Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links with Delrin Bushings All (2015-2022)

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Steedas billet vertical links are made form 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. They feature CNC machined delrin bushings, and billet steel bushing sleeves and spacers, providing less deflection than the rubber bushings

Part Number: 555 4121
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These Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links for 2015+ Mustang GT, EcoBoost, and V6 are made from 6061, aircraft grade aluminum. They feature CNC machined Delrin bushings, and billet steel bushing sleeves and spacers, providing less deflection than the rubber bushings in the stock vertical links, yet does not add any NVH.

These Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links for 2015+ Mustang GT, EcoBoost, and V6 will not flex under load like the stock links, and will give a better feel of the rear suspension, which helps the rest of the suspension assembly perform as it should.

Our one-piece billet design is accurate down to one-thousandth of an inch (0.001"). The S550 Mustang geometry requires a precise length Vertical Link (something not possible with a welded design), as either a longer or shorter piece will drastically degrade handling and stability.

The Install for Steeda's S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links for 2015+ Mustang GT, EcoBoost, and V6 is simple, and includes all necessary hardware.

Steeda Vertical Link Application recommendations:

Purchase your Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links for your 2015+ Mustang GT, EcoBoost, or V6 at Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • Reduces wheel hop
  • Installs easily, with basic hand tools
  • Will not flex under load
  • No increase in NVH
  • Made in the United States with high grade materials

