Guide To S550 Mustang Springs

S550 Mustang Springs Guide

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In the world of Mustang, choosing the right springs for handling, body roll, ride height, and usage will determine the performance outcome of your stallion. For over thirty years, Steeda has been the number one manufacturer in the automotive aftermarket leading the way to help enthusiasts take full potential of their Mustang. Ever since the S550 Mustang launched in 2015, it has been leading the charge among all modern American muscle cars to provide the best performance, handling, and functionality to all enthusiasts. From the factory, it is the most capable Mustang right out of the box in comparison to any of its predecessors before; unlike previous Mustang generations, it is the first Mustang ever to come equipped with IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) standard.

This innovation of engineering helped bring the Mustang into the twenty-first century; to help it compete better amongst its rivals from Europe and abroad. It enabled the Mustang to be more nimble, ride smoother, and corner harder due to each wheel being independent of one another, allowing smoother feedback to the driver. Unfortunately, just like Mustang models of previous years, the S550 still deals with issues of stance, ride quality, and body roll.

These variables are where Steeda's experience, knowledge, and engineering come into play to help enthusiasts take full potential of their Mustang. These variables are where Steeda's experience, knowledge, and engineering come into play to help enthusiasts take full potential of their Mustang. Each of our springs are designed and engineered to the highest standards. Our three offerings of 2015-2023 Mustang springs include linear, progressive, and dual-rate. All of these options give each enthusiast the option of dialing in his or her perfect suspension setup, no matter if it is on the track, street or a combination of both.

Below, you will find all the necessary details and information you will need to make an informative decision on what spring is best suited for your needs and goals.

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Steeda Progressive Springs

S550 Mustang Progressive Springs

Chances are if you're an enthusiast who loves the ability to have a great ride height, quality ride, and handling, you are going to want to pick up our Progressive Sport Springs. These springs are our most popular option due to their characteristics of allowing enthusiasts to have all the attributes of OEM springs, while enhancing performance even further. Our progressive springs offer different variable spring rate from one side to the other; this means it will give you exceptional ride quality cruising down your favorite highway with minimal travel, while maintaining performance on that twisty backroad.

The signature difference in our Progressive springs vs Linear springs is simple. They offer more resistance to body roll due to the precise spring rates we have engineered throughout the coils. These springs will allow every Mustang enthusiast to enjoy a weekend track day or carve up your favorite mountain road at a moment's notice. The word progressive means it will have a constantly increasing rate, which relates to the spacing between each coil on the spring itself. We advise you to purchase this spring if you want to have the best of all worlds in one spring.

Steeda 555-8210 Progressive Springs

Steeda Mustang Sport Lowering Springs - Progressive GT / V6

Steeda 555-8212 Progressive Springs

Steeda Mustang EcoBoost Sport Lowering Springs - Progressive

Steeda 555-8242 MangeRide Progressive Springs

Steeda S550 Mustang MagneRide Sport Lowering Springs

Steeda S550 Mustang Linear Springs

S550 Mustang Linear Springs

The most common Mustang spring out in the marketplace today is the Linear Spring; this spring is the type where one continuous spring rate is seen through the compression cycle. Unlike the progressive spring where the spring rate can change, a linear spring has one linear motion hence why it is called linear. Most enthusiasts who choose to use this spring are wanting to use it for one purpose that could be road racing or drag racing. If you want a more direct feel and feedback throughout the compression of the spring when driving, then these are going to be for you.

Whereas the progressive spring will offer you a much better quality ride over the stock OEM springs, a linear spring can be a much harsher ride depending on the spring rate you choose. Steeda linear springs are fantastic for multiple types of racing because of the direct feedback they offer when you input variations of steerings and throttle. Other benefits of linear springs include decreased nose dive when braking, sharper steering response, and a lighter weight over the factory springs.

Steeda 555-8211 Linear Springs

Steeda Mustang GT/V6 Ultralite Lowering Springs - Linear

Steeda 555-8213 Linear Springs

Steeda Mustang EcoBoost Ultralite Lowering Springs - Linear

Steeda 555-8214 Linear Springs

Steeda Mustang GT/V6/Ecoboost Ultralite Extreme Lowering Springs - Linear

Steeda 555-8231 Drag Linear Springs

Steeda S550 Mustang GT Drag Springs - Linear

Steeda 555-8223 Linear Springs

Steeda S550 Mustang Minimum Drop Lowering Springs - Linear

Steeda S550 Mustang Dual Rate Springs

S550 Mustang Dual-Rate Springs

Most chances are, if you love to go road racing or attack your local autocross, then you will want the best possible springs on the market to give you the winning edge. If you're an enthusiast that is precisely looking for this type of performance spring capability, then our Dual-Rate Springs will be right for you. Each one of dual-rate springs is engineered for ultimate handling at any track across the country and our engineers ensure our dual-rate springs are the highest quality, performing, and can withstand any forces thrown at it.

Through relentless testing and track time, we have been able to make our dual-rate springs NASA and SCCA approved for competition. You're probably wondering what a dual-rate spring does? This spring is solely designed to have two different springs rates throughout the entire coil pack. In turn, it allows the suspension compression to gradually compress through its compression cycle, giving a more stable and inspiring driving experience.

Steeda 555-8246 Dual-Rate Springs

Steeda S550 Mustang Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs

Steeda 555-8243 Dual-Rate Springs

Steeda S550 Mustang MagneRide Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs

Steeda 555-8244 GT500 Dual-Rate Springs

Steeda GT500 MagneRide Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs

Steeda S550 Mustang Spring Guide Click the image to download our all-in-one S550/S650 Spring Guide!

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