Steeda 1993 Fox Body Mustang Build

Steeda's 1993 Fox Body Mustang Build

By: Chris Cervenka

There's no doubt that this 1993 Mustang is one of the cleanest out there. And, that's simply because there aren't many Fox Bodies left that look and ride as smoothly as this one does. With a select few parts from Steeda, this Fox corners and cruises like it's a blast from the past!

The story behind this Fox Body is a pretty entertaining one. Here at Steeda Valdosta, we celebrated our 30 year anniversary with a Cinco de Mustang car show on May 5th, 30 years to the day when Steeda was born. Dario Orlando, President of Steeda, laid eyes on this beautiful car and simply had to have it. He ended up purchasing the car on the spot from the customer at the show, and we drove the customer two hours back home after the deal was done. Jamie Bell, our tech, went through this car from front to rear tuning it up to be the perfect weekend cruiser it is today. Check it out!

The Build

We simply couldn't just leave this beautiful 1993 Mustang stock! We went through this car with a fine tooth comb and added a select list of modifications to bring this Fox Body to a new level in terms of comfort and cornering. Check out the build list below!

    From the Factory:
  • 5.0L Pushrod V8
  • 5-Speed Manual T-5 Transmission

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