a stiffer eight section. Similar to having two different rate springs combined into one and these are different from a normal progressive spring like our Sport Progressives in that it is only two rates, versus starting at one rate and gradually transitioning into a stiffer rate. These start at one rate and then transition into a stiffer rate. What does this mean to you, we're glad you asked. The advantage is that as you're throwing the car around the racetrack or Autocross course you're gonna have one end of the car that's being loaded and one end of the car that is lifting some and because of the dual rate nature of the springs, the side of the car or the end of the car that's lifting a little bit whether it be the inside of a corner or the back of the car hard braking or the front of the car under hard acceleration that end of the car side of the car remains in the softer rate. So there's actually less spring rate pushing up on the car. Likewise the corner or end of the car that's being loaded goes into the stiffer spring rate. So that means flatter cornering because you're now getting into the stiffer rate on the outside while the inside's on a softer rate not pushing up, as well as the front of the car under hard braking will be in the stiffer rate. The back of the car will not come up as much because it remains in the softer rate and under acceleration, same thing. The front of the car is not going to come up as much and the back of the car is going to is going to settle into the stiffer rate. This translates into a better handling and faster car around a road course or closed circuit. It means less dive under braking, less roll under cornering and less squat under acceleration and for those of you that are really putting the cars through the riggers of a road course or again an Autocross course all of these things cross over with one another. You're almost always doing any number of these things at the same time. Breaking while cornering, accelerating out of the corner again neutral throttle through the corner and the point here is to have a balanced setup that's controllable. This is a huge advantage to running the Steeda Dual Rate Springs. When you're going through a corner and the inside isn't pushing up as much because it's in the softer rate. Obviously the weight transfers to the outside and is in the stiffer rate. As you're transitioning through corners and catching those rumble strips especially at a bumpy track like Sebring Raceway. The car stays far more composed because the inside lighter part of the car if you will is in the softer spring rate. This means that it will absorb it without upsetting the car and when you're not upsetting the car the driver has more confidence when the driver has more confidence and feel of the car and ultimately control this means faster lap times.   Moving on to the street ability of the Dual Rate Springs because of the dual rate nature these ultimately stay predominantly in the softer rates. The front springs are 195 pounds at the softer rate and 300 at the firmer rate. The rear springs are 800 at the softer rate and the transition to 1300 at the stiffer rate. So again on the street we're predominantly in the softer rates. To best sum up the ride quality I like to chalk it up as being close to let's say a BMW M3 or Porsche GT3. They are definitely stiffer than the PP2 Springs and the GT350 Springs and pretty close to the equivalent of a 350R Spring. What's important here though is that it's not harsh, it's not bone jarring. In fact I've driven on these a number of times and this would be the setup I would use for a daily driven car that I'm taking to the race track. Now obviously I've been doing this for a while I'm kind of spoiled so there you have it the reality though is these are really a good dual purpose spring. We call them dual rates predominantly because of the dual rates but there is a dual purpose here. We want you to be able to enjoy the car on the street as well as at the racetrack. We do recommend adding in our camber plates so you can set the camber where you need it to be, whether for street driving and a little bit less negative camber or for you Autocrossers and track day guys bring it all the way in and to further enhance that maybe look into our strut tower cutting tool, if you need even more negative camber really anything over two degrees, you start looking into having to use that tool.   As with other Steeda Springs these are constructed of High Silica Steel. It's lighter weight and much more consistent. So we can ensure that the spring rates are exactly as advertised. In addition we test each set of these as they come through batch by batch. Again we want to make sure that it's going to last the lifetime that you have the car as well as whatever you're going to do on the race track with it or Autocross course with it and we back these with our lifetime warranty. So regardless of what you throw at them you know that they're going to last the length of the vehicle. Furthermore we proudly manufacture these in the USA. So there you have it the best fastest handling spring that you can get for your Magneride S550. Great street ability, again a little bit taut but not overly harsh and all of these things we factor into our Ultimate Handling Dual Rate Springs because Speed Matters! If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share it with other enthusiasts. Also Subscribe to our Youtube Channels that we show up in your Youtube feed and that way you're kept alert of the latest videos that we're coming out with and speaking of these videos to see the latest and greats that we're up to on Social Media definitely check us out over there. To learn more about these many of the other great products we offer for the Mustang as well as other Ford vehicles go to Thank you so much for watching and have a fantastic day!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, Spring compressor
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions
Note: An alignment is highly recommended after installing MagneRide springs

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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Wayyyy better than the Motorsport version
I used these in conjunction with several other Steeda parts and they worked great and allow for great adjustment. I don't know what they added by themselves, but with all the other items it made a huge difference! Very happy! These do feel a lot better than the motorsport versions
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Verified Buyer  
Great track day springs!
These are fantastic on track. The car tracks much flatter on mt 2019 gt350, drop is minimal, .4, .5 inches max and the rear seems to be higher than the front. If you are looking at these to lower only for looks and street use, get the standard steeda springs. These are meant for track. Lesson learned, make sure you install the front springs the right way. I initially put them in upside down because I thought the words were supposed to be right side up....wrong! The rear springs follow this logic but the fronts don't. Clearer install instructions would be nice.
Did you find this helpful?  9 of 9 Found Helpful
Absolutely love them!! Huge difference!! Warning to Bullitt owners, spacers of at least 20mm are required!! This should definitely mentioned on the purchase page
Did you find this helpful?  15 of 15 Found Helpful
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