Top 5 S550 Mustang Mods

Since the introduction of the S550 Mustang in 2015, enthusiasts everywhere have been thoroughly enjoying how revolutionary the sixth-generation Mustang has become. With the introduction of standard IRS (independent rear suspension), optional MagneRide dampers, electronic rev-matching, multitude of engine options, and a modern luxury interior, it has helped the Mustang become the world's best-selling sports coupe/fastback on the planet. Thanks to Ford engineers, they have helped Mustang enthusiasts push the boundaries on what is possible for America's favorite pony car. Like every Mustang enthusiast, it can be challenging to leave any pony in stock form.

Each generation of Mustang before the S550, it has always been the most supported vehicle to modify anywhere throughout the automotive industry. Over thirty years ago, Steeda was founded on the principles to help enthusiasts take their Mustang to greater heights than from the factory. This same mindset and philosophy were directly implemented in the S550 Mustang back in 2015. Steeda was the first among the enthusiast aftermarket community to design, engineer, and implement performance parts to enhance the sixth generation to become the most magnificent pony every added to the stable.

If you have an S550 Mustang or are planning to purchase one shortly, our team has put together a list of top five modifications to help you enhance the overall driving experience and look for your 'Stang.

S550 Lowering Springs S550 Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter S550 Exhaust S550 Stop The Hop Kit S550 Driver Mod

Steeda Lowering Springs

S550 Lowering Springs

In the world of Mustang styling and performance, the very first modification that enthusiasts will tend to add to their pony is a set of lowering springs. Lowering springs are beneficial in these critical areas such as stance, ride quality, handling, body roll, and wheel gap. All of these characteristics will help Mustang enthusiasts become more capable when it comes to on and off-track capability, overall drivability, and gives the driver more confidence.

If you ask every Mustang enthusiast, they will tell you each has different tastes regarding handling characteristics, ride quality, ride height, and drivability. Each of these attributes will contribute to the decision on whether they will choose the following lowering springs:

  • Sport Progressive Springs: These springs are our most popular option for enthusiasts who have the mindset of enjoying a fantastic ride quality, ride height, appearance, in a daily driving situation. In contrast, progressive springs still give you all the performance characteristics you expect from a performance lowering spring while maintaining track capability. Once installed, you will see an overall inch drop in ride height and a milder spring rate, then transitioning to a firmer spring rate under load.
  • Steeda S550 Mustang Springs

  • Ultimate Dual Rate Springs: If you're the type of Mustang enthusiast that is completely track-focused but still wants the ability to have comfort while driving on the street, our dual-rate springs are for you.
  • Drag Spings: All enthusiasts that are looking to hook-n-book at the drag strip, then these springs are for you. Our proprietary design allows for the best weight transition and grip of any drag springs amongst the Mustang performance suspension market. These are designed for drag racing competition but are still able to be driven on the street, note they're not going to be as comfortable as a progressive spring.

If you're looking for more information on how each of these springs works, check out our linear vs. progressive springs comparison to get up to speed on all the details you'll need to decide on the right springs for you!

Steeda Short Shifter

S550 Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter

The S550 Mustang has the most advanced components of any generation of Mustang from the factory to date. In past Mustang generations before the S550, it came equipped with a very sloppy shifter and didn't inspire confidence to enthusiasts. Ford knew it had to step it up with a much more substantial shifter to give enthusiasts more confidence when going full tilt at their favorite track or canyon road. As the saying goes in the world of Mustang enthusiasts, there is always room for improvement. We mean, it is a no-brainer that you're going to be shifting every time you drive your pony, so why not enjoy every shift.

Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter S550 Mustang

We clearly understand this philosophy at Steeda, and it is why we suggest swapping over the factory long-throw shifter over to a Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter. Our shifter is specifically designed and engineered to give you the confidence you need to grab any gear at a moment's notice. Our patented design allows for enthusiasts to have a much closer shift ratio over stock allowing for a thirty percent reduction in shifter throws. It will give you a twenty percent weight reduction over the stock shifter assembly as well, all while being 100% American made!

Are you wondering how a short-throw shifter works even further? Then check out our complete guide on how the pros and cons of a short-throw shifter.

Steeda Mustang Exhaust

S550 Exhaust

Since the infancy of the Mustang on April 17, 1964, one attribute has single-handedly made the Mustang most famous for other than its incredible body lines and design language is the exhaust note. Nothing is more synonymous with the Mustang than the glorious rumble of the American V8. Thanks to legends like Carroll Shelby, he ensured that the Mustang was ready to go from mule to racehorse by dropping in infamous engines like the High Output 302 V8 and the mighty 427 cubic inch V8. These engines are what kicked off the legendary prowess that the Mustang is known to this day still.

Throughout the years, the roar of America's favorite pony car has driven straight into the hearts of enthusiasts throughout the world. Even more so, when the Coyote 5.0L V8 launched in 2011, this engine is what kicked off to what enthusiasts now know as the most successful V8 in the history of Ford Motor Company. The Coyote V8 stays true to the V8 legends of Ford's infamous past when at full throttle, each makes a sound that is synonymous with American freedom.

Steeda S550 Mustang X-Pipe

Steeda takes this even a step further, our complete offerings of exhaust systems and x-pipes will help free up the horsepower to the fullest extent. To further this air-flow, you will want to check out our plethora of options in long-tube headers and shorty headers. Combining these exhaust components will help you gain substantial horsepower and torque while creating a sound that will rotate the earth.

Steeda S550 Mustang Stop The Hop Kit

S550 Stop The Hop Kit

Upon launch of the S550 Mustang generation, it was the first of its kind amongst the Mustang stable to ever come standard with independent rear suspension (IRS) for all models. This launched the Mustang into the twenty-first century of modern sports car performance.. Enthusiasts everywhere were raving about how it would finally corner like a Mustang should, not to say the Mustang didn't handle like a dream before with its live-axle counterpart.

For over thirty years, Steeda has been the leader in Mustang performance suspension, so it was a no-brainer when the S550 came out that we would give enthusiasts precisely what they needed to tear up the competition. What Ford created was nothing other than an engineering marvel to bring the Mustang to modern suspension status. Like every performance vehicle in the market today, there is always room for improvement. One of the IRS's characteristics on the S550 Mustang is a tendency to wheel hop due to the IRS subframe moving irritably when launched hard.

Steeda S550 Mustang Stop Hop Kit

Among industry leaders, Steeda yet again rose to the challenge and was the first to introduce enthusiasts to a stop the hop kit to give a much more rigid feel under hard acceleration and launching. The result is a more planted feel, better tire grip, all while power transfer is more direct and precise to provide enthusiasts more confidence at the track or on the street.

Steeda Driver Mod

S550 Driver Mod

Finally, after you have put all these fantastic modifications together, it will be time to test everything out on the track or on your favorite backroad. Last but not least, is the culmination that brings it all together, the actual driver! Without the right man or woman behind the wheel with the necessary driving skills, it won't matter how well you modify your Mustang; you won't get the most out of your racehorse without the proper skills.

Everyone at Steeda recommends you get out there with your fellow enthusiasts to hone in on your driving skills to pull out the full potential of your recently modified S550 Mustang. These ponies have become so fast over recent years, it takes a lot of practice to refine your skills to get it right. Once you do and have gained the necessary attributes to tame your stallion, it will be a rewarding experience like no other. To get involved we suggest looking up your local autocross, road course or drag strip events to help you gain all the necessities to becoming a better driver to take advantage of your S550 Mustang Mods!

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