Steeda Mustang X2 Ball Joints (1994-2004/1979-1993 w/ SN95 Knuckle)

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Steedas X2 greasable ball joints are a longer, stronger ball joint designed to raise the front roll center of your 94-04 S197 and 79-93 fox body Ford Mustang, which becomes lower as a result of lowering the suspension. The X2 ball joint will improve han

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Any time you alter the height of your ride, as you do when you install lowering springs (like our Steeda Sport Springs), you upset the suspension geometry. Your roll center geometry as well as your bump steer geometry is affected. You can easily bring your front roll center geometry with a set of our X2 ball joints.

Note: Fox Body Owners the Steeda X2 ball joints will work with 1979-1993 Mustangs, however you will need to swap to 1994-2004 spindles and brakes. The knuckle on the Foxbody spindle is thicker then the knuckle on the 94-04 spindle and does not allow for proper thread engagement for the top nut of the X2 ball joint.

Steeda's X2 Balljoint improves suspension geometry on lowered Mustangs by raising the spindle relative to the balljoint pivot-point. This raises the roll center back into the correct range for optimum handling, resulting in reduced body roll, quicker steering response and improved overall front tire grip. Steeda's special balljoint reduces the need for oversize front swaybars and allows the use of lower front spring rates, creating more grip over uneven pavement and better ride quality.

Why is this important? When a Mustang is lowered, the front roll center changes due to the new position of the suspension pivot points. Lower the car too much and the front roll center drops to well below ground level, and worse than that, the roll center moves side to side as the body rolls, resulting in lost grip and erratic handling. The lower roll center causes the body to roll more easily. Countering this tendency usually requires a significant increase in front spring rate to simply control the added roll due to the lowered the roll center. This higher spring rate not only hurts ride quality, but it also reduces grip on rough surfaces, as the stiffer springs cause the tire to skip over bumps instead of following the contours of the road. The X2 balljoint was designed to eliminate these problems by correcting the front roll center geometry. The X2 balljoint has a longer shaft, to raise the spindle relative to the balljoint pivot point. Spacers for the springs are included in the X2 kit to maintain the same ride height as a stock balljoint, but with a much improved roll center height. With the roll center restored to the proper height the result is a suspension that works for you to accommodate the small and large imperfections that are in any road or track, allowing the tires to stay planted and provide better front end grip.

Steeda ball joints are made in the USA to our specifications by a respected name-brand supplier to Ford, GM and Daimler Chrysler. Except for their custom length, they are the same materials and construction that has been extensively tested in Panther applications, that is, police cars and other severe duty applications, where they have demonstrated durability that exceeds current production "regular" balljoints. They meet Ford's standards for friction, wear, and durability.

Important Details.
Because the balljoint changes the relationship between the lower control arm and the tie-rod, bump-steer should be checked whenever the X2 balljoint is installed. Particularly if caster/camber plates are being used. With stock caster settings, offset rack bushings can sometimes be enough to keep bump-steer within acceptable range. However, when caster is increased, the rear inclination of the spindle further raises the steering arm where the tie-rod attaches. Therefore, an adjustable tie rod end, commonly called a bump-steer kit, is highly recommended to prevent bump-steer whether or not caster camber plates are used in combination with the X2 balljoint.

Read more about what makes Steeda balljoints the best available at our online blog:

Product Benefits
  • Restores front end roll center geometry
  • Improved front end grip and steering response
  • Reduced understeer at cornering limit
  • High quality construction

