Mustang Week 2022

It’s finally here! Mustang Week 2022 is here, and while it may be the final Mustang Week happening in Myrtle Beach, it is destined to be a huge one. With guests and fans from around the country, and even the world in some cases, this massive gathering of Mustang enthusiasts is definitely going to be one to remember. From events like Dyno Challenges to Retro Meet and the main car show days over the weekend to the random and small meet-ups throughout the area, there are events for any type of Mustang lover.

mustang week 2021

Mustang Week 2022 Aftermovie Getting Ready For MW2022 Dates & Times What To Expect Steeda Meet 2022 Giveaway Parts Mustang Week 2021

Mustang Week 2022 Aftermovie


Get Ready For Mustang Week 2022

Mustang Week is the largest and most impressive Mustang-centric event in the country, designed to bring lovers of all things Mustang together to enjoy their cars. Filled with events daily, there is never a dull moment to be had at Mustang Week unless you actively try to avoid the fun. If you like drag racing, burnouts, dyno contests, celebrity guest appearances, and more, then you'll never want Mustang Week to end while you're at it.


After 21 years, the event is coming to an end after this year, so it is important to make it the most worthwhile one yet. With last year’s cruise-in bringing over 1,000 Mustangs of different years, engines, trim levels, and body styles, this year’s event is set to have higher numbers than that. As the largest event for Mustang enthusiasts in the country, Mustang Week has provided a place for enthusiasts to enjoy their passion with like-minded others in a controlled environment.

Dates & Times For Mustang Week 2022

This final year, Mustang Week will be running from July 25th to July 31st in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Starting with massive cruise-in car shows for owners to show off their builds, you can expect to see a wide variety of cars, some modified and some stock, ranging from 1964 through 2023 years. For the Mustang enthusiast, this one week is one of the best ways, if not the best way, to experience the Mustang community at its purest.


What To Expect At Mustang Week 2022

Mustang Week is one of, if not the largest, Mustang events in the world alongside events like Carlisle Ford Nationals, Ponies in the Smokies, and the growing Mustangs at Daytona. Packed with events to cater to every audience, there is always something to do for all ages. A place to reunite with old friends, meet new friends, and just enjoy everything around them, Mustang Week is more than just a week of car shows and events.

Picture it as the largest Mustang and SVT show possible. With its perfect location in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, photoshoots, beach time, and old-school cruising are everywhere you look, making it an all-around relaxed and fun atmosphere. Whether you are just getting into the Mustang and car scene or you're an old-school hot-rodder, or simply like the classics neat and tidy, there is an event for you at Mustang Week.


Some events attract major attention from more than just average enthusiasts. With internet celebrities, racing drivers, and more in attendance, everyone has a chance to show the best aspects of their builds or simply enjoy each other’s company. In other events, there may be sponsors like Steeda, Cervinis, Morimoto, and more that offer giveaway prizes and hold sweepstakes throughout the week, helping give enthusiasts a shot at winning major prizes.


Steeda Meet At Mustang Week 2022

For the second year, Steeda is hosting an event for people to come and show their cars, and this time we’ve partnered with Pro Dyno for the Pro-Dyno x Steeda Meet & Dyno Challenge at Suck Bang Blow to see who has the highest horsepower car of the day while also providing our raffle of thousands of dollars worth of products. We have been building up a catalog of parts to make any enthusiast’s day. Whether a die-hard classic and unmodified fan, fully prepped racing driver, or anyone in between, it's an event you don’t want to miss.

Giveaway Parts Courtesy of:

And more to come!

Mustang Week 2021: Coverage

Get ready for the biggest Mustang Week ever! After being pushed off for the past few years, we've been itching to get back out to Myrtle Beach, SC to get Mustang enthusiasts from around the country together to show off their cars. With more people than ever registering their cars, we fully expect this event to be a record-breaking one. New, old, custom, stock - any and all Mustangs are happily accepted at Mustang Week, and Mustang Week 2021 is the chance to see everyone and their cars again. If you haven't ever been before, or even if you just want to know what to expect for this year's event, we're here to help make sure you're ready for Mustang Week 2021!

