Steeda Mustang Sport Lowering Springs - Progressive GT / V6 (2015-2021)

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Steedas 2015+ Ford S550 Mustang GT or V6, Steedas lowering springs provide the best combinations of handling and ride quality available. These springs allow you to lower your Mustang in the front to 1.125" and the rear 1". Steeda springs are all in
Part Number: 555 8210

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Steeda Progressive Springs. Steeda springs start out at a milder rate and then transition or progress into a firmer rate. During normal street driving your Mustang will remain in that milder rate resulting in great ride quality, but on the race track, the springs transition into the firmer rates. Specifically, the front spring rates range from 145 lbs up to 225 lbs. While the rears range from 525 to 820 lbs.

Better Handling. As you get into sportier driving and brake hard the car wants to pitch, these progressive springs will help prevent nose-dive. Likewise, on corner driving they will resist body roll! So your Mustang will have great handling. Just as important, when you go to launch, the Mustang is not going to squat, it's going to set and it's going to go!

Car Stance. Steeda Mustang Sport Progressive Springs optimize the center of gravity and suspension geometry. An overall improvement of appearance, lowering the car just over 1" at the front and an inch at the back. So you get the perfect rake. These will clear stock wheels, or complement your S550, and add a set of 20" wheels.

Quality Engineering. Our experience and expertise in high performance street and racing suspension systems is second to none. Steeda progressive springs are all in house engineered and custom made to our exact specifications. They are developed using advanced proprietary CAD data and exclusive 3d modeling setting; all the while, manufactured under rigorous QS-9000 & ISO 9001 certifications.

  • LIFETIME warranty
  • Fits 2015+ Mustangs
  • Lowering 1.125" in front and 1" in rear
  • Clears 20" wheels
  • Great ride quality, improved aerodynamics and improved vehicle stance
  • Sharper steering response, improved vehicle handling and stability, noticeable reduction in nosedive
  • Fits coupe and convertible

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Here today to talk to you about our Steeda S550 Mustang Sport Progressive Lowering Springs. Our Sport Progressive Springs are the most popular springs we offer for the S550 Mustang, and there's a great reason for this. It's because they are phenomenal for daily driven cars. Yet they increase performance. You may wonder how in the world is it that they do that. I'm going to tell you how we do that! Do to the progressive nature of the springs, they start out at a milder rate and then transition or progress into a firmer rate. What this means is, during normal street driving your going to remain in that milder rate so you have a great ride quality, but when you start to push the car some more it's going to transition into the firmer rates. Specifically, the front spring rates range from 145 pounds up to 225 pounds. While the rears range from 525 pounds up to 820 pounds. That's a nice wide range, a nice wide progression from one rate to the other. Now this is important because as you get into sporting driving, as you start to brake hard and the car wants to pitch, these will help prevent nosedive. Likewise, as you're going through the corners and the car wants to roll these will resist, body roll! So you're going to get great handling. Now just as importantly for our drag race guys, when you go to launch your car, the cars not going to squat, it's going to set and it's going to go! In addition to the performance gains, these will lower your car just over 1" at the front and an inch at the back. So you get the perfect rake. If you want to complement that add a set of 20" wheels. The springs will fit both coupes and convertibles. Great ride quality, improved aerodynamics and increased performance. It's no wonder these are our most popular springs. If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share it! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more videos like this as well. Be sure and visit us at to learn more about these springs and many of our other great components that we offer for your Mustang and many other Ford vehicles. Don't forget to follow us on Social Media and most importantly, Have a Great Day!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 3 1/2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, Spring compressor
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions
Note: An alignment is highly recommended after installing lowering springs

