Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates All (2015-2022)

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Steeda S550 camber plates for the 2015+ are ideal for any lowered street or track Mustang. These will adjust the camber angle from -0.3 degrees to -2.8 degrees. They will reduced understeer and increase front grip, turn-in resp

Part Number: 555 8139
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Ford's new S550 Mustang platform is one of the best handling Mustangs to date from the factory. Steeda, like always, has found ways to continually push the boundaries of the new S550 IRS Mustang's suspension. From the factory, the OE components are designed without any camber adjustment for alignment purposes. The factory strut mounts also utilize a bushing style mount resulting in excessive bending stress on your dampers, steering system bind, and may even cause pre-mature failure.

Our Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates for Mustang GT, GT350, GT350R, EcoBoost, and V6 are great for both street and track use. Our camber plates come into play especially when lowering your vehicle. With the addition of our new adjustable strut mounts on your lowered 'Stang you will be able to correct excessive negative camber and increase your front steering response. If you lowered your daily driven S550 Mustang, running the correct camber will eliminate uneven tire wear.

Our camber plates are ideal for both daily driving or tracking your S550. With the addition of these camber plates you will be able to dial in precise front suspension camber for each front toe adjustments resulting in a more balanced and predictable vehicle on the street or track. You will notice improved overall handling capabilities, elimination of understeer and increase in your Mustang's turn-in response. In testing, we have seen maximum lateral acceleration increase by. 11 G's post-installation of our Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates. Maximum lateral acceleration may vary depending on other variables such as tires or outside weather factors.

Please note: Our camber plates do not include caster adjustment. Ford has given the S550 Mustang 7 degrees of caster right from the factory - typical racecar values of caster range from 6 - 8 degrees; any additional caster added to this system will pull the front suspension out of its ideal camber range.

Note: Our Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates are compatible with KW Suspension V3 Coliover Kits. Steeda camber plates are not compatible with Bilstein B14 or B16 suspension kits due to Bilstein's design. 

Note: Also fits the S550 GT500.

Purchase your Steeda S550 Mustang Camber Plates for your 2015+ Mustang GT, GT350, GT350R,EcoBoost, or V6 at Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • Ideal for any lowered street or track Mustang
  • Reduce excessive uneven tire wear which can result from lowering your car
  • Up to 3 degrees of camber adjustment, and up to -3.3 degrees if you open up your strut tower hole (Cutting Tool, 555-8920)
  • Most adjustment range on the market: adjust camber angle from -0.3 degrees to -2.8 degrees
  • Highest quality, stainless steel, Teflon-lined bearings included
  • Nickel-plated bearing housing, Tig-welded and CNC machined to exact tolerances
  • Grade 10.9 hardware and Nylock nuts included
  • Increased front grip, turn-in response and cornering performance
  • Reduced understeer
  • Increase overall cornering capability by. 11 G's
  • No increase in NVH
  • Specifically designed for the S550 chassis and front suspension system
  • No permanent modifications required
  • Steeda American-made quality, backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with KW Suspension V3 Coilover Kits and Performance Pack shocks
  • Race-proven performance

See this product in action in our Steeda Q500

Camber Bolts or Camber Plates? | Which is Right for You?

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from here today, to speak with you about our S550 Upper Camber Plates. We've developed these Camber Plates with you in mind and when I say you I mean people that Autocross, go to track days Drag Race or just simply enjoy your cars on the street. All of us have one thing in common we want to adjust the suspension and tune the suspension to what we're using the car for. Now when you lower your car you actually increase the Negative Camber and what this means in layman's terms the wheels would normally be close to vertical and the top edges come in as you lower the car it's part of the suspension and camber curve of the front suspension. It's natural as you're lowering the car and it travels through that suspension range. Now with the tires tucked in under extreme handling it will perform better to a certain degree. However, to much negative camber will start to work the opposite way. Likewise, when you're driving on the street you don't want to much negative camber so it starts to take away from the effectiveness of the brakes and where's your tires out substantially quicker. As you've come to expect from Steeda good enough is definitely not good enough!! So we've developed these Camber Plates with the widest range of adjustment on the market. This means that we give you more adjustment for positive camber to bring that the tops of those wheels back out or likewise for those that are Road Racing/Autocrossing looking for every last bit of cornering grip. You can bring these into negative two point eight degrees, that's an industry-leading amount, and as great as these are for a use in competition we've also designed them for street use. We've built them with a spherical bearing that's Teflon coated made of stainless steel and pre-loaded to our specification. That means that there's no additional noise and no additional harshness from adding these to your car. Furthermore, we've plated each component on these camber plates. This helps prevent any sort of oxidation, potential rust and protects all the components from any sort of road grime and again corrosion. These camber plates are proudly made in the USA and our Georgia facility because Speed Matters! They also carry our lifetime warranty if you'd like more information about our Camber Plates or many of our other suspension goods, Please visit If you have any questions or comments please be sure to post below. Don't forget to follow us on social media and have a Great Day!!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 3 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions
Install Video:

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

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Camber plates
These are a must have for being able to get your S550 back to spec for alignment. The alignment tech was able to easily adjust these for a street set up (-1.2 degrees) once I installed the Steeda magneride sport springs on my 2022 Mach1. Great product, well made, max caster (this chassis turns in exceptionally well with max caster afforded by these camber plates). Outstanding product!!!!
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high quality, priced right, made exceptional well, precise fit, gets te job done nice and easy and does not wreck the appearance
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Another great product!
I used these in conjunction with several other Steeda parts and they worked great and allow for great adjustment. I don't know what they added by themselves, but with all the other items it made a huge difference! Very happy!
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Verified Buyer  
Caster Camber Plates
I should have purchased these at the same time I purchased the lowering springs and front and rear sway bars!! The mustang has no adjustment of caster/camber on the front end. Really FORD!!! Why?? Anyway, I digress. The parts are what you would expect from Steeda, beautiful yet functional. Install went easy for not having a lift. Make sure you have a good quality spring compressor!! Do not try this with a bargain basement compressor, you will hurt yourself. when I was done I took it to the best shop in town (the owner is a road racer and knows alignments!) The mechanic got her all dialed in but did mention it was a bit difficult because you have to adjust both caster & Camber at the same time. I can say the car is totally different!! Before she was a bit skittish but now firmly planted to the road. Thanks Steeda!!
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GT350 Install
Very easy install that was combined with their 1 Sport Springs. The camber plates are very robust and definitely look the part. I did have to make minor camber adjustments to get her alignment perfect after the spring install, so money well spent!
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Camber plates
A quality product that works as advertised. These should be standard equipment on GT's from Ford. One note.. be sure to have a quality spring compressor on hand for the install. If you are using the standard threaded rod clamps get ready for a fight.
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Verified Buyer  
Worth every penny!
Install was very straightforward and the parts feel to be top notch in quality. After reassembly my alignment guy commented that these were some of the nicest plates to adjust he has come across, and saved me some money over their typical custom alignment charge. The extra 1/2 degree of camber made my car feel much more stable in slaloms and gave me a pretty big confidence boost going into to corners faster. Worth every penny! I should add that those with lowering springs may think they dont need spring compressors to install these. They somewhat pre-load the springs ever so slightly, causing you to need a compressor. Just an fyi.
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Camber Plates up front have helped dial in more camber
The Camber Plates up front have helped dial in more camber. I am running -2 now up front vs. -1.5 on the previous factory setup. These plates are a beautiful piece and are well built as all Steeda suspension components. The bad thing is, you cannot see these bad boys once installed.
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