Steeda Mustang Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearings (2015-2022)

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Steeda's S550 Ford Mustang rear lower control arm spherical bearings eliminate deflection of the factory bushing, reduce wheel hop, add no NVH, lower reaction times, eliminate alignment change under power, correct understeer under acceleration, & improve

Part Number: 555 4117
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No deflection or NVH. From the factory, the 2015+ Ford Mustang features bushings in the rear control arm that we found to be less than ideal for putting all the 5.0L Coyote's power to the ground. The factory bushings deflect under hard or drag race applications conditions causing all sorts of issues that are less than ideal. With their spherical bushing construction, virtually all deflection is eliminated with Steeda's LCA bearing design. The spherical bearings design unlike most, will not increase NVH (noise, vibration, or harshness) whatsoever so you are able to maintain factory ride quality.

Improved suspension performance. Our Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearings eliminates deflection of the factory bushing which is extremely important in any performance application. Deflection in the factory bushings can cause all sorts of negative handling affects. Our spherical rear lower control arm will correct understeer under acceleration of your S550. You will notice increased chassis responsiveness upon installing our spherical bearings. If you drag race your GT, EcoBoost or V6 Mustang our rear lower control arm spherical bearings will play a huge role in eliminating deflection, ensuring your tires hook immediately upon acceleration. Our spherical bearings stop your S550 from building negative toe on launch. In addition to eliminating deflection and compliance of the factory bushings, our spherical bearings will also eliminate the spring rate of the factory bushing which does not allow the suspension to articulate up and down freely.

Install tool included. Unlike other kits on the market, Steeda's includes a billet install / removal tool. The tool is compatible with either hydraulic or ball joint presses making the installation process painless from beginning to end.

Made in USA. Our Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearings are manufactured in our state of the art facility in Valdosta, GA from 1018-steel and nickel-plated to prevent corrosion. We use high precision Teflon-lined bearings to ensure smooth operation. This also increases the bearing's life and minimizes the need for it to be replaced. 

We recommend these Spherical Bearings for ALL drag racing applications.

