Steeda Q850 StreetFighter - Hardcore DragPack Specs

Steeda's Hardcore DragPack Q850 Mustang Specs

No Compromises. No Shortcuts. No Tradeoffs.

The all-new Steeda Q850 StreetFighter - Hardcore DragPack takes insane to an entirely new level. This no-hold-barred build took a bone stock Orange Fury Mustang GT right off the showroom floor and - with the help of our talented team of engineers and builders - built a showroom-ready drag Mustang. This Hardcore DragPack will not only show up the competition at a car show with it’s head-turning looks, but it’ll put down the time and take home the win at the dragstrip too.

However, a build is nothing without the world-class parts its comprised of.

The team at Steeda has worked hard to engineer and develop parts that take your average run-of-the-mill Mustang and allow it to compete on an entirely new level. All of the sudden, that GT500 that was so much faster than your GT is now staring at your taillights. That’s what Steeda is all about. At Steeda, Speed Matters™.

Steeda Q850 Hardcore Front
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Low
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Side
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Emblem
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Velgen Wheels
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Baer Brakes
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Suspension
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Interior
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Dashboard
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Nameplate
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Painting
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Underside
Orange Fury Mustang On Lift
Mustang With No Engine
Whipple Engine Mustang Engine Stand
Steeda Q850 Hardcore Rear Suspension
Mustang Steeda Camber Arm Comparison
Steeda Mustang Drag Race K-Member
Baer Drag Race Brakes
Steeda Q850 Mustang Engine Bay

The Vehicle

Think you can handle the sheer power of the Steeda Q850 StreetFighter - Hardcore DragPack? This Mustang is certainly not built for someone who is used to blending in! If you're looking to take your Mustang to an entirely new level and not only win at car shows, but also at the dragstrip, then be sure to reach out to our friends at Steeda Vehicles to get squared away.

Steeda Q850 Hardcore DragPack Mustang

Learn more about the all-inclusive package you can get for your Mustang through Steeda Vehicles today!

The Parts

The best part about the Steeda Q850 StreetFighter - Hardcore DragPack is the parts used in the build. Our talented team has worked hard to ensure that these parts are available not only to those looking to purchase the entire vehicle package, but also if they want to pick and choose select parts for their own build.

When you start adding additional horsepower and performance to your Mustang, the rest of the vehicle needs to be able to support it. That doesn't only mean an upgraded clutch, driveshaft, half-shafts and more, but also the suspension upgrades to properly put the power to the ground. That's where Steeda steps in with the parts you need to truly make your Mustang a performer in all aspects.

Looking to grab some of these parts for your own Mustang? Check out the build list below:

Steeda Powertrain Upgrades:

Steeda Hardcore Drag Suspension / Chassis Upgrades:

Steeda Interior Upgrades:

  • Steeda Alcantara Covered Steering Wheel with an Orange Fury Sight Line
  • Steeda Six-Point Roll Bar
  • Rear Seat Delete Package
  • Safecraft 6-Point Seat Belts (Driver and Passenger)

Steeda Exterior Upgrades:

Wheel / Tire Upgrades:

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