Steeda Mustang GT Performance Pack 380x34mm Front & 330x25mm Rear Two-Piece Rotor Set (2015-2022)

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Steeda is proud to offer our new 2-piece Full Floating Front and Rear Disc Brake Rotors for your Performance Pack-equipped 2015+ Mustang GT! These two-piece rotors are a simple bolt-on that's ABS compatible with the factory,

Part Number: 555 6034

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Steeda is proud to offer our new 2-piece Full Floating Front and Rear Disc Brake Rotors for your Performance Pack-equipped 2015+ S550 Ford Mustang GT! These two-piece rotors are a simple bolt-on that's ABS compatible with the factory, Brembo 6-piston front calipers, and Integrated Parking Brake Ford factory rear calipers. The 380 x 34mm front 15 rotors (555 6032) weigh 15.4 pounds per pair less than OE solid 1-piece front discs, while the 330 x 25mm rears (555 6033) are 4 pounds per pair less than OE.

The billet, hard-anodized aluminum center section cuts weight and keeps wheel bearings cooler. Additionally, the high-ferrous-content, iron-alloy friction discs provide higher strength as well as a greater friction coefficient. A proprietary CNC-machined slotted groove pattern keeps pads cleaner and allows outgassing for maximum grip without glazing. A unique directional vent design draws more air through the rotor core for improved cooling, stable disc temps, and a significant reduction in peak operating temperatures.

The full floating design allows for both radial and axial expansion due to differing coefficients of thermal expansion between the aluminum hat and iron friction disc. This eliminates cracks common with 1-piece and drilled rotors on the market. Axial floatation vastly improves brake pedal feedback due to a reduction in vibration and pad knock. While conducting rigorous on-track testing, Steeda's validation team measured up to 200 F temp reduction during the most severe conditions practical, with virtually no brake fade. Post-track inspection after multiple trials revealed no warping, cracking, or degradation in stopping performance or manners. During timed trials, the Steeda team pushed their test mule to the limit, resulting in incredible reductions in lap times, not only from stopping improvement but also handling and speed gains attributed to the reduction of both unsprung weight and rotating mass. Team Steeda tried to kill these rotors and the rotors won.

With exceptional quality & performance at an affordable price, these rotors are perfectly suited for daily driven pony cars, weekend canyon carvers, autocross racers, or full on competition track cars.

NOTE: Steeda has service kits available allowing you to rebuild your old rotors to like new condition and save money in the process. Each service kit includes left and right friction discs as well as all new premium grade hardware.

Product Benefits:

  • Heat reduction up to 200 Degrees
  • Reduces unsprung weight & rotating mass up to 19.4 Pounds total
  • Improved pedal feel, reduces vibration & pad knock
  • Greatly reduces brake fade
  • Shorter stopping distances under all conditions
  • Slotted design keep pads cleaner and allows out-gassing
  • Rebuildable with Steeda service kit 555 6039 and 555 6038

