Steeda's Powder Coat Is Stronger Than Ever!

Steeda's USA Manufactured Strong Powder Coated Parts

Here at Steeda, we make an effort to provide only the highest quality products to our customers and clients, and this means that when improvements can be made you can be sure we will do so. When we began our powder coating process on our products, we did so to ensure the longevity of products commonly affected by road salt, oxidization, rust, and more. As a learning process, we have been consistently improving upon our own techniques to ensure the absolute highest quality possible for our powder coating. It is that desire for perfection that has kept us working to make our products the best on the market in all aspects.

Powder coat is one of the processes that can show the true quality of a part and a company's drive for quality. When done incorrectly, powder coat tends to look cheap and unfinished in addition to not protecting the material underneath from the elements and other abrasive material such as salt, sand, gravel, and other loose material on the road or on the trail. Over time, the powder coating can get thin from heavy use, and for that reason we took it upon ourselves to make some of the strongest and highest-rated powder coated products on the market for any Ford vehicle ever.

Steeda's Improved Powder Coating Process

When we set out again to further improve our powder coating process, we did so with the intention to be one of the absolute leaders in powder coating across the board. Our work towards improving our powder coating process even further has gotten us to the point of higher quality than just about everyone else. After working for months on these improvements, we have finally been able to achieve a caliber of powder coat that is high above what even we had been using prior.

With our newest changes to our powder coating, we have landed an even higher rating for quality and durability than ever before. Our Engineering & Manufacturing Teams are always looking for ways to improve. When we sent out some of our powder coated parts to get salt spray tested to ensure long-term durability and reliability, we received higher results than we had expected. They came back with a 9 out of 10 rating after 750 hours of direct salt spray testing, landing higher than the industry standard of 6 out of 10. With this high rating, we are proud to announce that Steeda's powder coating is the strongest it has ever been!

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