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody, Brian from, here today to show you our X2 Extended Height Ball Joints for SN95 & FoxBody Mustangs. Since the Mustang was introduced, its been a staple in our society. Now, we know that some of you have FoxBody & SN95 Mustangs. You're going to modify them for a couple reasons. 1. Is because you have to! Things are worn, starting to have play in areas that shouldn't have play. Things are moving that shouldn't be moving. 2. Make it better! Or 3. I guess there is a third option, doing both. In comes, our X2 Extended Height Ball Joints. Designed to fit the 94-2004 SN95 as well as the 79-93 FoxBody utilizing SN95 front knuckles. As mentioned a moment ago, many of you have different motivators driving you to change the front ball joints. Whether it be an OE application or aftermarket. And I certain that 99% of you that are watching this right now, are doing the latter. Do to the design of the front suspension on these cars the front control arms actually supports the spring which then supports the chassis. So what this means is that the ball joints although extended height have benefits whether you're using stock springs or aftermarket springs. If your riding on stock springs, our front ball joints will actually lower the car about a half-inch. If you don't want to lower the car a half inch, you can use the supplied spacers. Likewise, if you lowered the car, you can set the ride height, front ride height to exactly where you want it utilizing these spacers. Again give or take about a half-inch up front if you use the spacers you'll gain a half-inch. If you don't use the spacers you're going to lower the car a half-inch from where it sits right now. Like we mentioned earlier, most of you have modified your cars. You've lowered them, and by doing this you've inadvertently changed the roll center on them. And what this means ultimately is that the body of the car has more leverage against the suspension, as it's going through corners. Now one way to fix this is by going to stiffer spring rates or really stiff swaybars. But the better way to fix this is with Extended Height Ball Joints like our X2 Ball Joints. With the extended height spindle, this is going to change the arrangement between or the spacing between the spindle and the lower control arm. This is going to bring the roll center back to correction and it's going to take the leverage the body has against the suspension. This will allow you to run the exact spring rates that you want for the course or courses you are traveling to. As well as a swaybar set up to balance out the handling of your car. These are a direct replacement for the factory ball joints. And will fit a 79-1993 FoxBody Mustang with SN95 Knuckles, a s well as 94-2004 SN95 and New Edge cars. They're built with hardened steel ball studs for strength. And we have tapered that stud to the exact same specifications as your OEM ball joints again for a perfect fitment. We've also equipped them with Zerk Fittings so you can grease these periodically and again keep them going. Now we also back these with our lifetime warranty. So you know even if something happens we've got your back! Once you've installed the ball joints we definitely recommend checking the bump steer. If you're installing these and trying to gain more caster through he use of caster and camber plates. We definitely recommend combining these with our bump steer kit. More on those here. Why we going through all this? To make the car corner better, more predictably and with more confidence for the driver. And you know what because Speed Matters! So, how are you putting your FoxBody or SN95 Mustang through its paces? Please tell us below. If you enjoyed the content of this video, please click like and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. If you'd like to learn more about this product or other great products be sure to visit us at Don't forget to follow us on social media. And most importantly Have a Great Day!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, Ball joint press, Jack, Jack stands
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

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Go Steeda
Changed my OEM springs to a set of Eibach springs on my 2004 Mustang GT and read about how the geometry of the car would be altered. Looked into this Steeda parts that would help correct the geometry along with the Steeda caster camber plates. Day and night honestly. This car takes corners like nothing. Great purchase !
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I highly recommend these
I highly recommend the Steeda X2 balljoints along with the Steeda bumpsteer kit if you have lowered your Mustang Cobra. I had previously installed the Steeda Sport springs and Steeda 4-bolt CC plates and over time I noticed a major increase in bumpsteer and poor steering feel. Installing the Steeda X2 balljoints and Steeda bumpsteer kit more than fixed the bumpsteer, it made the car feel better than ever! Great if you care about steering feel and having confidence in the handling of your lowered Mustang
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X2 Balljoints/Lowering Springs
X2 balljoints are a must when lowering Mustang 2 or more. The X2 balljoints are extremely strong, assist in providing excellent steering and overall handling. A+++ Product.
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Strongly recommend
Even if you think you don't need these x-2 ball joints the difference will speak for itself in performance handling combined with the bump steer kit and Aluminum Steering Rack Bushings. Pulling out the stock ball joints you'll immediately see the wear and tear on the rubber. In combination with all the parts I mentioned above I noticed a sharper and firmer steering response, and just overall drivability was great! Strongly recommended part even if you don't think you need it :-)
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Improved my handling!
I did these on my 96 Cobra along with the highly recommended bump steer kit. Definitely noticed a slight improvement in body roll, meaning less of it, but what I really noticed was the improved cornering grip. My car had a noticeably higher amount of front end grip after I did these. Although they make a nice upgrade just to replace worn ball joints (and your tie rods with the bump steer kit) The performance increase alone is well worth it. I would definitely get these again if I owned another 94-04 vehicle.
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Excellent Product at an Amazing Price
We picked these up after lowering our 2001 Mustang by 1.75. Our geometry was so out of whack, plus having 90,xxx miles on the car had our balljoints destroyed. These went on in a snap, came with extremely detailed instructions, and installed in about 2 hours with simple hand tools and the use of a balljoint press (rented from parts store). Would definitely recommend these to anyone lowering their car, especially if you are going greater than 1.5
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A must have
A must have when lowering any car! The quality of this ball joint is great and has the port at the bottom for adding the grease for ease if needing a refill, just all and all a great ball joint for lowered cars, good job Steeda!
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