Steeda S550 Mustang GT MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter (2015-2022)

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Steedas S550 Mustang GT MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter is a full factory shifter assembly replacement for your 2015+ Mustang GT. A great benefit to this shifter assembly is that its completely top-loaded. The shift knob sits 1" lower for ideal

Part Number: 555 7317
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Steeda's S550 Mustang GT MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter is a full factory shifter assembly replacement for your 2015+ Mustang GT. Our race short throw shifter eliminates all slop and deflection of the factory shifter, and still retains the factory shift knob, pull-up style reverse lockout and backup camera functionality.

With the replacement of your factory shifter assembly with our short throw shifter, you will notice a 30% reduction in throw between gears. Our shifter assembly will also lower the shift knob by 1", putting it in a better 'power' shifting position. Our Steeda S550 Mustang MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter is quieter than the stock shifter during daily driving, although during race applications you may notice a slight NVH increase.

One of the great benefits to this shifter assembly is that it's completely top-loaded. Our short throw shifter for your 2015+ Mustang GT comes with 2 different spring set options for a fully adjustable shifting experience. The kit comes complete with 2 medium-resistance springs and 2 high-resistance springs. The Steeda Tri-Ax has adjustable return springs to fit every drivers' preference on shifter feel. Using an offset spring tension ensures that you hit your 2nd-3rd gear change every time. Since our S550 MT-82 short shifter is top-loaded, once the base plate is mounted, you can change all of your springs, levers and other options all from inside the car without taking out the full shifter assembly!

Our Tri-Ax shifter features rigid mounting in the front and Steeda poly bushing in the rear, virtually eliminating slop and shifter deflection. With less deflection you will feel a much more direct gear change. The assembly is transmission and chassis-mounted so you don't get the 'walking' affect of a fully transmission-mounted assembly, all while still gaining a more rigid shifter feel. Factory shift shaft bushings are replaced with wider, high-quality machine-finished, low-friction bushings. Tolerances are controlled up to a half thousandth of an inch to ensure OE-quality fitment, alignment and shaft actuation. These features alone make our Steeda Tri-Ax one of the most positive feeling shifters on the market today. To top it all off, our Steeda Mustang GT shifter assembly includes Dynamat sound-deadening material to close out your transmission tunnel and ensures your S550 stays as quiet as the stock assembly.

Steeda's S550 Mustang MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter is manufactured from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum making it 20% lighter than the competitions' shifter assemblies. The shift lever itself on our Tri-Ax is made from heat-treated and nickel-plated 4140 steel, making it the strongest part out on the market. All hardware is stainless steel for the highest corrosion-resistance possible. Included in our kit is hardware to tighten up the factory shift knob perfectly into a locking position. These parts have been put to the test on the street and the track and are proven not to bind under extreme conditions or temperatures.

Note: If you already have Steeda's shifter base bushing bracket, just let us know and we will be able to offer our Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter at a slightly reduced price without the shifter base bushing bracket (it is required in order to use this shifter).

U.S. Utility Patent 7,464,621

Purchase your Steeda S550 Mustang MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter for your 2015+ Mustang GT at Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits:
  • 30% throw reduction
  • 20% lighter than the competition
  • Eliminates slop and shifter deflection
  • Shift knob sits 1" lower for ideal 'power shifting' position
  • Top-loaded installation with adjustable springs, in-car assembly
  • Retains factory pull-up reverse lockout, OE thread pitch, and back-up camera functionality
  • Includes Steeda's Shifter Base Bushing Bracket
  • Precision-fit bushings for a direct positive feeling shift
  • Lifetime Steeda warranty
  • Made in the USA

