Steeda S550 Mustang MagneRide Sport Lowering Springs (2015-2022)

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Steedas S550 MagneRide sport lowering springs for your 2015+ Ford Mustang. All springs are in made in house.These springs will lower your Mustang 1" on all 4 corners. These springs will fit coupe and convertible Mustangs.They allow you to have a shar

Part Number: 555 8242
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Springs are the foundation of good handling and ride quality. So start with the best springs for your 2015+ Mustang or GT350, built by the company that specializes in vehicle dynamics and your Mustang!

Our experience and expertise in high-performance street and racing suspension systems is second to none - Put that experience to work for you. Steeda springs are all in-house engineered and custom-made to our exact specifications.
They optimize the center of gravity and suspension geometry, creating a huge improvement in handling with a noticeable reduction in nose-dive, launch squat, and body roll, while still maintaining an outstanding ride quality for daily driving.

Steeda springs provide the best combination of handling and ride quality available!

Product Benefits:

  • Lowers your 2015+ Mustang 1" on all 4 corners
  • Great ride quality, improved aerodynamics, and improved vehicle stance
  • Sharper steering response, improved vehicle handling, and stability, noticeable reduction in nosedive
  • Fits coupe and convertible
  • Comes with a LIFETIME warranty

Note: This kit is not designed for the 2020+ GT500. Please see 555-8244 for springs specifically designed for the 2020+ Base and Carbon Fiber Track Pack GT500.

Note: Lowered amount may vary from car to car depending on vehicle package and trim options.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, spotlighting our Sports Springs for Magneride equipped Mustangs including GT and Ecoboost Performance Pack cars as well as Shelby GT350 and 350Rs.   When considering Lowering Springs for your Magneride equipped Mustang it's really important to factor in a number of things. One of those obviously is ride height, we all love a lowered car because it looks awesome. The stance that it has after lowering the car, every time you walk away from it you're going to look back. It gives you plenty of usable travel, plenty of ground clearance still but that nice button-down, hunkered muscle car look that we all want out of our Mustangs. But we don't want to give up the ride quality especially in a Magneride equipped car. Let's face it that is a brilliant setup. I'm not going to get into how it works one because I can't pronounce half the words, two because we're going to try to keep this video a little shorter for you but the reality is it's a phenomenal setup. It gives the driver and end user a ton of variable options as far as setting it up for sport and driving around town, to track or race and getting it out onto the track autocross event or even drag racing. So the Sport Springs are really a great way to get into it with just a moderate lowering so it doesn't trip any of the sensors in the Magneride setup as well as specific rates so that no recalibration is needed with the system. This is really important because some of the other springs out there will require a recalibration, the Steeda Springs do not.    With regards to the amount of lowering for those of you that have Magneride equipped Mustang GTs as well as Ecoboost Performance Packs, these will lower the car approximately one inch at all four corners and for those of our viewers that have Shelby GT350s and 350Rs, it's going to be about a half inch at all four corners because those cars come slightly lower from the factory.   When it comes to ride quality and spring rates, we spent a ton of time developing these. Whether it was around town on the street daily driving or taking it up to the racetrack we really wanted to see and make sure that these ultimately paired well with what Ford had engineered so well into the factory Magneride setup. Obviously we always want to build on things so these are a little bit stiffer than the stock GT and Ecoboost Springs. That said they're definitely not harsh around town. If you want to see more about the spring rates for these specific springs as well as our other springs for the S550 Mustang definitely go to and check out our spring guide. It's also a great source for Seeing so many of the other parts that we offer for the Mustang and other Ford vehicles but I digress back on topic. The ride quality is great! It is improved over the stock setup which is oftentimes described as a little bit soft and a little bit vague. This will give you again a lowered stance better aerodynamics and a lower center of gravity for better handling and performance. If you own a Shelby GT350 or 350R these will be very similar to those spring rates. The ride quality will be very much the same the ride quality is actually slightly improved because of the transition in the rear springs from the softer rate as it progresses into the stiffer rate is a smoother transition than the stock setup. So you actually will gain a little bit of comfort without losing anything in the handling aspect of it.      The Steeda Sport Magneride Springs are constructed of High Silica Steel and that's important for a number of reasons. The material itself, is much more consistent than a normal steel coil and what this means is over the years it's not going to sag. It also means more importantly to you today and next week and next year and five years from now, the rates will stay consistent and spot on. So the performance you have today will be the same performance you have in five years. In addition they're backed by our lifetime warranty and we proudly manufacture these in the USA because Speed Matters!   So there you have it, a Sport Lowering Spring specific for Magneride equipped cars. If you're uncertain if your car is equipped with Magneride definitely check out the video that we put together detailing on how to identify whether or not your car in fact has Magneride. That's going to be linked up here, yeah it's over there, you get the idea. Check it out we can help you out as far as that's concerned you can also call your Ford dealership with the vin number and they'll let you know if the car is in fact equipped with Magneride. In addition if you'd like to see the latest and greatest things that we're up to and the challenges we're putting our very own Mustangs through, definitely check us out on Social Media. Most importantly thank you so much for watching and have a magnificent day!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Difficult
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

