Steeda Mustang GT/V6 Ultralite Lowering Springs - Linear (2015-2022)

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Steeda's Mustang Ultralite Lowering Springs can lower your S550 1.125" in the front and 1" in the rear. Steeda specializes in vehicle dynamics. Steeda springs are all in house engineered and custom made to our exact specifications. These springs optimize

Part Number: 555 8211
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Springs are the foundation of good handling and ride quality. So start with the best springs for your 2015+ Ford S550 Mustang GT or V6, built by the company that specializes in vehicle dynamics and your Mustang!

Our experience and expertise in high performance street and racing suspension systems is second to none - Put that experience to work for you. Steeda springs are all in house engineered and custom made to our exact specifications. Steeda springs were developed using advanced proprietary CAD data, and our exclusive 3d modeling setting us apart from the others.

These Steeda Mustang Ultralite Linear Lowering Springs optimize the center of gravity and suspension geometry creating a huge improvement in handling with a noticeable reduction in nose dive, launch squat, and body roll, while still maintaining an outstanding ride quality for daily driving.

Steeda springs provide the best combinations of handling and ride quality available!

Note: Steeda Springs are manufactured under these rigorous manufacturing certifications: QS-9000 & ISO 9001.

Purchase your Steeda Mustang Ultralite Springs - Linear for your 2015+ Ford S550 Mustang GT or V6 at Steeda today!

Product Benefits
  • Lowers your Mustang approximately 1.125" front and 1" rear
  • Great ride quality, improved aerodynamics and improved vehicle stance
  • Sharper steering response, improved vehicle handling and stability, noticeable reduction in nosedive
  • These linear springs will provide an exceptional ride quality
  • 30% lighter than competitors springs
  • 10% lighter than the Performance Pack springs
  • Fits coupe and convertible
  • Comes with a LIFETIME warranty

Note: Lowered amount may vary from car to car depending on vehicle package and trim options.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, Jack, Jack stands, Spring compressor
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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Love those springs. Love the stance. Gives the car a nice look, too.
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Steeda Ultra-lite progressive lowering springs
Great upgrade from the stock factory springs , drop height is perfect on my 2019 gt & the ride is even better. Best springs on the market cant beat the price!!
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Perfect drop! Leaves a little more room up front but I don't mind better than blowing out my fenders on a steep driveway. Love the way they feel when I drive and very responsive!
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This is the FIRST mod to get!
Believe me when I say this, this is the absolute first mod you should get for your S550 Mustang! I have a 2018 GT Premium with Performance Pack 1 and I was kinda let down by the stock ride feel. The floaty, GT Style and unpredictability with deflection and body roll does NOT fit this car. I'm happy to say these linear ultralite springs kill many birds with one stone. The linear spring rate makes the ride more predictable, smoother, and comfortable to drive. The 1 lower ride height gets rid of the body roll, lowering center of gravity just enough to provide more feedback. Finally, the looks are drastically different from the drop, I've gotten many comments on how much sportier it looks! Highly recommend this product!
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Nice improvement on 2018 GT PP1
I bought these springs primarily for lowering the car and if possible to save weight and improve cornering predictability. After a week of driving a few hundred miles, I can say I'm happy with these springs. It lowered my car the perfect amount visually and the linear spring rate is nice in the corners. It's a slightly firmer feeling spring than the PP1 springs on larger bumps and waves pavement, but if feels slightly softer on small sharp stuff like road imperfections and driveways. These springs didn't feel any lighter in my hands compared to the factory springs I took off. If I had to guess I'd say they were almost identical weight. I would also recommend buying the rear subframe bolt bushings and insert them during the rear spring installation. I didn't, and now regret it. My rear subframe is misaligned slightly and these bushings would have fixed it.
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Ultra Light springs are Awesome!
I put these in a few months back and I have to say the combination of these springs with their adjustable shocks and struts are simply amazing. The car while slightly firmer ride than stock it has transformed the handling and looks of the car. It still rides great and when you lean into it in the turns it just flat goes and stays planted. No other mod is as noticible as the way the car turns in and remains flat is incredible compared to stock springs and shocks. Very highly impressed. Thanks for a great product and help from your team as well during the selection of parts.
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I highly doubt most people will have the skill to reach the limit of what these springs offer
These were my first lowering spring on my S550. I coupled them with the Pro-Action Adjustable dampers. I did my first track days with these springs as well as daily drove the vehicle to and from work 26 miles one way. Not to mention numerous road trips and the list goes on. These are truly a dual purpose spring that surprise you on a road course. You wouldn't think a relatively softer front rate and a relatively stiff rear rate would perform, but these give you a level drop (vs. a rake) and therefore seem to bias weight evenly across the car, which transformed how the car handled in performance driving situations, like Atlanta Motorsports Park. I am no expert race driver, but I have seen excellent road course times in other S550s achieved with these springs, and then the guy drove home without knocking out his fillings. Nice! I highly doubt most people will have the skill to reach the limit of what these springs offer, even on a road course.
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Absolutely love them
Ok, so I took measurements and pics of a few setups, and I absolutely love them. It got dark before I could take pics of the finished setup. Tomorrow I will post them up. Steeda, you freaking nailed it!; installation was super easy, except for the fact that I had to deal with the subframe, the bane of my existence.
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Great product.
Great product. Gave my car a perfect stance and much improved handling.
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These are the real deal
I have these springs installed with Pro-Action dampers. I found myself, on my first track day ever at Atlanta Motorsports Park, passing so often that my instructor asked that I be advanced a driver class. And when I went into the next driver class, I passed everyone except a dedicated tube steel pipe frame, buggy looking sort of track vehicle (which I caught up to, but he could get around turns faster being so much lighter). Anyway, my point is, while the Ultralite Linear springs may not win awards for the most even wheel gap (front to back), they will actually make your S550 handle better. They bias the weight of the car evenly across the suspension as opposed to lifting the back end up, creating rake which biases weight toward the front. This makes my S550 feel much like a Porsche coming around a turn, whereby I am able to take advantage of my rear staggered (wider) wheels for grip to huff it out of a turn. Look, I'm not the best driver (not even close), but these springs really help you look like it. And I get compliments all the time for the stance , even at those stance-oriented events I find myself going to if the time and price is right... why not! Daily driving road manners are better than expected, especially given I have Pro-Action dampers. The rear spring especially is relatively on the stiff side so I would recommend at least Ford Performance dampers with these springs, but I know a guy running them with OEM PP dampers and he says it rides fine. Steeda track tested these springs at Sebring, giving much faster cars hell in the process. These are the real deal.
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