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Here today to show you our Tri-Ax Race Shifter for the S550 Mustang. Steeda has been manufacturing short shifters for Mustangs for over 31 years. In fact is the very first product they released to the public at great success. Now X number of years later, still at the S550 Mustang there's still room for improvement. Whether it be feel, shifter feel or the throw or even better both. We've got the ultimate solution in our Tri-Ax Race Shifter. Let's start with the benefits. First, shorter throws. 30% shorter than the factory shifter. This means every time you're running through the gears first a second, second a third, third to fourth... you get the idea. Every time you're shifting it's a 30% reduction in throw this means less effort and less time spent actually shifting. Now it's not just about the short throws, it's also about the feel. This has a very mechanical precise feel that will allow you to feel each gear as you're locking into it. This means no more missing third at higher rpm that means precise down shifts. It's gonna be great for Autocross use, track day use as well as drag racing. To further increase feel and precision we've included a billet rear mount and a polyurethane bushing. This is going to help keep the back of the shifter from wanting to wag a little bit under hard shifting or higher rpm use. This is gonna mean shorter shifts, more precise shifts. To build on that further, we've also deleted the front bushing and gone to a solid billet arm. This means again that there's gonna be less deflection in any potential bushing less room for the shifter to move and it's means more immediate responsiveness from your inputs. Our shifter lever is actually one inch shorter or the shift knob will mount one inch lower in your car than the factory shifter. It also retains the factory shift knob or the thread pitch so you can use aftermarket shift knobs or the factory knob for an ultra stealthy look. It also utilizes the factory reverse lockout system so that anyone that drives your car whether it be the wife the husband or the valet, God forbid they can find reverse and it retains the factory reverse camera. Just as important for anyone that's parking the car. Utilizing aircraft-grade aluminum and plated steel we CNC cut the components for the shifter for not only strength but also lightweight. In fact this is the lightest shifter available on the market for the S550 Mustang. We proudly manufacture these in the USA and in Valdosta Georgia facility because Speed Matters! If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and be sure to share it with other like-minded enthusiasts. If you all learn more about this or many of our other great products be sure to visit us at Don't forget to follow us on social media and most importantly have a great day!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 2 1/2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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very nice
got the MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw shifter installed today, had a shop do it, was very pricey, but it was worth it. this thing is awesome, i do have to relearn the car though, it’s completely different now, but in a very good way. also, for the record steeda had very fast shipping on it too.
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Firm shifting
I recently installed this mod on my 2019 Bullitt and I love it! I used the stiffest springs for more of a race feel. Installation is very time consuming. I removed my driveshaft, so that I could access everything properly. Note: I had to cut my inner rubber boot to fit over the shifter base, as the boot is not a two piece design like on 2015 -2017 models. I wish Steeda had incorporated stop bolts into this design to protect against bending shift forks. Overall I am very satisfied with this Shifter.
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I ordered the full race Tri-Ax shifter assembly and the billet collar. Took me about 90 minutes to get the car on jacks and get the shifter dropped out. I had the console removed already for my interior redo (updated the cloth seats with Katzkin leathers). Removed the two driveshaft carrier bolts allowing the center of the driveshaft to drop. Removed the four exhaust bolts at the transmission tailshaft and the two exhaust hanger bolts at the differential area, disconnected the exhaust at the transmission tailshaft, holding the system up with the blue bucket in my pic. I then supported the transmission with a floor jack and removed the four crossmember bolts, lowering the transmission. The driveshaft does not need to be unbolted from the transmission. End result: Steeda Tri-Ax race shifter is in place and works fantastic. I haven't missed a shift and able to fly through the gears with precise shifting. Really digging the short throws and stature of the setup too. HUGE improvement over the factory shifter. Relatively easy install overall.Slight increase in NVH reminds me of rowing through the gears in my old 70 and 71 toploader Hurst shifter Mustangs... and I'm digging that to some degree. Car sounds meaner. More cabin engine volume on moderate and hard acceleration (not a bad thing). I don't sense any added vibration or resonance related to vibration. More transmission noise at all times (reminds me of my old 4-speed cars). Not being a fan of loud exhausts, this is livable to to me. I couldn't live with loud pipes.Two thumbs up! Great job Steeda team. Highly recommend both upgrades. See my writeup (71Rcode is my username) on the mustang6g site under the post Steeda M/T upgrade trifecta thoughts (shifter, collar, poly rear base)? for more info.
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It's not hype, if it's true...
