September 2020 Racing Update

September Race Update

Throughout Steeda’s long and storied history, we have always been involved in pushing ourselves to the limit when it comes to competing at the highest levels of racing. Recently we were back out on track to see how we would fare against the competition in SCCA. Our last trip out to the way was at two of our favorite tracks in Florida in Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) and Florida International Rally & Motorsports Park (FIRM). Both of these tracks present unique challenges for all three of our S550 Mustangs.

Below are our most recent outings during our racing circuit for our three S550 Mustang racers on how they faired in the competition!

Steeda SS50 Racecar

#20 Yellow S550 Races in Drive The Wind SCCA At Palm Beach International Raceway

Piloting our #20 Steeda S550 Mustang racecar is no other than our President Dario Orlando, attacking the track with killer precision. He set out to take on any competition thrown his way, including the likes of cars three times as expensive and even more purpose-built. Using years of racing experience and finesse, Dario was able to take the win on Saturday after some severe head-to-head competition with a spaced-out BMW. Moving forward to Sunday, Dario was able to take 3rd place due to a minor driver miscalculation. All in, it was great to be on track again with the #20 car, and we were delighted with how the vehicle performed against very stiff competition.

Check out the video below to get the full perspective from his out at Palm Beach International Raceway!

2018 Steeda HPDE GT

Q500 Mustang SCCA Time Trials at Palm Beach International Raceway

For the last few years, we have been developing a majority of our suspension components through our 2018 HPDE Mustang GT. Every time we head out on the track, we push a mostly road driven pony to the limits of what it can handle. As our #20 S550 Mustang racecar, we also take this stallion to the competition head-on by competing in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) frequently.

While at track events and car shows, our Race Red 2018 Mustang GT always loves to turn heads at these racing events. The fact of the matter is that Glen continues to impress, given that it genuinely isn’t that modified compared to a stock car. With the right combination of Steeda suspension parts, this N/A streetcar can keep up with many other race-focused cars. Glen was able to take 1st in the SCCA TTO class throughout the weekend! Between the new McLeod RTX Clutch Kit and super lightweight Apex EC-7 wheels wrapped in sticky Nitto NT01 tires, this car scoots! Check out the video below for yourself!

Steeda EcoBoost Mustang

Q350 EcoBoost Track Update at The FIRM in Starke, FL

For those enthusiasts who think that an EcoBoost Mustang can’t hang with the best of what the competition can bring to the track, think again! Ever since the EcoBoost pony debuted in 2015, Steeda has worked to push the envelope on what light and nimble Mustang could become. Using a healthy balance of form and function while integrating agile handling with a lightweight chassis. We put these formulas into our Q350 Steeda Mustang, also as we call it, the Shelby GT350 killer.

Tech & Driver, Jamie Bell -- The morning started wet for the first session, then the rain set in until about 10:45. The track started drying out; we continued running until 11:30 when we stopped for lunch (they also had a teen driving school going on Sunday as well). The track officials worked for an hour and a half to dry the track with blowers, and we went back to running at 1:30. Track conditions were right, but some puddles on, and water continued to seep through the track surface. Those that left early missed out on what proved to be an excellent afternoon session. The rain held off until after 3:00, so we had three good, mostly dry sessions for lap times to improve.

The first official time trial was put on by the Florida International Rally and Motorsport Park, and entries were kept down if the timing system did not work correctly. Because of the rain, several entrants decided not to run or left early. It was ran using NASA rules as a guideline, and future events will be run similarly.

Q350 EcoBoost Track Times

  • 1. 1:21.203 TT4
  • 2. 1:23.062 TT4
  • 3. 1:24.405 TT5
  • 4. 1:24.552 TT5
  • 5. 1:34.950 TT5
  • 6. 1:45.405 TT3

If you have a 2015-2020 EcoBoost Mustang, you will want to check our complete Steeda Q350 Mustang track build. This build is perfect for you if you want a stallion that can take on a weekend track session or carve up your favorite mountain backroads.

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