Steeda GT500 MagneRide Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs (2020-2022)

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Steeda's 555-8244 MagneRide Dual Rate Lowering Springs are a direct fit for 2020+ GT500's. These springs provide a great low look and greatly improved handling.

Part Number: 555 8244
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While the stock GT500 is a wild car and will turn heads, some desire more and only settle for perfection. That is why Steeda designed these MagneRide Dual Rate Ultimate Handling Lowering Springs. Designed to lower your car and improve handling, these springs will transform the look and feel of your GT500.

Stunning looks. Lowering your GT500 up to 3/4", the fender gap is reduced, and you get a low, aggressive, and track-ready look. This is perfect if you are after a custom look and want better stance from your GT500.

Designed and proven by racers. With a team of racers and enthusiasts, you can be confident that Steeda's springs are developed to maximize performance. Our Dual Rate MagneRide Springs have been proven to perform by racers in NASA and SCCA events. These springs reduce nosedive and minimize body roll to get your coupe dialed in.

The perfect all in one solution. Maximize the handling capabilities of your 760 horsepower GT500 while getting the perfect dropped look!

Product Benefits:
  • Up to 3/4" drop depending on how your vehicle is equipped
  • Engineered to maximize Ford's MagneRide Damping System capabilities
  • Designed for competition use
  • Outstanding street driving
  • Reduces nose dive
  • 1/8" billet rear spring spacer included, if needed
  • Front spring rate: 220-350
  • Rear spring rate: 800-1200
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Base GT500 Drop*
Front 3/4"
Rear 3/4"

CFTP GT500 Drop*
Front 1/2"
Rear 1/2"

*Drop heights are approximate. An 1/8" Rear Spring Spacer (555-8252) is included as your drop may vary slightly depending on how your vehicle is equipped.

Note: This kit is designed for the 2020+ GT500. Please see 555-8243 for non-GT500 MagneRide-equipped Mustangs.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hey everybody, it's Chris from Steeda and today is an awesome day. We not only have a Rapid Red GT500... we're going to be throwing GT500 Steeda Dual Rate Springs on this thing as well as a set of Camber Plates to dial everything in. We're going to show you a product review, a step-by-step installation, and ultimately the owner Rob his reactions on how this thing drives. Stay tuned here we have our Dual Rate Springs fitting the 2020+ GT500 Mustang. We also have these springs available for pretty much any other S550 Mustang combination both MagneRide-specific and non-MagneRide as well as our Camber Plates for S550 Mustangs. This is exciting because we finally have a Rapid Red GT500 to install these Dual Rate Springs on not only taking the looks to an entirely new level but more specifically the handling. These Dual Rate Springs will lower your GT500 roughly a half inch from factory. Now, that could differ a bit depending on if you have a base GT500 or a Carbon Fiber Track Pack from the factory knowing that those Carbon Fiber Track Pack Springs will lower the 500 a bit more. What sets these springs apart from many other springs out there is that they aren't linear, they aren't progressive, they're dual rate meaning that you have a primary rate and a secondary rate. Most of the Ford OE Springs are all linear meaning you have one spring rate consistently all the way down as the spring compresses versus progressive where much of the aftermarket is a ramp of the rate as the spring compresses. The Dual Rates; it's one rate and then when the spring reaches a certain point it jumps to the second rate this is much more predictable on track helps to keep the car planted. And, your GT500 will absolutely just cruise down the highway. When you lean into it, you get in that secondary very stiff rate - it's going to completely change the way your car behaves. These springs will not only benefit your car from a performance standpoint but also from looks too.
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, Spring compressor
Note: An alignment is highly recommended after installing MagneRide springs

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2020, 2021, 2022
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