Alright.... At first I was disappointed when I got the package and realized I had to assemble the shifter. It felt like I just bought a shifter from IKEA or something, but I put it together and as I did, I realized the quality of the parts and the build. So it ended up being an appreciate what you got experience because I became intimately familiar with the shifter that way. So I installed the shifter on my Calimer MT82 Stage 1 transmission I purchased when my clutch went out and I lost 3rd and 4th. I installed a Spec stage 1 clutch first and then all the rest went in. I also have the Steeda Clutch Pedal Helper spring and delrin bushings. Everything went smooth considering I did the install myself on my back with hand tools because I hate paying labor for something I can do myself. I got a Hurst retro shift knob (white) to top it off. I used the street springs. So the whole shifting experience has changed. At first, I assume because it was new, the shifter felt notchy. But it only took a day or two for me to realize it's just a different sensation than what my shifting hand is used to. After that, it's smooth. I haven't missed a single 7500 rpm shift in the first 4 gears yet. The everyday action of the shifter is smoother. Finding gears feels effortless compared to the stock shifter and compared to the break in period of getting the feel for it. It's a lot more understandable to experience than it is to read about, trust me. The positive reviews can be anything from what I'm writing to the over the top ones about the greatness of the shifter. But the important thing is that it truly improves every aspect of the driving experience related to shifting your transmission. Being skeptical is understandable, because I was too. But now, I get it. I hope you get one, too, because you won't be disappointed.
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Verified Buyer  
The Tri-ax Short Throw Shifter is an absolute must have.
If you love shifting through the gears quickly, your missing out with the junk stock shifter. This should be one of the first mods put on the car. The driving experience is incredible.
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when I want to push the car I know I can trust the shifter
I love my Tri-Ax. The transmission with aftermarket fluid and this shifter feels amazing. Definitely a must buy for anyone with a manual. Everything is so crisp and precise. I went with the stiffest springs and it's still great for a DD. Engagement is easier and when I want to push the car I know I can trust the shifter.
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You will be smiling for years
Traded my '13 Brembo GT vert with an MGW shifter in on a '16 GT vert with the performance package. I was sad to discover that not only did Ford persist in designing the cheap junk MT82 remote shifter linkage into the S550; but to add insult to injury, they ruined the feel of the clutch with a helper spring for the pusillanimous that makes the clutch action so soft and vague that you can't predict where it's going to engage from one shift to the next. Far worse than my '13. Ruined the car. Wasn't too disappointed, though. I knew from my research what the fix was, and just booked the first appointment Steeda had available. Had them install the race tri-ax shifter, the $10'spring that undoes the damage Ford did to the clutch, and the billet reverse lockout collar that replaces the cheesy chromed plastic that Ford cheaped out on. Night and day. I do not work for Steeda, nor an I a groupie. First time I ever bought anything from them, in fact. But believe me -- these parts do correct what makes the GT just about undrivable and leaches the fun and the feeling of quality out of an otherwise excellently executed machine. I spent 4 years with an MGW and this one is at least as good. No slop going through the gears. None. This is now the Mustang that was intended before the bean counters started cutting corners in China. Steeda addresses that fundamental problem, and the shift linkage isn't the only thing they have parts to correct. If you want the Mustang to do what Ford says it will do, free of compromises, call Steeda and spend a small fraction of what you paid for the car to make it right. You will be smiling for years.
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Initial impression... WOW!
Initial impression... WOW! Seriously this is how the factory shifter should be. Shifts are SO precise and crisp, there is absolutely no missing gears! It's like the shifter knows where you want it to go. The throw is amazingly shorter, thus rowing through the gears is night and day faster. It's an absolute must have mod, and I have to thank another forum member Oko3612 for bringing this shifter to my attention. Awesome shifter Steeda!
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It really is worth the money
I got to really get a feel for it the 200 or so miles back home and the following day. It really is worth the money. I always felt like I was going to break the stock shifter. But with the tri ax its so solid and really feels like what I'm used to in my other cars. You know when its in gear. The springs help keep me from missing a gear when down shifting quickly, which was a problem for me on the stock shifter. Besides being an inch shorter than stock shifter, it still looks like its oem.
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The height of it is perfect and going into 5th feels really good
My only complaint is I wish I would of installed this earlier, I love this shifter. The shifts are tight and smooth, its not sloppy like the stock shifter. The height of it is Perfect and going into 5th feels really good, I don't have to reach across country for 5th gear anymore. I'm very happy with this shifter. :)
