Steeda Mustang Rear Sway Bar (1979-2004)

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Have you broken your factory rear sway bar? Have you broken a competitors replacement rear sway bar? Steeda's sta-bar features billet ends which will not break like bars with coined stamped ends.

Part Number: 555 1085
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Have you broken your factory rear sway bar? Have you broken a competitors replacement rear sway bar? Maybe you have even broken one of our older sway bars from 8 to 10 years ago?

As strong as we made our rear sway bar in the past, once in a while someone would find a way to break even our upgraded bar. Well, not anymore!

After over a decade of refinement, this is now the strongest, most bullet proof rear sway bar in the market. This sway bar is a full steel solid 1" bar! We believe it is the last rear sway bar you will ever have to buy!

The stock sway bar's ends and many aftermarket replacements as well are smashed flat from the same piece of round tubing that makes up the rest of the bar. This process significantly reduces the structural integrity of the material, hence why the factory sway bar breaks in this area and most aftermarket sway bars as well.

Knowing this, Steeda has put massive, thick billet steel ends welded onto the ends of the bar. No smashing of the ends. Billet steel ends are far stronger than the resulting smashed ends and welding them to the bar makes for a far stronger point of connection. This eliminates the inherent weakness of the factory and many aftermarket designs. We are so confident in this current design that we put a lifetime warranty behind it. If you find a way to break this current bar design, we will give you another one!

Steeda's rear sway bar is 5 to 45% stiffer than your factory rear sway bar depending on your O.E. sway bar diameter. This sway bar kit includes the sway bar and new grade 10.9 mounting hardware.

Our sway bars have machined steel billet sway bar ends, whereas others on the market have coined ends. What does this mean? Our sway bar ends are machined out of billet steel round stock, in-house, on our multi-axis CNC lathes and go through hundreds of computer simulations to ensure the ultimate in strength and performance - this provides greater resistance to bending stresses, and has three major advantages:
  1. These parts are less prone to cracking/fatigue failure on the ends themselves.
  2. It also reduces unwanted deflection in the sway bar end. Excess deflection creates unwanted geometry changes, which physically changes your sway bar stiffness to a non-ideal rate.
  3. With less unwanted deflection, our bars will 'wear out' slower - any spring will eventually become softer over time as it is cycled through its life, our bars will maintain their designed rate for longer with less unwanted deflection.

Our bar rates are developed and optimized through advanced vehicle dynamic simulation and through extensive real-world testing. We engineered these bars to control the vehicles' roll stiffness properly while still allowing you to run softer springs. This optimizes your overall grip and balance of the vehicle while still allowing you to maintain exceptional ride quality.

Note: Replacement warranty applies only to this current bar design. Does not fit 99-04 IRS Cobra

It's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to Steeda sway bars, learn more on our blog:

Product Benefits
  • 1" solid sway bar
  • The LAST Rear Sway Bar You Will Buy - Backed By Lifetime Warranty!
  • Race and Street proven design!
  • Improved Body Roll Control
  • Improved Control During Cornering