Vertical Links & Full Stop The Hop Installation On GT350

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from here today to speak to you about our Billet Vertical Links for the S550 Mustang. Let's begin with the purpose of the Vertical Links. On the independent rear suspension of the S550 Mustang. These link the lower control arm to the wheel carrier. They're mounted vertically and thus the name and the idea is to reduce the wheel from wanting to carry forward. It sounds kind of crazy but that's the easiest way to visualize exactly what's happening is you accelerate hard or if you're coming out of a corner hard and the idea here is to keep the geometry of the rear suspension in line under hard acceleration or hard cornering. In our other videos, we've talked a lot about how to reduce wheel hop. We have another great product for you that has two different options to suit your driving needs. Let's begin with the version of our vertical link they recommend for our drag racing enthusiasts. We put this one with Delrin Bushings that means zero deflection, immediate responsiveness great 60 foot times and improved grip because there's reduced wheel hop. And for our corner carver's out there, we offer a Polyurethane version. This utilizes a specific durometer that's a great balance between responsiveness. So under hard cornering and hard acceleration and under threshold braking the vertical links will keep the rear suspension geometry in check. The flip side to this is as you're going through the corners you're not going to be fighting the car continually trying to catch the back of it, because you know that you want the front of the car to come out of the corner before the back does. Both options for vertical links are constructed of CNC Billet Aluminum. This is important for a couple of reasons. It's lighter than the factory units and much stronger than our competitors that use welded ends which are subject to cracking over time. Furthermore we've designed our vertical links to pivot at the bushings. This is important because as your suspension moves up and down it can do so freely. Unlike the factory vertical links which will bind and cause an artificial spring rate. Also our vertical links have a lifetime warranty. We manufacture these in the USA at our Valdosta Georgia facility because Speed Matters! If you have any questions or comments please post below. If you enjoyed the content of this video hit like and share it. Visit us at to learn more about these and many of our other great products and don't forget to visit us on social media. Thank you have a great day!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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'21 GT PP 'vert - no more wheel hop
I purchased this in conjunction with subfame alignment and support kit with the goal of eliminating wheel hop. When the car was stock I'd get wheelhop at a stoplight with half throttle. With these installed I can feel the power being put down more reliably; there isn't hesitation which I used to feel before. I paid a shop to install these along with the aforementioned kit at the same time since the subframe needs to be lowered, so it's better to get it done in one shot. 10/10 would recommend for daily driving. The pictures uploaded by other customers are true - Steeda's vertical links are literally that much thicker than stock.
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Verified Buyer  
I bought these and am unsure if new control arms or these but wow! my ride is much more comfortable! The thickness of this product over OEM is night and day! The ride is smoother even though I am on pedders extreme coilovers. Prior to these, I would feel every bump. My girlfriend said "Wow! my boobs bounce less now" HAHA! I was bummed but she enjoys the car more now. Plan on tracking my Ecoboost once I get a second set of wheels and tire set up!
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Vertical Links
Quality made pieces, they fit my 2021 Mach 1.
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Billet Vertical Links
I installed the Stop the Hop basic kit which did not come with the vertical links. I was still experiencing a bit of hop going into a left turn from a stop with the performance pack tires after the basic kit was installed. Adding in these made all the difference in stopping the hop going into a left turn and keeps the car straight, in the direction the tires are pointing. Absolutely recommend these to anyone looking to reduce the hop dramatically when making those turns with a slight bit of force...and when I mean slight bit, I mean more than idling around the turn with absolutely no pressure on the gas pedal.
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Recently purchased numerous suspension parts from Steeda and installing as I find time. Installed the vertical links yesterday. Not too tough a job, however, getting the bolt to start in the lower hole of the links is a little tricky. Wound up putting a small jack under the lower control arm and gently raising a very little bit at a time until bolt lined up and started. Drove and could feel a differance - nothing dramatic (it's only one part) but did feel like the rear end was tighter. Did not start from a stand still and light 'em up, but will when I get the rest of the parts installed.
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Go vertical!
These verticals links will complement the rest of my rear suspension on mods: Diff. bushing kit, subframe braces, subframe bushing support kit, subframe alignment kit, ELCa spherical bearing and Diff. support bracket kit. I'm hoping to achieve zero wheel hop and a way to preserve my halfshafts.
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Man o Man!!!
Steeda has made my 2020 gt a beast in the streets!!! I have always used steeda Parts on my 2017 gt now my 2020 gt is a monster!!! Install went very well took about a hour for both vertical links to stop wheel hop you need these. So far I installed steeda vertical links , race differential aluminum bushing , drag race sway bar , the IRS support bushing and the alignment kit and the extreme k bar for the front my car is stiff just the way I like it and plants all power to the ground!!! I have a little nvh but my after market sound system quites that and exhaust to sum it all up these parts will make you a street and track beast believe me you'll love it like me!! I'm glad there LOCAL and I can pick up my parts those guys at the pompano store are great and no everything about making your car a street monster so watch DODGE I'm coming THANKS to steeda
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Steeda S550 Billet Links
First, these links are beautifully finished and fit perfectly. Install was a breeze on the passenger side, but the driver lower attach bolt was cross threaded at the factory. Was able to tap the thread enough to get it started eventually. Dont forget to put a jack under the lower arm to keep it in place when you remove the factory links.But the results are noticeable, the car feels much more linear- I assume due to the delrin bushings and overall beef. This is coming from someone who has already installed many other Steeda IRS and suspension components.
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Stop the hop
These vertical links are a great improvement over the weak stock links. My car has a more solid and in control feel. I reccomend these to any mustang s550 owner. Great mod
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Overall nice units