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This is the best mod I've done to date
I used half of the sheet of Dynamat and I don't notice any increased NVH besides hearing transmission at start up. This is the best mod I've done to date, it literally is like a bolt action rifle like everyone said it would be. You're getting way more than what you pay for here. If anyone wants a more in depth video review I can definitely do that.
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Should have been the first thing I did to my car!
Should have been the first thing I did to my car! Makes shifting much more fun!
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I would highly recommend this to anyone
Tri-Ax was: ordered Tuesday, arrived Wednesday, and installed Thursday. Upon arrival, I first noticed the shifters quality. I was very impressed with the finish and material. When it came to the installation, everything was very straightforward. All the parts joined nicely without any struggle in getting them together. My initial reaction in using the shifter while driving was noticing the improvement in changing gears. The throw was evidently reduced as I barely put any effort in switching from 2-3 and going from 4-5 as compared to factory. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is on the fence about the Tri-Ax, no regrets.
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Nice short, firm, solid, positive shifts
Shifter is awesome. Nice short, firm, solid, positive shifts. Way better than the stock shifter. Along with the MT-82 bushing its just awesome.
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I wish I had done these upgrades sooner
Steeda Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter + Royal Purple Synchromax = Tears of Joy. I wish I had done these upgrades sooner. Car feels completely different, I Love It!!!
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WOW the shifts are short and precise. I mean, WOW
I just finished my installation. I'll write a review once I have some seat time behind me and chair time ahead of me, but first a few thoughts: 1) 3-hour installation? Oh hell no. Not without a lift and even then only if you're svelte. I have large arms and no lift and it took me over twice the estimated time because I had to fight some seriously nasty bolts (the 10mm and 13mm that hold the shift shaft on were the two big ones). I did take my time and align everything just so, but still. 2) Removing the driveshaft may have been convenient, but even after removing the three bolts that secure it to the flex coupler I couldn't get it out. I ended up working around the damn thing. 3) I layered the underside of my console with heat-reflective tape; maybe this will make a tiny difference in the heat intrusion in the cabin. I also plasti-dipped the shift bezel and cupholder bezels anthracite/graphite grey. I freaking hate fake chrome; it just looks tacky and cheap and then it reflects sunlight in really annoying ways. 4) My neighbors probably don't care for my sailor's mouth, which came out in force today while I struggled to get my arms and hands into some tiny places. 5) NVH is definitely increased in the cabin. I'm getting a fair bit more exhaust note. I did decouple the exhaust and then when I reattached it I made sure the spring tabs were over their locating nubbins before tightening the nuts with an impact, so I'm fairly confident the exhaust is secure. Has anyone else noticed more exhaust note? I did layer Dynamat around the shift base. 6) WOW the shifts are short and precise. I mean, WOW. It reminds me a lot of my old SMLE with how direct the action is. Reverse takes a bit more effort than I originally imagined to engage but that's no big deal. I used the shorter springs, and I can't imagine needing the longer ones for additional centering power. 7) DAMN the shifts are direct. Many shift. Such throw reduction. Wow.
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This is the best mod iv'e done so far!
Just installed mine today! Perfection! Paired with my GT350 shift knob this is the best mod iv'e done so far! The feel and shifts are solid and precise every time..
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Glad I got it and will be happy to recommend it!
Finally got mine installed today. Took me 2.5 hours on the dot and that's with getting almost assembled and realizing I forgot to put the damn bolts in the shifter arm... oh well. So, tips I have: -Put the shift arm on the blue body first before you start the install. -if you don't have someone to pull the transmission down, definitely unbolt the forward driveshaft joint and allow the transmission to drop another inch. Makes getting the front shifter arm bolt out very easy. -push the disassembled stock shifter through the shifter hole. Thoughts: Shifting is great. The soft springs are just a hair stiffer than I want, but I've heard they'll loosen up after a bit. I wasn't sure if the stock shifter body seal was supposed to be reused, so I left it out. Now, with that, I see an opinionated pro or con. The cabin has a nice visceral and guteral growl with the engine. Some may not like that. But I like the growl for now. And I think it'll be even better next weekend when the Whipple goes in! Anyway, I really like it. Glad I got it and will be happy to recommend it!
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All I have to say is DAMN what a difference!
