Steeda Mustang Ultralite Extreme Lowering Springs - Linear GT/V6/EcoBoost (2015-2022)

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2015+ GT, V6, EcoBoost Linear Springs. Lowers your S550 Mustang approximately 2" in the front and rear. Steeda Mustang Lowering Springs create a huge improvement in handling with a noticeable reduction in nose dive, launch squat, and body roll, while still maintaining an outstanding ride quality for daily driving. Get the proven performance of Steeda suspension parts, tested on and off the track for over 30 years.

Part Number: 555 8214
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Springs are the foundation of good handling and ride quality. So start with the best springs for your 2015+ Ford S550 Mustang GT, EcoBoost or V6, built by the company that specializes in vehicle dynamics and your Mustang!

Our experience and expertise in high performance street and racing suspension systems is second to none - Put that experience to work for you. Steeda springs are all in house engineered and custom made to our exact specifications. Steeda springs were developed using advanced proprietary CAD data, and our exclusive 3d modeling setting us apart from the others.

These Steeda Mustang Ultralite Extreme Linear Lowering Springs optimize the center of gravity and suspension geometry creating a huge improvement in handling with a noticeable reduction in nose dive, launch squat, and body roll, while still maintaining an outstanding ride quality for daily driving.

Steeda springs provide the best combinations of handling and ride quality available!

Note: Steeda Springs are manufactured under these rigorous manufacturing certifications: QS-9000 & ISO 9001.

Purchase your Steeda Mustang Ultralite Extreme Springs - Linear for your 2015+ Ford S550 Mustang GT, EcoBoost or V6 at Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • Lowers your 2015-2019 Mustang approximately 2" in the front and rear
  • Great ride quality, improved aerodynamics and improved vehicle stance
  • Sharper steering response, improved vehicle handling and stability, noticeable reduction in nosedive
  • These linear springs will provide an exceptional ride quality
  • 30% lighter than competitors springs
  • 10% lighter than the Performance Pack springs
  • Fits coupe and convertible
  • Comes with a LIFETIME warranty

Note: Lowered amount may vary from car to car depending on vehicle package and trim options.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Today we're getting extreme! Hi everybody, Brian from Steeda featuring our Ultralight  Extreme Lowering Springs for the S550 Mustang.    If you're really looking to set your car apart whether it's at the local car show or cars and coffee or just simply because you want to and you want to get that ultra low look, the Ultra Light Extreme Lowering Springs are perfect for you. Steeda's put a lot of work into these and creating a spring they'll lower your S550 Mustang two inches front and rear. So you take the natural rake of the car and bring it down two inches. It looks absolutely awesome!   What's really great about these springs is, not only do they improve the stance of your car but they also maintain the street drivability of it. Now because of how low the car is going to set, you do need to be careful over speed bumps or some of these transitions into the taller driveways. Honestly two inches is a pretty extreme drop and we're gonna get into a little bit more about the things you should consider when doing this in just a moment. Like our other springs these are constructed of high silica steel. This means that they're lighter weight, it also means that throughout the duration of the life of the car because of the high grade high silica steel used the springs will maintain proper rate as well as ride height and of course so important when it comes to lowering springs.   Just like anything else if you're building a race car there's a lot of preparation that goes into it. When you're building a car that's extremely low there's also some preparation that goes into it. When ordering these springs we definitely recommend installing a set of our Camber Plates as well. This will allow you to adjust the upper strut mounts in and out predominantly out to reduce the amount of negative camber. You may also need to get a set of Camber Bolts to take that negative camber even further out. With the amount of lowering that these do, you gain a lot of negative camber. So again you want to do that at the time of install because you're already removing upper strut mounts from the factory struts or whatever struts it is that you're installing up front.   Although the rear of the car has adjustability for camber at the back from the factory with how much these springs will lower your Mustang you're going to go, well you're going to max that out. So we also recommend our Adjustable Camber Arms. Done a couple videos on these these things are not only gorgeous but extremely functional. Just like the front this will allow you to reduce the amount of negative camber and stand up those tires closer to vertical. This means less inner tire wear, means better drivability on the street. Again if you want that handling you can always bring some of that negative camber back in for the best of both worlds.   Other parts you should consider when deciding on these springs include Adjustable Struts and Shocks like our Pro action Adjustables as well as our Lateral Links with the Extended Height Ball Joints and a Bumpsteer Kit. Again all these things to correct the geometry from running the car extremely low. We proudly manufacture these in the USA and we back them with our lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect.   These springs will fit all S550 Mustangs from 2015 onward, including the GT, V6 and Ecoboost models as well as convertibles. If you're installing these on a convertible we also recommend our Billet Rear Spring Spacers. If you're not sure which thickness to go with for your setup, post below and we're happy to help you out. If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts and ring that bell so you get notifications of upcoming videos. If you want to learn more about these and many of the other great parts we offer for the Mustang as well as other Ford vehicles check us out at To see the latest and greatest things that we're putting our Mustangs through follow us on Social Media. Thank you so much for watching Steeda, Speed Matters!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Difficult
Install Time: About 3 1/2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, Jack, Jack stands, Spring compressor, Wheel chocks, Safety glasses
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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Great Springs!!
I bought this set of springs for my wife's 17. The install wasn't bad at all. I think the hardest part was cutting the bump stops. She loves the look of it, and it didn't sacrifice the ride or handling of the vehicle. Highly recommend these springs!!!
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Great ride
Love these springs quick easy install with proper tools gives car a much more aggressive look helps with some of the wheel hop and car is planted to the road on tight corners
Did you find this helpful?  5 of 6 Found Helpful
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 6 Found Helpful
Extreme Springs review
I've had more cars then I can count and have modified all in some way shape or form. I've done many suspension mods with springs and coil overs alike. I've done Eibach's, H&R's, Tien's, Ground Control coil overs and many more. But these are hands down the best springs I've ever done on any of my vehicles and am 100% happy with the ride and drop and stance they give me. No having to mess around to get the ride height I desired as I did with coil overs. I swear I couldn't be happier. My cars ride height is dead on perfect and fantastic. I used 25mm spacers on my PP wheels and I can't go anywhere without getting compliments. Gas station, ride lights on the highway. Anywhere, people break there necks to compliment me on how the car sits and looks. I would highly recommend these to anyone shopping or looking for the perfect set up. Although I'm kind of hesitant because I don't want anyone near me to look as good as mine. Also I opted to do the camber bolts at the same time. It has made my car soo much more enjoyable to drive and confit inspiring. Steeda thank you thank thank you. I'm in love with this car all over again. It handles phenomenaly and probably far beyond my driving skills... for now.
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Verified Buyer  
I ordered theses springs Thursday morning 6/14/18 around 8:30am but by 8 pm got a email saying they would be delivered the next day (we all hate waiting a week for car part to arrive) on ground shipping I'm officially switching from American muscle to steeda only very pleased customer
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Steeda ultralight extremes
I wanted to go as low as I could with out spending a ton of money on coils or bags. These did the job ! I wouldn't choose another lowering spring company to work with! Love the look and the customer service of this company!
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