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Steeda Magneride Sport Lowering Springs
Put the sport springs on my 2020 PP2 and immediately noticed an improvement in ride quality. Install was fairly straight forward, lots of YouTube videos for help. Stance is aggressive once alignment with camber bolts was done, handles great! Spring rates on the Steeda springs are softer than the factory PP2 springs, (which I was worried about) but much improved ride on bumpier streets. If you’re tracking the car more than a few times a season, go with the dual rate springs for a stiffer spring rate. Otherwise, these sport springs got the stance and improved handling and ride quality that I was looking for. Would recommend for daily driven PP2 and Mach 1 owners looking to go lower.
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Verified Buyer  
21 Mach 1 MagnaRide Sport Springs
The magnaride sport springs fit absolutely perfectly. My 2021 Mach 1 handles even better than it did prior to installing the springs. I’ve been using your products for the past 20 years and have never been disappointed.
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Very nice really happy with them
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I fitted the Steeda 1 lowering springs to my 2019 Mustang GT approximately 3 months after bringing it home and the stance improvement is phenomenal. So much so that strangers come up to me constantly and comment about the stance and how great it looks. The car handles much better also, especially at speed. At lower speeds there is little difference and any change in ride comefort is not noticeable. I fitted them myself but not recommended for novices.
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Lowering Springs
Awesome... but Ford offers a flash for the Magnaride with the PP2 option... does Steeda have the same to offer?? My ride is rougher. Installing your Front adjustable sway bar end links adding 1/2 to the stock link length as per your information! Thanx Ric
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Perfect ride height for GT350
I installed these Sport Springs on my GT350 that has factory installed magneride. Install was straight forward and did not have any issues. The car feels nearly identical to factory springs in all suspension modes which was a relief. I wanted to go a little bit lower than the Ford Performance Springs, but not as low as the Eibach Sport Springs. These hit the nail right on the head. I absolutely love the ride height.
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Flat on the corners
I installed these springs on a GT PP1 with magnaride hoping to improve the handling and looks. Let me tell you, my Mustang handles like a dream now. It hugs the ground at high speeds and it stays completely flat on the corners. I was worried that the ride quality would suffer if I installed these, but it turned out not to be a concern. It feels like stock in normal mode. Sport mode is a little stiffer but not that noticeable on good roads. In track mode the handling comes alive and I like it so much that I tend to leave it in track mode even if it is a stiffer ride. There is no question that dropping 1 on all four corners not only improves the handling, but it also improves the stance. I think it looks great and its not so low that I have to worry about dodging manholes covers or small road debris.
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Transformed my GT!
These springs are amazing. Installation went very well, aside from trying to realign the rear subframe but I will be adding the bushings for that soon. After they settled I have about a one finger fender gap above my 20 inch wheels on 35 tall tire. I honestly think it rides softer than stock in normal mode, and handles much better than stock in sport and track. These are perfect for magneride cars. Only regret was not doing it sooner.
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