Steeda Mustang Sport Lowering Springs - Coupe (2005-2014)

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Steedas S197 Mustang sport lowering springs are designed with dynamics of your Mustang in mind. Steeda springs are all in house engineered and custom made to our exact specifications. Steeda Sport Springs lower 1" front and 1.25" in the rear optimizing th

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Springs are the foundation of good handling and ride quality. So start with the best springs for your Mustang, built by the company that specializes the vehicle dynamics and your Mustang!

Our experience and expertise in high performance street and racing suspension systems is second to none - Put that experience to work for you. Steeda springs are all in house engineered and custom made to our exact specifications.

Steeda springs provide the best combinations of handling and ride quality available!

For maximum handling, we also recommend combining our Steeda X5 ball joint s with our bumpsteer kit.

The springs are also a great match for our Pro-action shocks and struts for 2005-2010 here and 2011-2014 here

For the ultimate in handling, also check out our Competition/Street springs Proven and winning in NASA American Iron Competition, SCCA, and IMSA!

Read about what Billy Johnson, a professional racecar driver, has to say about the Steeda Sport Lowering Springs in his article on MotoIQ.

Steeda Sport Springs
  • Steeda Sport Springs lower the vehicle approximately 1" front and 1.25" in the rear optimizing the center of gravity and suspension geometry.
  • This created a huge improvement in handling with a noticeable reduction in nose dive, launch squat, and body roll, while still maintaining an outstanding ride quality for daily driving.

Steeda Springs are manufactured under these rigorous manufacturing certifications: QS-9000 & ISO 9001

Note: Not for use on 2011 & newer V6 Mustang, due to lighter front end.

All lowering springs are not created equal. Read our Steeda blog post to learn more:

Product Benefits
  • Improved vehicle handling
  • Great ride quality
  • Improved vehicle stance
  • Comes with a LIFETIME warranty

