Steeda 2018 Mustang Silver Bullet

Steeda's 2018 Mustang GT Drag Car: Silver Bullet

By: Chris Cervenka

This 2018 Mustang GT started life as nearly a base model Mustang GT. Now known as the Steeda Silver Bullet, this Mustang holds the record for the fastest naturally aspirated 2018+ Mustang on the planet with a 9.76 second ET trapping 141 MPH!

We were able to take this run-of-the-mill Mustang GT transform it into an all-out performer in the 1/4 mile. By throwing our Steeda suspension to aid that 60’ short time and weight transfer to the rear wheels we were able to get out of the hole quicker than ever - a 1.38 60-foot best, to be exact!

Combine that with the amazing combination of parts from some of the best vendors in the industry, we were able to maximize the full potential of the Gen 3 Coyote under the hood pumping out over 571 horsepower to the rear wheels at our Toys For Tots car show back in December 2019!

This vehicle is used for off-road & competition use only.

Scott Takes The 10-Second Index True Street Win At NMRA Spring Break Shootout 2021

2018 Mustang N/A Drag Racing
We're proud to announce that the Silver Bullet was able to take the "W" for the 10-second index of True Street at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout in Bradenton, Florida! Even with nearly 100 pounds added to the car to meet the class rules, Scott was able to get a 10.02 second average amongst 3 runs! The first two runs being a 9.97, Scott knew that he had to let out just a bit before the end of the track - and ended up with a 10.08 on the third pass to average out to a 10.02!

The team is excited to continue racing and perfecting this build to go even faster into 2021, so be sure to stay tuned as we continue to turn up this naturally aspirated 2018 Mustang GT to go even faster down the 1/4-mile!

The Build

Becoming the fastest naturally aspirated 2018 Mustang in the world doesn’t come without a healthy list of parts from some of the best manufacturers in the business. Featuring parts from vendors like Lund Racing, Comp Cams, McLeod, Circle D, Corbeau and more, the Silver Bullet is all business from its blower-car-like 60-foot, to big MPH at the end of the track! Check out the build list for yourself below.

    From the Factory:
  • 5.0L Gen 3 Coyote V8
  • 10-Speed 10R80 Automatic Transmission

Silver Bullet Videos

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