Installed ours today...I dropped my exhaust & drive-shaft...makes for a lot easier install IMHO. Anyways, took the car out tonight for a quick spin...all I have to say is DAMN what a difference!! That stock shifter is indeed, a POS. No more guessing when downshifting; the shift gates are so close & precise that the car drives exceptionally well. Just in case, I added Dynamat on the mounting arm, (top & bottom), forward half of the shifter housing, and on the bottom plate. Also put some on the rear mount bracket itself as well. I have some minor harmonics when in first and @ WOT but otherwise, no added NVH. Curious if the gear whine I have from the STEEDA red diff bushings I have installed also quieted down some. I did not hear any tonight. I'll find out more when I get on the freeway tomorrow or Sunday. People have said that using the stock shift linkage is counter-productive. In this case, STEEDA designed this kit to be top notch, can't even tell I'm still using the stock linkage. Not to mention, excellent price-point, quick shipping, and excellent [email protected] well done STEEDA! :)
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Nice short, firm, solid, positive shifts
Shifter is awesome. Nice short, firm, solid, positive shifts. Way better than the stock shifter. Along with the MT-82 bushing its just awesome.
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Very positive concise feel
Just got mine in and love it. Very positive concise feel. No slop. :)
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The throws are bolt action rifle precise
Tri-Ax Shifter - This shifter is a beautiful piece of art. The throws are sooooooo short and so precise. The height of the shifter is perfect. You can just rest your hand on the center console and your palm just rests comfortably on the shifter ball. The throws are bolt action rifle precise. It goes into the gate with minimal effort. I have the soft springs installed. There is a nice weighty feel when shifting. The very first time you feel the shifter after it is installed, your jaw will drop at how different it feels over stock. After 2 days, I am now used to the feeling and it is a glorious thing. You get a bit more noise from the Tri-ax vs. stock shifter but it leads to a more mechanical, visceral experience with the shifter and the car. The downshifts are so much faster now vs. stock. It is almost like we have a DCT in the car, no lie. If you are on the fence about buying a shifter, just do it. You will be happy you spent the money. It really changes the entire feel of the car and driving experience. This is the BEST aftermarket shifter I have had installed in any of my Mustangs since 1991.
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A million times better than stock!
Went down to Steeda yesterday, their new Tri-ax race shifter is installed now! They did a great job, I've been working a ton of hours and didn't feel like laying on the floor of my garage for a few hours jamming my hand between the trans tunnel and the trans trying to get to some bolts haha. First impression, I got in the car and went to reach for the shifter to make sure I was in neutral and I grabbed air haha. It's a lot shorter than the factory one and I like it a lot. I started the car and did notice the interior had picked up some noise. Not much though, that Dynamat really helps, I'd say it's most noticeable right when you're starting the car, you can actually hear the starter more. Other than that normal driving you hear the trans slightly more but nothing crazy, still extremely easy to hold a conversation inside with my exhaust on the highway. As far as how the shifter performs, absolutely perfect. Took me all of 5 minutes to get used to the short throws and it's incredible. The transition between gears is smooth, there's no feeling of resistance which is how it should be. Closest thing I can compare it to is the Hurst shifter on my T56 for my other car. Direct and smooth. A million times better than stock. Steeda absolutely killed it with this shifter. Huge thanks to David, Matt and Rod for making sure I was taken care of down there. If you think you want this shifter but you're on the fence, buy it.
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I'd seriously consider saving up and going for the race shifter.
Now, I may be in the kind of odd position of having experienced the stock shifter - like everybody - but had the three part Steeda short throw installed about two weeks before their race shifter was announced. They are as secretive as Apple. I had a buzzing sound with the three part shifter that Steeda attributed to sloppy Ford tolerances/specs and that they are addressing in an update to their short throw shifter arm. I could eliminate the buzz by just pulling up a tad on the reverse lockout sleeve. But once the race shifter was announce I figured why not address that issue this way. Glad I did. First of all, Rod, Dave and the Pompano crew have always been top notch and this time was no different. And Steeda did me ever so RIGHT on the cost to swap out the three part with the race shifter due to the product timing and my buzz. Race shifter: No noises. While I cannot remember, I'd vouch for Dave's claim that this shifter is quieter than stock. Yeah you can feel some vibration through the nob - so what - no noise. And NO BUZZ.
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it is very different, in so many GOOD ways
Just leaving Steeda in Valdosta from an install that filled two pages of paper and took 2 and a half days to setup. I'll have a write up once I re-learn the car - because it is very different, in so many GOOD ways. One of those items was the Tri-Ax. Question to Ford; why didn't the car come with this????? Shifting is not the ambiguous activity it was 3 days ago AT ALL. Props to Steeda and BIG THX to the crew in Valdosta; Chad, Jamie, Scott, and David too for all the quality products and effort you guys do for the 6G crowd.
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