How to LOWER Your 2005-2010 S197 Mustang | Full Installation

Note: Lowered amount may vary from car to car depending on vehicle package and trim options.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi I'm Gus with Steeda Autosports. Springs are the foundation for better handling but they can also significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle by getting rid of the wheel well gap that exists at stock ride height. With our increased spring rates our performance lowering springs will improve the overall handling and for most applications will not sacrifice ride quality. Our springs will improve overall brake efficiency by noticeably reducing front-end dive during braking. With less pitch change, load distribution across the front and rear wheels is improved which helps the brakes do their job better. Increased spring rates also reduce body roll for increased steering response and cornering grip. Reduce body roll helps keep the suspension in the proper geometry range during cornering. Our Springs for Street applications are specifically designed to provide the best balance between reduce body roll and great ride quality for everyday use. They will enhance your driving experience and the looks of your vehicle at the same time. In addition all our springs come with a lifetime warranty against defects to the original purchaser. Better performance, no more ugly wheel whirl gaps and aggressive stance and great ride quality. That is the Steeda difference and why so many customers choose Steeda Springs for their vehicle.
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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Paired these springs with the pro action shocks and struts , gave my 14 GT not only a very nice stance , but a superb ride and handling also. Totally different ride now and can be pushed through turns and corners with utmost confidence. Really nice, tight / stiff ride for street cruising too. The car was lowered with H&R springs before and was too low, the Steeda sports raised it up a little for a far superior ride. I highly recommend these springs and Steeda products in general. Quality parts and service and can’t go wrong with Steeda
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Steeda Lowering springs
Installed myself, lowered my 11 mustang 1.25 in front 1.5 in the rear. The ride is smooth and quiet and handling improved alot more than I expected. If you plan on taking your mustang to the track or just a everyday driver dont hesitate to install these springs.
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Verified Buyer  
Perfect Combo
The Steeda springs with the Steeda struts and shocks are perfect combination for my 2006 Mustang.Completely changes the looks and ride. Along with strut and shock tower braces,I would recommend Steeda upgrades for any car! Great products,great prices and most importantly,Great service
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Steeda springs
Car handles great with the new springs. Rides a little stiffer but it's not bad.
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Verified Buyer  
I bought these spring on black Friday sale. These springs we're much needed. My car sits low and spread wide. Love the look.
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I couldn't have made a better choice
I'll start by saying that service and shipping was top notch and prompt. I was unsure of whether or not to go with ultra light springs on my 14 GT but decided to go with Sport based on reviews. I spend 4 hours a day in my car and the ride is everything. As a car guy who enjoys driving.......I couldn't have made a better choice. I was more interested in spring rate than the drop itself, eliminating wheel gap was just a bonus for me (fp8, 19 wheels). Installation was simple, the supplied instructions were more than enough if you have some mechanical experience. An extra set of hands goes a long way when working with struts. IF you do not have a spare vehicle, make sure you have the tools needed, deep well sockets mainly. All the major auto stores have rental spring compressors that are a little more sturdy that what they sell. In my driveway it took me about 3 hours, using 1 set of jack stands and one jack.
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Great springs
Look no further for a daily driver spring with occasional track time. The car sits better, feels better, and (I don't know how) responds quicker.
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Man these springs are exactly what my car needed - gives it that great stance! No more 4x4 wheel gap :)
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Couldn't be happier!!!
Ordered the Sport springs as I didn't want to drop the car too far and run in to issues with ride quality. Installed them today and went on a roadtrip on some curvy streets nearby. Ride over bumps and uneven lanes was almost exactly like stock! This was a huge plus for me as I daily drive mine. The stance was dropped and appropriately and the springs definitely helped with the launch and nose dive under breaking as well as helped keep the car flat during cornering. Couldn't be happier!!!
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Great Ride
Picked the Steeda sport springs up a short while ago and love the ride. Nice drop that makes the car look great without feeling every bump and crack in the road. Improved handling by far over the stock springs. Highly recommend these springs
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I installed these on my '12 Brembo package GT. The springs are great. It thandles much better - Les five and less squat. It also has decreased roll. The ride quality is nearly as good as stock. They have met or exceeded my expectationa.d. I would highly recommend them!
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Great look and feel
Great look and feel with the 08 Bullitt. Improved overall handling. As other have stated, eliminated the nosedive feel when heavy braking. Also a really good plantd feel when going into turns. Underestimated how good the car would look with this set. Highly recommended for those looking for a better overall ride than stock, while also getting a better feel (especially for the occasional autocrosser/track-day)
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Very impressed
I am very impressed with these springs. The drop is perfect in allowing the car to look more aggressive without looking ghetto. What I am most impressed with is the marriage of improved performance w/o extreme loss in ride quality. The lowering springs I put in my 2005 (not these) really gave me a rough ride ... a total pain for a daily driver. These really impress me. I am able to take a fast turn and the back end stays planted, but, I am also comfortable on the straightaways. Nice job.
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Great product and great price
The drop is not really drastic but the overall look and level stance the car has now is beautiful. This is the way the Mustang should have looked coming off the assembly line. As far as performance goes, these springs easily reduce acceleration squat by 50 percent and front end braking dive by at least 75 percent. They also level out the body on corners and the confidence they inspire is priceless. This another inexpensive upgrade that you wont be wondering what the difference is, great product and great price.
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A great addition!
I purchased these springs to go with a set of 20's I was installing on my 08 GT. They work perfectly with my new rims and tires for both performance and appearance. I would recommend these springs to anyone interested in moderate drop with a comfortable ride. A great addition for my Stang!
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Excellent springs!!
Excellent springs!! Great ride Quality. Had Steeda Install these on My 2011 V6. Great lowered stance on theFactory 19 rims.
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Great spring
perfect height for my 07 GT/CS. Great combination of looks and handling. Extremely happy with and would reccomend to anyone looking to lower but not go to crazy height wise
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I put these on with the adjustable koni shocks and struts and the ride quality is SIGNIFICANTLY improved. Stance is great and the ride quality is firmer than stock but not uncomfortable. Per Sam Strano's recommendation, these sport springs will offer the best balance between stock-like comfort but also improve handling, reduce nose dive and rear end squat and not be harsh or bumpy. Just remember not to install these with the stock shocks and struts. Ride quality will suffer greatly as they are not designed to handle the dampening and rebound changes that lowering the car will bring.
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Love the aggressive look
The aggressive stance that these springs provide is awesome. I would call it perfect. I have them on my 2011 Mustang GT, and the car no longer has that 4x4 stance. The car is even and balanced. I've gotten more compliments on the car since getting these springs than anything else I've done to it. If you're going for that slammed look, you might want to try the UltraLites. The ride with these Steeda Sport Springs is much better than stock. There is no braking nosedive, and the car just feels planted when going into corners.
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Good handling
Hey, I have a 2006 Mustang GT and when it came to lowering the car it wasn't exactly one of those things I was fond of. Though I later came around to the idea, and when I swapped out my tires it became even more apparent for the need of lowering springs. I haven't ever heard one bad thing about steeda's springs so it quickly went in my shopping cart. I gotta say, the ride height is perfect. Although I have a different setup than most (a taller tire in the back) it creates a smaller gap in the back than front because it lowers more in the back than front naturally (1 1/4 back, 1 up front) so I basically added another 1/4-1/2 in the back with tire. Not really an option to have 1 all around so I gotta work with what I got. Car does seem to handle well with my combined Koni Yellow Struts/Shocks and ride height is a plus.
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