I don't feel anything noticeable and haven't tested my wheel hop since installing these but I do like their sturdier construction. They do weigh more than stock but feel substantially better. Installation wasn't too bad once you figured out how to maneuver the IRS stuff around to make it all work. The driver's side went on easier than the passenger. Just take your time. No noticeable NVH increase.
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Definitely made a difference
When I received and unpacked the vertical links from the box, I was surprised by how well made and beefy these are. Installation was quick and the instructions easily followed. I found that installing the lower bolt first made aligning and installing the upper bolt a breeze compared to struggling mightily to do the opposite in an aborted first attempt. Definitely made a difference in reduced wheel hop and let's not forget the look good! Take a look at the flimsy OEM links on your ride and you'll be buying these too.
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The handling of the car is just perfect
I am beyond please with everything that Jamie did for the installation and alignment. David was an absolute pleasure to deal with in buying and setting up the appointment for me. Everyone at Steeda has been a joy. The car has been completely transformed. The ride quality with the progressive springs is 3 times better vs. the stock GTPP springs. The handling of the car is just perfect. It is so, so flat now when pushing the car hard in any type of turn. Brake dive has been greatly reduced. I would say by 80-90%. I can mash the brake pedal and it just stops, so tried and true. The front-end barely dives at all. This is from 70-75mph and just mashing the pedal. It truly begs for more speed when entering turns. Of course, this only on roads and not a race track or autoX course. Wheel hop has been greatly reduced. I still have a couple more parts to order to virtually eliminate it all together and those will be ordered at a later date. Shifting hard to 2nd gear, I just now get wheel spin and no hop. Only time I get a little hop is via a hard launch. But again, it is greatly reduced and doesn't happen all the time. The car is so quiet, no increase in NVH in anyway. This has been some of the best money I have ever spent on any car mods, PERIOD. Their parts deliver what they promise and produce outstanding results. Anyone on the fence, I highly recommend you go ahead and purchase their stuff.
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The car is showing zero wheel hop
Been on vacation the last week but I had a chance to hit the track last night. Wasn't planning on making any passes but it was dead and the cars that were making passes were hookin' really well so I decided to make a few. Unfortunately I didn't have the laptop with me to log the passes. First pass I left soft. 2000 RPM and no 2-step. Car hooked and zero wheel spin or hop. Hooked well enough that it bogged a bit off the line. Second pass. 3000 RPM on the 2-step, no launch control just RPM mode. Car dead hooked. No spin, no hop. Again, hooked well enough to bog the car a bit. Third pass. 3200 on the 2-step, RPM mode. Again, hooked with no hop and just a bit of spin.....enough to just chirp the tires. So, that's 6 passes with the Steeda bushing supports, sub frame braces and vertical links and the car is showing ZERO wheel hop. These last 3 were what I was really looking for as the car was hooking and showing no sign of hop at all.
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My wheel hop is finally gone
Well added the Steeda vertical and toe links and now my wheel hop is finally gone. the IRS feels really amazing now and i will also try to do the Steeda rear chassis braces next. I really wish someone made some more parts to upgrade the cars front suspension.
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The car feels so much more planted to the road
This is the first time I've ever done anything suspension wise to my car, David @ Steeda helped out greatly with all my questions as well as getting me setup with an install at their Pompano location with a tour of some badass shop cars and their facility. Everyone @ Steeda - David, Patrick, Matt were great and made sure I was happy with everything. I can't recommend their shop enough to anyone in the area and Matt did an awesome job with everything on the install, even tack welded my Gibson exhaust and turned their clamps a bit to help out. I won't have a chance to do pics this weekend of my spot on the beach as that will give a good before/after comparison when I put them together. The car feels so much more planted to the road, even just turning out of their parking lot I could tell everything felt more connected and precise to what I was telling the car to do. It basically now goes where I want it instead of reacting to what I'm asking it to do if that makes any sense at all? I had some open highway and did a little bit of careful back and forth in my lane and I felt completely planted and not bouncing around back and forth in my seat. Almost found myself doing slalom in between some construction barrels but given how my morning went I decided against it. The springs give the car the look I wanted and make the Vossen wheels look that much better. Nice tighter rebound than stock PP springs and reduces the overall bouncy ness on some of those highway stretches where it feels like you're hitting hydraulics for a half a mile. Also any bridges or overpasses with rough spots where you enter/leave them were solid. The MT-82 bushing insert is noticeable and I had much easier downshifts for highway passes on the way home, feels like a much more solid shift that I had to get a bit used to in a good way. I didn't do any hard launches or try to break the rear end loose at all since I was just getting used to it, will report back later on that. I can't really report on some of the individual IRS components since they all went in at the same time, but I am noticing a slight (and I mean slight) gear wine from the rear with the Black bushings. It's only really noticeable if you try to make it happen and barely push the gas at cruising speed. Nothing I'm worried about and after 4 hours of driving it home windows down and up for a few sprinkles it does not bother at me all. It's not all the time either or in any specific gear so no biggie as far as I'm concerned.
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I am really amazed
David, had a chance to get the Mustang out today, after the Steeda mods that went on the car yesterday..... The mods are..... ( 1 ) Steeda Extreme G-Track K Member Brace... ( 2 ) Steeda Rear Vertical Links Aluminum.... ( 3 ) and Steeda Rear Subframe Support Brace IRS..... I know the the next mod is not a Steeda Product, but was Installed at the same time as the Steeda Mods, it is a Ford Racing Resonator Delete X-Pipe... And this is just the right sound I was looking ( for me anyhow ) for out of this new 2015 Mustang After driving the Mustang with your new Products, the whole Car ride is so much better in the rear, ( I'm thinking it the rear Vertical Links, rear of car It is stiffer, and the rear subframe braces also ) and the front end is really stiffed up also with the G-Track K-Member Brace..... David I am really amazed how much difference in the your products I put on, made in The suspension on my new 2015 5.0 Mustang..... You guys Rock at Steeda.. Thanks for Great Stuff....... John
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It did put more control into the IRS
Just installed this weekend, took only about one hour. It did put more control into the IRS. Very pleased!