Purchase your Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearings for your 2015+ Mustang GT, GT350, EcoBoost, or V6 at Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • Pair of  rear lower control arm spherical bearings
  • Billet aluminum removal / installation tool included
  • Reduced deflection
  • Reduced wheel hop
  • No NVH increase
  • Eliminates alignment change under power
  • Decreases vehicle reaction times
  • Lifetime warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, highlighting a component that is very important to reducing your 60 foot times for the S550 Mustang, as well as the Shelby GT350. The Steeda Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearing set. When it comes to maximizing the performance of your Mustang, especially for drag race applications it's important to address the suspension. Not just the springs, the struts, the shocks and things of that nature but the pivot points. The factory bushings have a fair amount of compliance to them and this is great for ninety percent of the people out there that are driving the car as it is, as a car but for we enthusiasts, we demand so much more. From the factory Ford utilizes both a bearing as well as a rubber bushing at both main mounting points for the Mustang's rear lower control arms. This is important to note because the bearing is responsive, while the rubber bushing is designed to absorb and isolate noise. It can do this because it's a relatively soft durometer bushing. This means it's pretty flexible but this also means that there's room for movement because in fact it is absorbing some of the control arm vibration. It is absorbing some of the movement of the control arm regardless of direction, up down or lateral. Another thing to keep in mind is with this deflection the lower control arm is moving around a little bit. This means that the suspension in the back its geometry is changing under hard acceleration and hard shifts. What this ends up doing is making the back of the car squirmy. It also makes it vague so it's hard to know until it's starting to move on you, that it is in fact starting to move on you and step out. If you've gotten to that point where every hundredth of a second counts and we're guessing you are because you're watching this video, this is a part that you have to install. The Steeda Spherical Control Arm Bushings. The reason is the Spherical Bearing in these units completely eliminates the deflection of that soft rubber bushing. It in fact presses into the same location. Now let's touch on a quick note as far as installation is concerned, One when you get this set of bearings take a look at them they're gorgeous. Two the tool to install them is included. So if you take it to a local shop to have them pressed in the tool is provided. The other thing to really keep in mind is that you have to be very careful in who you choose to do this or if you're going to try it yourself because the rear lower control arms are made out of cast aluminum. If you don't have the press perfectly straight, you will stretch the opening and then these bearings will simply slide right through. So you do need to be careful we definitely recommend professional installation as far as these bearings are concerned. The next little tip is put them in the freezer. Once you're done staring at them and admiring their beauty because they are gorgeous pieces, put them in the freezer so that the metal contracts a little bit, be easier for your shop to press them in. All right so enough about that let's get back to the performance of these things, because we've eliminated deflection we have 100 percent improved the way the car reacts to your inputs. We talked just a moment ago about launching the car. Getting the car off the line, as well as with every shift and just as important as getting rid of any movements that the car goes, again anything we can do to help keep energy from being absorbed by soft bushings and help it get transferred to the tires, the faster you're going to go. The other huge advantage to this is the feedback that you as a driver have. We talked a little bit about the vagueness of the stock pushing and not really feeling the back of the car and what it's doing. These will help that. Now something we definitely recommend installing if you haven't already when you decide to do these, is a nice set of rear shocks. The shocks also do so much to improve the back of the car, the feel of the car, control as well as power transfer because you're eliminating deflection now the responsiveness of the back of the car is immediate to your inputs. You will want a good set of shocks to match this, to kind of settle the back of the car down. This is also one of the reasons we recommend these for drag racing, versus road racing and autocross. In road racing and autocross you want to have a little bit more forgiveness. You want to have a little slower reaction time but for you drag racers, it's about that reaction. It's about getting the power down. It's about getting down that quarter mile. The Steeda Rear Control Arm Spherical Bearings get their name well, from the spherical bearings that are enclosed in the 1018 steel bodies. These steel bodies are also nickel plated, but let's get back to the spherical bearing that's teflon coated for durability and corrosion resistance. The reality is that the spherical bearing offers much freer movement. We talked at the beginning of the video about the binding and softness of that factory bushing and a rubber bushing will not rotate. So under hard launches when the back suspension squats that pushing actually binds. This bearing, Spherical Bearing is going to rotate freely and because it's spherical meaning it can move in a roundabout motion, it won't bind the control arm on launches. This is where you get that reaction time improved, as well as the 60 foot and ultimately those ET's. We proudly manufacture these in the USA out of Valdosta Georgia facility because Speed Matters. They're also backed by lifetime warranty. This is because we know you're going to throw a lot at them. A lot of horsepower and a lot of launches. So please comment below how much horsepower are you making, what sort of 60 foot times are you cutting and what sort of ET's are you seeing. We definitely want to hear from you. To see the latest and greatest in what we're developing for the Silver Bullet as well as our road race cars, follow us on Social Media. To learn more about the Spherical Bearings as well as the other products we offer Ford vehicles definitely visit Thank you so much for watching and have a phenomenal day!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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Works well but can be very loud
Would’ve given five stars as these work very well and tightened up the rear end, however I have to spray lube on them every 1-2 weeks otherwise they creek and pop as I’m driving. Makes my car sound like an old farm truck when they do that, and it’s loud enough to hear from many car lengths away. Not sure if these are supposed to have a sealed internal lubricant… if so, mine did not come with it.
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buy it now
just read the description of these and all the other reviews as they are spot on. I now have 725 controllable horsepower
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Verified Buyer  
Best Stop the hop mod
I have installed it all. IRS Alignment kit, IRS Braces, vertical links, toe link bearings, GT350R springs, and Steeda Fixed Valve shocks. All of them helped the suspension work so much better however there was always a grip and give in the rear end under load and the wheel hop still existed. I installed the Rear control arm spherical bearings and it is AMAZING the difference in the way it handles and the wheel hop is completely gone!. This is by far my favorite mod to date but I will say be careful pressing them in. They are steel and the control arm is aluminum make sure you have it good and square or you could do some damage. Thank you Steeda for another quality product.
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I installed everything myself and, I must say, the car has been transformed.
I just wanted to thank Steeda for arranging acquiring new lower control arms for me equipped with this LCA bearing. I installed everything myself and, I must say, the car has been transformed. I already have the gambit of Steeda suspension parts (Ultralite springs, Pro-Action shocks, differential bushing inserts, IRS cradle bushing inserts, subframe bracing, sway bars, etc.) and this bearing took the car to another level. It felt sure-footed before in the back with all of those parts, but this LCA bearing took it to a level of refinement and tightness that is exactly the last bit I've been waiting for. And I didn't really experience any undesirable NVH; really not much of any NVH to report at all except, I guess, a much more solid and connected feel to the rear suspension. Here are benefits I've noticed, inclusive of regular daily driving, autocross, and a few spirited mountain runs: - Rear suspension seems to articulate more. I do not tripod nearly as often on steep inclines. - Knowing where my tires are at from a grip perspective is much easier to perceive now - My car seems to have greatly reduced its tendency (even in stock form) to rock for and aft slightly after stopping. - Wheel hop is gone. I cannot get it to wheel hop at all. Not even on the stock Pirelli tires. - The rear end is much easier to control, either to purposefully oversteer to bring the car around or to keep it following in line - The car feels much like a BMW M3 now; not unrefined in any way but tight and it's almost as if you can visualize the suspension working now vs. it being ambiguous I can write benefits all day, but I think the best compliment is that I've told everyone... get the LCA bearing installed. Just do it. It isn't as easy as bolting a part on, but it WORKS.
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The rear just wants to GRIP and accelerate
The spherical bearings are also contributing to the newfound control and compliance of the suspension. I can tell that I can apply the power earlier in a turn vs. last week without these bearings and linear springs. The rear just wants to GRIP and accelerate.
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