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

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Steeda progressive springs
Just had this installed professionally by an awesome one man shop. Driving home the car feels terrific! Actually ride feels much better than stock springs. Seems to recover immediately after bumps on the road. Left everything else stock on 2020 Mustang GT and if you're going with these springs I recommend not to cut the bump stops. Only cut them if you are going lower than these.
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from Concord Ca on 10/11/2021
Just about the perfect drop
Installed the Steeda Progressive springs on my 2016 GT also with the steeda non-adjustable shocks and struts, and steeda front camber plates. Car has a pretty good stance now. There is still a tiny bit of wheel gap up front but the rear is perfect now with the stock PP1 wheels and tires. Ride quality is more firm but still comfortable on the street and handling has improved, although I still have the stock sway bars. Installation wasn't too bad, the biggest hurdle was having to lower the subframe in the rear to get the stock springs out, which is more difficult than doing lowering springs on a S197 or any sold axle mustang.
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Verified Buyer   from Illinois on 8/5/2021
Steeda Progressive Rate springs are awesome
I did a ton of research before buying my Steeda Progressive rate springs for my 2020 Mustang GT. After installing these I was worried about ride quality because I was lowering a car. It would have to ride bad. Right? I was wrong. These springs ride amazing!!! The car handles like a dream and rides awesome. I would even say that they ride better than my factory springs. My factory springs had a bounce in them when you hit bumps. The Steeda springs take the bumps much smoother than stock springs. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE SPRINGS. Thank you Steeda for building a great product. I will be adding more Steeda parts soon.
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from Lebanon TN on 7/29/2021
These springs are fantastic, nice and smooth for daily driving but take a lot of the body roll out in corners. My car handled very well going through the Tail of the Dragon. 100 recommended
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from Iowa on 6/4/2021
Steeda progressives
Easy installation and great functionality! My car looks 10 times better than before!
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
from Cape Coral on 5/18/2021
We wanted to retain the smooth ride quality and get the ride height just right. These Steeda springs did just that! Added a set of 20" wheels at the same time and combined with these wheels gave us the perfect look.
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Verified Buyer   from Oklahoma City on 5/10/2021
2019 Mustang GT
Wow absolutely LOVE these springs thank you Matt for getting these out to me. I ordered these and had them sitting in the box for months and finally ordered them. What a difference in looks and overall handling. I regret not getting these installed earlier.
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from Anaheim on 5/3/2021
Sport springs and spacers = perfect combo
I recently installed the springs and spacers on my car and all I can say is wow. It brings a whole different look and attitude to the car outside of any handling benefits. I performed the install myself with the help of a friend following a CJP youtube vid. All I can recommend if you are doing this yourself is to get a good spring compressor as the cheap 2 piece set we had was not fun, easy or safe. Rent a good one and not the two long bolts with claws on each end, trust me you will save yourself a ton of time and stress. The rear was super easy following the youtube vid mentioned above. One last note on install, if your Mustang has many miles on it or lives in the salt belt, do yourself a favor and get a 21.5mm socket and a new set of lugnuts. The original chrome lugnuts have a tendency to swell and will make removing the wheels 20 times more difficult than it should be. Oh that also reminds me that you will need a super thin socket to install the spacers. My thin wall plastic coated sockets from Amazon were still too thick and required some sanding of the plastic coating to make fit. As for the results, on good roads and even the interstate with expansion joints and overpasses the car rides as good if not better than stock. It has a great feel in the corners and quick transitions that somehow makes the car feel like it has better dampers on it despite the stock shocks/struts. I do live in a city where our main city streets are garbage. No sugar coating, you do for sure notice the difference when the road is less than mediocre. Don't let that detract from how great they are in every other condition though. I've had other brand springs in the past that would launch you off your seat when you went over overpasses and these are arguably better than stock on 90% of the roads. Not to mention how great it looks.
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Verified Buyer   from St Louis on 4/29/2021
Lowered Pony
lowering springs for my 2020 Mustang GT, love the look and ride. installation cost, local ford dealer wanted $1400 for job, but I got local a local speed shop to install for $450
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from Las Vegas on 2/22/2021
Exactly what this car needed!
I own a 19 GT base and installed these with the stock dampers. The stance is perfect and I'm running OE 20 wheels with zero rubbing. The ride quality has not changed much, I would say high speed hits ( pot holes, square edge bumps ) aren't as smooth but definitely not harsh. Handling is much more confident. Body roll has been reduced and the car feels a lot more point and shoot. I can't wait to pair these up with some Steeda dampers!!
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from Hernando, MS on 10/16/2020
I've had lowering springs installed on multiple vehicles over the past few decades. I have to say though I have never had a vehicle sit so right, handle this well and drive so much better than stock. Most cars I've lowered looked great but almost always sacrificed some ride quality, until now. Steeda nailed it with these springs. My Mustang is now smoother than stock but with a killer stance and flat cornering.
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from Happy Valley on 10/10/2020
First modification to my Mustang Bullitt. It really lowers the car nicely and I believe gives a better quality ride than the factory shocks as they always felt a little unsettled to me. Highly recommend. I had my professionally installed at $300.
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from Charlotte on 7/10/2020
Perfect stance
If you are looking for that perfect stance and drivability these are the springs. There is zero nose dive on hard braking and off the line the car feels planted.