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda highlighting our Two-Piece Brake Rotors for Performance Pack Brembo equipped S550 Mustangs.   There are a couple of great advantages to running the Steeda Two-Piece Brake Rotors. We'll start with the less obvious reason, weight reduction. We've said so many times in our videos that Weight is the Enemy of Performance and this is so true and although you might not think about it and realize that two-piece rotors are substantially lighter than the factory pieces they really are and this is an important aspect in accelerating and cornering and responsiveness. The reality is that it takes less energy to get these rotating. Yes I understand these are brake rotors but if you watched our wheel comparison video, we actually put the car on the dyno. Well that very car that's carrying our two-piece rotors again less rotating mass. This means less energy to get them moving and I understand again that these are brake rotors they're for stopping. The reality is 98% of the time you're on the race track or an autocross course you're accelerating. You need the car to roll, yes we need it to stop but now I'm getting ahead of myself.   As far as weight is concerned the 15-inch front rotors save about 7.5 pounds per rotor so 15 pounds at the axle. Actually over 15 pounds versus the stock rotors. Once again requiring less energy from the engine to get the car moving. This also means as you're turning the wheel you have more responsiveness just like a lightweight set of wheels. Anything you can do to cut down weight in the car especially rotating mass is going to benefit you. The rears not quite as much of a weight reduction but still lighter about two pounds per rotor, four pounds at the rear axle end and for those of you with EcoBoosts like our Q350 that we run around the FIRM as well as Sebring and many of the other tracks around Florida and Georgia well that is equipped with Performance Pack Brembos we're running these on that as well as our 2018 Q500 HPDE Steeda car. Just a moment ago I mentioned that 98% of the time you're on a closed circuit or an autocross course you're going to be accelerating or not using the brakes and all right that's an exaggeration. I wanted to do something to keep your attention and get you involved. So I apologize to some degree. The reality though is that it's a very skewed percentage as far as accelerating and being off the brakes versus on the brakes. So why are these so important to have when you're in a hard braking situation? Let's break into this! The very same virtues that help these as far as weight savings also tremendously help as far as braking performance and heat dissipation most importantly. The brakes heat up fast and will retain a lot of heat. The two-piece design inherently helps reduce and dissipate that heat much more effectively than the one-piece factory rotors. We're certain that you've watched the Rolex 24 or any race that carries on into dusk in the evening and seeing these rotors just absolutely glow. It's really important to dissipate that heat and keep consistency there. The aluminum hat, well helps dissipate that heat and keep it from getting back into the wheel hub. Helping the wheel bearings and ultimately helping distribute heat away from the rotor. The friction disc itself or the rotor is slotted. This is going to help reduce some of the friction temperatures of the brake pads as well as release gases from the brake pads and give you more consistent performance even if you're standing on that pedal at the back of a straightaway or at the end of a straightaway. You're going to have much better predictability and feel out of these lap after lap. In fact we've tested them against the factory rotors and have measured a 200 degree reduction in heat in the brake rotor surface. Obviously the ultimate temperature is going to be determined by which brake pads you run. We're big fans of the Hawk DTC 60s but the reality is it depends on the horsepower you're running. The track that you're running at and again if you're auto crossing you probably won't go quite as aggressive cause you need something that heats up a little faster than that.   So the main advantages, weight reduction so more responsiveness when you're getting onto the brakes because the rotors are now carrying less energy. Less energy taken away from the engine when you're accelerating. Less energy taken away from the steering as you're turning in and most importantly braking without fade, consistent braking, great feel and again feedback to the driver. We talk about this all the time about how important it is for you as a driver to get good feedback from any component of the car. Whether it's the steering and being able to again minute inputs as well as the brakes being able to modulate the brake and really stand on them as hard as you want. At whatever track you're going to. No matter how much horsepower the car is making you need to have good consistent brake feel, well you need to have these two-piece rotors.   These are a great upgrade for any S550 Mustang! If it's a Performance Pack Brembo equipped car, this would be the kit that you see here. We also offer a kit that will fit the base GT and Ecoboost models.   If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts. If you have questions or want recommendations on which brake pad compounds to run, depending on the tracks that you're going to. Definitely post those below or give us a call. Don't forget to click the Subscribe Button so that we show up in your Youtube feed, as well as check us out on Social Media to see the latest and greatest things that we're up to and what we're putting our brake rotors through currently. Visit to learn more about these two-piece rotors as well as the many other products we offer for the S550 Mustang and other Ford vehicles. Thank you so much for watching. Steeda where Speed Matters!
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Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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Mustang Rotors
Rotors are excellent. Easy to install: 555 6034 Steeda Mustang GT Performance Pack 380x34mm Front & 330x25mm Rear Two-Piece Rotor Set (2015-2022) Also installed: 555 6027 Steeda S550 Mustang Stainless Braided Hose Front & Rear Brake Lines If you track or even Autocross you wont be unhappy with these new parts.
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Happy customer
Installed with steel braided brake hose kit !!! Wow! Stops like a monster with take your glasses off your face . 2021 mustang gt performance pack upgrade car is track ready
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Great weight reduction and looks great
Must have upgrade for anyone looking to shed rotating weight. Weights are as advertised. Very happy with them
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Massive weight savings
OEM level quality hardware on these rotors, great weight savings but you can tell the rotors are still up for serious abuse, have not experienced any new noises that can occur with 2 piece designs. Nice cosmetic upgrade in addition to the performance gains.
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