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Billet Specialties Mustang Win Lite Black Rear Wheel - 17x10 (2015-2022)

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Billet Specialties S550 17x10 Black Win Lite Wheels have an aggressive look and are lightweight for great performance.
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The Win Lite wheel from Billet Specialties is a wheel that is designed to perform as well as your S550. Engineered for the 6th generation Mustang, this wheel provides better clearance and fitment.

Better performance. Thanks to a lightweight design that minimizes weight and rotational mass, the wheel offers improved performance and better times at the track. Weight is minimized towards the outside of the wheel in order to ensure that the wheel performs great.

Quality construction. Made in the USA with a forged 6061-T6 Aluminum center, the Win Lite wheel is second to none. The wheel features a welded barrel and spun outer rim for great strength.

Great fitment. This 17x10 Win Lite wheel was made for the 2015+ Mustang. A proprietary extra clearance barrel ensures that the 17-inch wheel clears the performance pack calipers. With the vehicle-specific design, the offset and stance of your Mustang will be perfect.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Detailed machining
  • Black finish
  • Better barrel clearance
  • SFI 15.1 Certified
  • 17x10
  • 7.625 backspacing
  • Lightweight at only 16.7 lbs
  • Works with factory conical lugnuts

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Scott Boda here with Steeda Autosports to talk about our Billet Specialty Win Lite Wheels. A lot of people think about wheels as strictly an aesthetic enhancement, right? You want to make the car look better. You want to stand out from the crowd. You want something different in the drag racing world or the racing world. There's actually performance advantages to these wheels, the build especially. Win Lite wheels are going to reduce weight, reduce drag, less rotating mass while increasing your performance. Now a typical Drag Pack wheel is going to save roughly about 50% of the weight over a factory wheel. Well, that's a lot of weight. Well, that's what we did when we first tried to get the Silver Bullet to become the world's first 10-second all-motor naturally aspirated 2018 Mustang. When that happened, the car started going faster. We went into the 9-second range, we knew we needed a wheel that could reach that next level of performance that we were looking for. With the Steeda Silver bullet, we reached out to the good folks over at Billet Specialties, and they told us about their Win Lite series wheel, which is actually an additional 46% lighter than your typical Drag Pack wheel. So, the front wheels are going to come in at about 13 1/4 pounds. The rear wheels are going to come in just under 17 pounds. That's for a 17X4 1/2 inch front wheel and a 17X10 inch rear wheel. Now not only do they look great, but like I was saying, they increase your performance. The Drag Pack, right, you got a much thinner front wheel. The thinner front wheel is going to be more aerodynamic. It's also going to allow for less tire to be on the ground. That's less rolling resistance. Once again, things to help you go quicker down the quarter mile. The rear wheels are kind of the opposite. We want to go really wide, try to stretch out that tire as much as possible, get us the biggest contact patch there is. Why? Because that's going to give you optimum traction. So, like i said, Drag Pack wheels - they're great. They're going to help you go even faster. When you're ready to take your Drag Pack car to the next level, look no other place than Steeda Autosports for some Billet Specialty Win Lite wheels. These Billet Specialty wheels mount with a shank-style lug nut. It's very common amongst drag wheels. They're also available with bead locks in the rear. Now what a bead lock does, it's going to clamp down on that tire, trying to prevent it from rotating when you launch your car. We opted for the non-bead lock version. Why? Because they're a little bit heavier, and we knew that once we got this car dialed in, launching off the foot brake, we probably wouldn't need that extra weight and clamping of the bead lock. Higher Horsepower guys, supercharged turbo applications, you're going to want to get the bead lock. All motor guys, coming off the foot brake, forget about the extra weight. You could probably get away with the non-bead lock version. Once again, a great looking wheel. We can't thank our friends Billet Specialties enough for providing them for our Silver Bullet and helping take the car deeper into the 9-second zone. Subscribe to Steeda here on our YouTube channel. Check out all of our other social channels - Facebook, Instagram, you name it. And remember, Steeda is where Speed Matters!
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Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Billet Specialties

Installation Information:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 30 Minutes
Tools Required: Basic Hand Tools

Vehicle Fitment:
Fits Trim Levels: V6 (2015-2017), EcoBoost (2015-2020, 2021, 2022), GT (2015-2020, 2021, 2022)
Fits Model Years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
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