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Verified Buyer   from Henderson on 7/6/2020
Progressive springs
Product shipped and arrived in a satisfactory time frame. Fairly easy install. Take your time and go slow and torque it all back to spec and you will be good. Stance of vehicle is great. But haven't pushed the car hard enough yet to truly give feed back on any performance increases. The car rides surprisingly smooth for just being springs and I would even say the same as stock or slightly stiffer. What I can say is the wife likes the look even stating omg your car looks meaner All in all great experience from ordering, installing myself and driving. Would recommend to any mustang owners out there.
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from California on 6/9/2020
18 GT progressive springs
This is the second set of springs I have ordered though Steeda. Had them on my ecoboost and liked them so much I put them on my GT. Fantastic ride quality, and gets rid of the gap. The shipping was so fast also!!! Thanks Steeda for an amazing product and great customer service.
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Verified Buyer   from Arizona on 5/31/2020
Progressive rate springs
The Steeda progressive rate springs lowered the car giving it a good stance but also keeping the ride pretty close to stock. You can feel them firm up when you corner or are driving aggressively keeping you in full control. Since I have larger tires and wheels, I was worried that I would get rubbing, none so far. The springs will settle more after install and don't think right after install that is the height, it will drop a bit more after driving. Excellent choice for those that want a lower center of gravity, or stance with good handling quality.
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 7 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from on 1/13/2020
Have had these on for 3 weeks now and couldn't be happier with them. The change in appearance and how the car handles are noticeable and probably how the car should come off the lot.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 4 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from GA on 12/26/2019
As expected ??
Bought on Black Friday sales. Just got them installed. Absolutely satisfied with the result
Did you find this helpful?  19 of 20 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from CA on 12/8/2019
A++++++++......superb aftermarket addition to my GT PP. Love the look and love the ride. So much better then the stock performance package springs! See the pictures....don't she look pretty!
Did you find this helpful?  26 of 28 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from South Carolina on 3/29/2019
Lowering Springs Made the Difference
I have had Ford Racing P springs on 2 of my previous S197 Mustang GTs with good results. Originally I hoped to help the ride by putting just Steeda's Proaction shocks and struts on. This stopped the floating feeling, but the ride was still too stiff. Especially over the bumpy blacktop here in Michigan. So, I spoke with others on Mustang 6G and decided on using Steeda's progressive rate springs. At first I was skeptical, but when I removed my stock GT springs and tried to compress them by hand, they wouldn't budge. The Steeda springs actually had give in them, so I was optimistic. Let me tell you that it TOTALLY changed my Mustang GT. The ride is excellent. Banging on bumps gone. Other than the fact that the Mustang is a bit louder, if I am honest, it now rides better than my new Explorer. I also bought the thickest spring spacers Steeda makes for both the front and rear. So, my Mustang sits very close to stock ride heigth. I am a believer. I might try the Steeda sway bars, but I am going to enjoy the car for a while. It really rides good. Handling in curves excellent, too. You can do it yourself in about 4 hours.
Did you find this helpful?  16 of 16 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from Oakland, Michigan on 2/6/2019
Perfect stance for the GT
These springs combined with Steeda's 25mm spacers on all corners have completely changed the looks and improved the handling of my 2018 GT PP1.
Did you find this helpful?  19 of 23 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from Illinois on 10/2/2018
Springs work as advertised
I drive my 2017 GT convertible daily, about 100 km per day, most on expressway and highway (though highway a bit rough in parts). I wanted to improve suspension performance over stock set up. Did quite a bit or research and went with these Steeda springs. Stance of the car much improved (OEM 19 inch wheels) - certainly got rid of that 'SUV look'. Handling is more direct and the car is flatter in corners. Ride still OEM firm over bumps. A few weeks after fitting springs I put on new rubber (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S) and the combination is much improved over original factory set up.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 5 Found Helpful
from Murrumbateman, Australia on 9/14/2018
Excellent springs
Drastically improved all aspects of performance. Of course the handling is much more planted down because of the lower center of gravity but the ride actually improved over the stock non pp set up. Everything is more controlled from reduced body roll to less brake dive. And you don't need to be throwing the car around to feel and appreciate these springs but also just casual driving will be more enjoyable. And lastly the car looks vastly better from an esthetic standpoint. The 1.125 drop in the front and 1.0 in the rear seems to be the perfect combination for looks and handling without slamming the car to the ground and causing other issues that go along with being too low for everyday driving. If your car does more than sit in the garage waiting for the weekend the Steeda Sport Progressive Springs are a great choice. You won't be disappointed!
Did you find this helpful?  16 of 17 Found Helpful
from Dallas Tx on 7/18/2018
These springs are fantastic
Got these spring installed this week by the great staff at the Pompano location. These springs are fantastic. I've had linear springs on previous mustangs, so I was expecting these Progressive springs to be more comfortable compared to a linear spring. What I wasn't expecting was that I could BARELY feel the difference over the stock springs in terms of comfort. The car definitely feels more planted which improves handling, without giving up ride quality. If you want to lower your car to get rid of that wheel gap and maintain great ride quality, these are the springs are the way to go.
Did you find this helpful?  22 of 23 Found Helpful
from on 4/12/2017
car handles much better and looks better
put these on my 2015 handles much better and looks of the best mods u can do for your car..thanks steeds for making such great performance parts for the mustang world!
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 4 Found Helpful
from on 4/10/2017
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