Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt

The Parts Behind A Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt

By: Chris Cervenka

Are you looking to take your Mustang Bullitt to an entirely new level? Then, you're at the right place!

The Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt is a joint-project between McQueen Racing and Steeda Performance Vehicles in an effort to offer an all-in-one package transforming the iconic Mustang Bullitt to an all-around workhorse that will not only tackle a road course or drag strip with ease, but also win that car show trophy with head-turning looks and performance to back them up!

If you're looking to purchase a Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt, then head over to Steeda Performance Vehicles for more info!

Steve McQueen Bullitt Parts

Transforming a standard Mustang Bullitt into a Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt is no small task. There are a many special, unique parts that go into taking your Bullitt from lean to mean.

There are many unique, special edition items that are available on a Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt, however, many parts can be added to your own S550 as well! You can check them out through the list below.

Steve McQueen Bullitt Standard Package

    McQueen Racing Interior Upgrades:
  • Steve McQueen Edition Door Sill Plates
  • Steve McQueen Edition Dashboard Serialization Plate
  • Steve McQueen Edition Floor Mats
  • McQueen Racing Exterior Upgrades
  • Aerodynamic Front Fascia Enhancement Package
  • Engine Compartment Serialization Plate
  • Rear Decklid Emblem
  • Steeda Hood Strut Kit

    Steve McQueen Edition Special Buyers Package:
  • Letter of Vehicle Authenticity
  • Steve McQueen Edition Commemorative Key Fobs
  • Signed and Numbered Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Archival Print on Fine Art Paper by Camilo Pardo
  • Exclusive Steve McQueen Edition Embroidered Baseball Cap

    Optional Equipment:
  • Steve McQueen Edition Four-Point Roll Cage (Requires Rear Seat Delete Kit) - RECOMMENDED
  • Steve McQueen Edition 6-Point Seat Belts by Safecraft Safety Systems - RECOMMENDED
  • Steve McQueen Edition Rear Seat Delete Kit - RECOMMENDED
  • Steve McQueen Edition Leather and Alcantara Wrapped Steering Wheel with Green Center Stripe at 12:00 Position (Non-Heated)
  • Steve McQueen Edition Whipple Supercharger Power Upgrade - 800HP
  • Steve McQueen Edition Whipple Supercharger 10-Rib Pulley/Belt Upgrade
  • McQueen Racing / Ford Performance Severe Duty IRS Half-Shaft Upgrade (required with supercharger upgrade)
  • McQueen Racing Carbon Fiber Performance Driveshaft Assembly - Note: Installation of this component may cause an increase in NVH (e.g. Noise, Vibration, and Harshness)

Interested in picking up a Steve McQueen Bullitt of your own? Head over to Steeda Performance Vehicles for the full lowdown!

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