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These parts have connected the rear end to the car in a positive way
The few hard acceleration tests I did felt like almost all of the hop is handled. The rear end as a whole feels much more solid and in place in a straight line as well as when cornering. Rolling on the throttle in a turn really shows that these parts have connected the rear end to the car in a positive way.
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It's a HUGE difference from the relatively vague/floaty stock PP setup
The G-Trac brace made a big difference in ability to turn in with exactitude on my PP-equipped GT, albeit modified with Steeda springs and sways. The back end of my car got where I needed it with Steeda springs, sways, bushing mounts and vertical links. The car now steers beautifully, doesn't roll, doesn't pitch on acceleration or dive under braking, and the front-to-rear grip is matched, yielding great confidence to place the car right where you want it on corner entry, mid turn, and exit. The G-Trac brace's effect on steering was both noticeable and transformative. It's a HUGE difference from the relatively vague/floaty stock PP setup. I'd say it even rides better without those stock PP undulations. I did not feel the need for the rear brace after the bushing mounts and vertical links (put on after everything else), but that's not to say that the chassis wouldn't improve yet more from it; I'm still considering doing it. It's just that the car feels perfect right now for hard-ass canyon carving and everyday use.
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I am a Steeda believer
The car is a totally different handling car. Took the wife for a ride today and she said it is smoother than before. Much less bouncy. That is good news to me. Cause if the wife is happy I am happy. But I will say that these mods have really changed my confidence in the car. I had one little 30mile spirited section with S curves on my way home that normally when they say 45mph.. you can take them at 55mph... I took them at 70mph and the car was just planted solid. No roll, no rebound and no breaking loose on the rear when I accelerated from the apex. It just transitioned smoothly and predictably. Now the only thing the wife did notice was the gear whine. Yes the Red differential bushing will cause some gear whine, but I have been told that replacing the stock gear oil in the rear end will help quiet that noise down. We will see as I will most likely change mine out here in the next week. Amsoil or Royal Purple is what a lot of people recommended. So, all in all, if someone is on the fence about these suspension upgrades, just do it. The guys at Steeda are top notch and know their stuff. Almost all of them have Mustangs and the owner even races them. A final shout out to [email protected] What a great help he was. He made sure everything was ready and there, his recommendations were spot on. David, again, Thank you man. I can hardly wait for the next batch of Steeda goodies come out.. Count me in already. I am a Steeda believer.
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Very well made
I already received all my Steeda parts, the Vertical Links and the Sway bar brackets as unbelievable. Pictures don't do justice at all. Beautiful pieces. I'll get the Steeda springs, sway bar with billetes brackets, vertical link, adj. toe link, G-travk brace, IRS bushings bump steer kit and trans bushing once my Flowmaster catback arrives next week. All the parts from Steeda are extremely impressive and seem very well made. I'm super excited about my purchase.
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Awesome step in reducing wheel hop
Paired these sweet billet vertical links with the IRS support system and man, what a difference already! Literally cannot wait until the toe links and camber arms are released to compliment the setup and be one step closer to eliminating wheel hop and of course subframe movement.
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Steeda's components will go a long way
I think Steeda's components will go a long way in addressing the wheel hop issue, along with good tires and not the stock 400+ treadwear tires that should be left for passenger cars. The good thing with most of these Steeda components, with the exception of the bushing supports, is that they can be retained if you do the solid bushings to further stiffen the subframe and stock suspension. Obviously the bushing supports wouldn't be used with the solid bushings, but the subframe supports, toe-links, and vertical links can, and SHOULD, be retained.
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wheel hop on my car is 100% eliminated
A couple of months ago, I started looking into overhauling the suspension of my 2015 GT PP. Up to that point, I had put about 7000 miles on my Mustang which allowed me to get a good sense of the issues with the IRS and overall suspension in stock form. Specifically, I wanted to stiffen up the entire rear end and eliminate the dreaded wheel hop while keeping NVH as close to the stock levels as possible. I also decided to replace the stock PP springs and sway bars in order to improve the overall handing, reduce body roll/brake dive and get rid of the bouncy ride. After going through a ton of feedback on the various solutions from the aftermarket (a lot of which came from fellow mustang6g members), I decided to go with Steeda. Below are the parts I chose to go with. Differential Bushings (Red/Street) Subframe Alignment Kit Subframe Bushing Support Vertical Links Rear Toe Link Subframe Suport Braces Linear Sport Springs Front and Rear Sway Bars and Billet Sway Bar Mounts Bumpsteer Kit I already had the Extreme G-Trak Brace installed. Now to the most important part...the results. The handling of the car is on a whole different level after the suspension upgrades. Minimal pitch and roll during braking, turns and transitions. Overall, the entire car is very tight with much better turn in. As expected, the biggest improvement is the rear end. The power delivery through the IRS is fantastic. The wheel hop on my car is 100% eliminated. The rear tires feel as if they are glued to the ground. Coming out of corners, I am able to get on the throttle earlier and more aggressively without any drama. In terms of NVH, I hear some gear whine in 6th gear under minimal throttle between 75 and 80mph (windows closed/stereo off) as a result of the differential bushing inserts. Apart from that, I can't tell a difference compared to stock. Even the ride quality feels great. My fiance couldn't tell that anything had been done to the car. Overall, I am very happy with the results. Props to Steeda for the excellent work they have done. In the near future, I am looking forward to adding a quality set of performance shocks/struts and hitting the road course.
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My confidence in the rear just went up another letter grade
Got the Steeda Rear Subframe Bushing Mounts and Vertical Links installed today. My GTPP already has the Steeda sways and springs (and front subframe G-Trac brace), all of which made a huge difference in cornering ability and trustworthiness, while losing the stock bobbing and preserving ride quality. These two new items have taken things another step forward, nicely (if not greatly) firming up the rear, reducing yet more of the rear inexactness, dispensing bumps quickly, and contributing to much improved control over uneven pavement. My confidence in the rear just went up another letter grade.
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