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, highlighting our Rear Sway Bar for the Foxbody, SN95 and New Edge Mustangs. Model years 1979 through 2004.   Before we get into improving the car, lets go back a little bit to where we started. Back in the seventies people were looking for something and thinking about things and needed some motivation. And no it wasn't Disco music. It came in the form of the 1979 Mustang. The introduction of the Foxbody Mustang and evolved all the way to 2004 as we got into the SN95 and finished off with the New Edge Mustangs. Much of the chassis was the same, so was the enjoyment. These were real cars, real drivers cars. No electronics, no gimmicks, front engine, horsepower and torque rear wheel drive and just the right size. Shorter wheel base so that they handled as long as you kept control of it. We're going to talk about that in just a moment, but they were fun cars. Very visceral and really popular. Whether it was in the late 70's or the early 80's, mid 80's, late 80's early 90's. So on, so on and so on. It really brought energy back to the Mustang, and with that always comes modifications. We see it with todays cars, in fact here we are today talking about these nostalgic cars. People are either purchasing them or if your like Scott Boda have had yours since collage and continue building it. Or another great example is Dario, seeking out and 88 Mustang. Why specifically an 88 Mustang? Because well Steeda started in 1988 and ever since have been improving and making Mustangs faster and more controllable. So here we are talking about this Rear Sway Bar. The factory bar on the SN95 and Foxbody Mustangs was just this pewny little thing. Again they really wanted to soften the car because they knew alot of people would be jumping into it. Know one even thought about traction control or things like that back when these cars were originally engineered. The reality was they had to soften the back of these cars so it would have understeer, meaning, that when you turn the wheel the car wants to keep moving forward. And that's safe. That's a good way to get a car around a corner safely because when you understeer your scrubbing speed. We know that your here to go faster and this is why we are starting with our Steeda Rear Sway Bar.   We are starting with the Steeda Rear Sway Bar for a couple of reasons. One of them we alluded to at the beginning of the video with the natural handling characteristics of the car. An obviously safety concerns were put into place by the government, the manufacture all these different things to keep people safe. Ultimately keeping cars slow and well maybe kinda dull at times. The rear sway bars in these cars were tiny. And easily overwhelmed by the horsepower, especially as you modified the cars. Throw a set of Flowmasters on it, not only was it faster it sounded awesome. I can't argue that. It's through the history of Mustangs that we've modified these things. And Again here we are today especially comparing them to todays cars. We've got a shorter wheel based car. A lighter car. You can get a lot of horsepower out of, lets make it handle as well! So here we are with the Rear Sway Bar. Lets get rid of that inherent push or understeer that you have in cornering. So those of you going to the race track, attending track days, autocross events or time trial events, the Rear Sway Bar is going to help the car rotate. It reduces roll from side to side as your cornering. So it has nearly the same effect as running stiffer rear springs. The nice thing is though it only comes into play during corners. When your driving straight and this is important when under hard acceleration the Rear Sway Bar is neutral. As soon as you throw the car in a corner and it pitches a little bit, that's when the Sway Bar starts to lean on the other side it you will and becomes in essence a torsion beam. The stiffer Rear Sway Bar will cause the car to want to rotate a little bit more and that ultimately means that now your able to give throttle inputs to steer the car. This gets rid of that inherent push. Now if it's gone to far and your starting to experience some oversteer well we also offer a Front Sway Bar.   As you have come to expect for a car that has been out since 1979 and had multiple iterations through 2004 there has been alot of modifications that you guys have made over the years. Whether its modifying the engine. The 5 liter engine that came with it the 4.6 or Coyote swapped yours. The reality is that it's way faster then it's ever been, and your going to continue pushing that envelope and who in the world are we to stop you, and why would we! Go ahead and go crazy with them! But let us help you with the control aspect of it. So incomes the Rear Sway Bar. This is important because it reduces body roll at the back of the car. When we opened the video we alluded the fact that the car pushes, understeers in hard cornering.   We know your pushing these things to the limits, because we've seen you. Whether it's at NASA time trial events, SCCA Autocross events. Track days or just simply carving some corners with your car. We know your enjoying it and pushing the limits of it. So again we want to help you control that. Now it goes above and beyond just putting a bigger Rear Sway Bar on it. You want a quality part. Especially with everything that you've put into the car, so here we are with the Rear Sway Bar. This is a 1 inch thick solid tubular bar with CNC Billet cut ends. Fully welded to the tubing. This is important to note because instead of pinch the tubing at the ends or coining the ends which is very prone to heat risers we've gone to a nice thick piece of Billet Steal and this is again hugely important because we know all the things your throwing at the car. Now another big important thing to the functionality of the Sway Bar is because it helps reduce roll in the corners you don't have to run as much spring rate and this is also important for those of you that enjoy going quickly in a straight line. Allows power transfer on the back wheels. This once again gives you more control in the way the car drives. As your throwing it threw the corners, obviously it helps reduce role that means that both tires stay to the ground better. That means that you as you throttle into it obviously a little softer rear spring now again or at least retaining a little bit of a softer rear spring. Gives you control out of the corners, gets rid of that nasty push. Again just more enjoyment.   So here we are, a quality piece that's going to match that ever growing demand that people put on these cars as they become and go to collector car status, as well as improving cornering ability and controllability thus increasing the fun factor.   The Steeda Rear Sway Bar is a direct replacement for the factory bar and this means it will bolt right up to the factory control arms or any aftermarket control arms that except the factory rear sway bar including the Steeda Lower Control Arms.   Defiantly checkout to see more about the Rear Sway Bar as well as some of those Control Arm options that we offer.   If you have question don't hesitate to call us or comment below about suggestions we may have in setting the car up correctly for how your going to use it. If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts. Also hit the subscribe button so that our upcoming videos show up in your Youtube feed. Thankyou so much for watching, have an awesome day!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

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Big improvement
I’m doing a full suspension upgrade on my 92 hatch, and after looking into every rear sway bar available I settled on this one. The build quality is beautiful, and is much sturdier than the stock bar. My only wish is it was black but maybe over the winter I’ll send it to the powdercoater. After doing adjustable MM lower control arms, adjustable steeda upper control arms, and this the rear end is much tighter, so much so the front (still stock at the time) felt like mush. I’m looking forward to getting the front finished so I can feel just how well everything plays together. As always thanks steeda for top notch products!
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Great rear sway bar
I bought the 1" Steeda rear bar from their Canadian location in Hamilton. What a great sway bar, it helped the handling of my 85 GT greatly. Compared to the Eibach rear sway bar, the Steeda one offers greater ground clearance and easier to install with better bolts.
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Rear Sway Bar
Outstanding Quality
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I am restoring an old bone stock 1994 Mustang GT. I started with the suspension and this made a huge difference. These sway bars are massive compared to the stock ones and they corner with no effort the car is like it is on rails and no movement or roll. Highly recommend.
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Verified Buyer  
A definite must have upgrade!! As soon as I upgraded to this sway bar combined with Steeda's adjustable upper & lower control arms with poly urethan bushings to firm up the ride I felt like I was riding on rails and didn't feel the car getting away from on tight bends. When I ordered over the phone I was asked about what color I wanted too. Liked having that option. Upgrading my front suspension next with only Steeda parts/accessories.
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Great rear sway bar, much stiffer than stock and an easy install!! great quality in welding and powdercoating.
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Great product!
Great appearence, quality welds and a nice look when installed. After installation adds extra comfort in the corners when going over bumps and add this with the front sway bar as I did when lowering my car and you have a very good suspension setup for good handling, and a firmer yet comfortable ride!
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