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Mustang Week 2021 Highlight Reel

Mustang Week 2021: Saturday

On the final day of Mustang Week 2021, we were back at the Convention Center early to set our booth back up. With everything set up for the day, we wenth back through the crowd and all the cars coming through the final day of the show. Back with cornhole set up and more giveaways organized, we made sure that people had some fun where we were. We got to see tons of awesome cars throughout the week here in Myrtle Beach at Mustang Week, and additionally we got to meet some great people as well.

After finishing up the event and packing our booth, we went with some of our new friends to do some photos at House of Blues before heading back to where we had been staying. After a late dinner, we got everything ready to go early for the following morning. We had a blast at Mustang Week 2021, and are already looking forward to 2022's event!

Huge thank you again to everyone involved, as well as to our awesome vendors who helped us with our huge giveaways!

Mustang Week 2021: Friday

Today was the big day! The first of two days at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on display, and we made sure to keep our setup engaging, entertaining, and we were lucky enough to get a prime spot for people to come by and enjoy our setup. After an early start to the morning to set everything up properly, we were able to go through the entire lot and the convention center to see all the amazing custom Mustangs and other Fords from around the country. With many cars telling stories through time, such as one car being the owner's first car and having it still running and looking showroom-fresh today, getting to be around so many enthusiasts was the perfect way for us to spend the day.

At 2PM, we gathered everyone who had entered our giveaways together to give out some seriously impressive prizes including Pedders suspension, Hawk Performance brakes, and an entire set of wheels from Velgen to lucky guests and owners alike. As the giveaways died down, we got a chance to go through many of the cars again to enjoy them even more. To end out the day, we packed up our remaining giveaways from our cornhole game and reloaded them into our Steeda F-150 to reorganize before heading back out again in the morning.

Mustang Week 2021: Thursday

Thursday was a bit more relaxed than the past few days had been, giving us some much-needed rest for the most part. After a very early meetup for the Guinness World Record attempt for the largest Mustang cruise. Afterward, we used our downtime to edit together videos and photos before going to set up the booth for the main event from Friday to Saturday. Once we had finished, we cleaned up the cars before heading out to do some nighttime photos at a popup car meet. We decided to turn in early to ensure we were ready for the next day.

Mustang Week 2021: Wednesday

Wednesday we started off with an early morning of photos, video, rollers, and more with our friends and some majorly cool cars including That1320Chick and our new Mach 1 build on the Steeda Trident Wheels before heading over to the first event of the day. At Mustangs and Coffee, we got a chance to show off our Steeda Mach 1 as well as meet some followers and content creators while seeing the creativity of other owners and enthusiasts with their cars and styles. From there, we left to host our first annual Steeda Meet at Carolina Ale House. At the event, over 300 cars came and went during the show while we raffled off over $23,000 in upgrades and parts for every Mustang from Fox Body to S550 including lighting, exhaust, and even wheels. After all, was said and done, we managed to bring everyone in for major success at our first event of Mustang Week and bringing in money for Make A Wish at the same time, and are sure we will get to bring this meet back time and time again.

After a bit of rest, we headed over to the Retro Meet at Suck Bang Blow to catch some nighttime car meets and custom cars out on the road. Like a movie almost, the atmosphere at the meet was like old school car meets where people came to show what they were capable of. Inside the burnout box, car after car came in to show their power and their drivers' control in a small space. Unfortunately, the rain did put a damper on things and people began leaving early.

Mustang Week 2021: Tuesday

On Tuesday, we got back out to Hard Rock Cafe to see some seriously pretty builds including many Coyote swapped Fox Body Mustangs and other builds. Roaming around the sea of Mustangs, we've gotten to see completely unique cars that stand out among custom builds at any show. With cars from around the entire country, seeing so much creativity is an awesome way to build ideas and get inspiration for our personal work.

After two more members of our team arrived, we began planning for new content for the next few days as well as organizing our schedules for our event on Wednesday. We also began our work on keeping everyone up to date with our future plans too for other vehicles and products we will be carrying moving forward. These next few days are set to be action-filled with shows, tons of coverage, and some of the best Mustangs you've ever seen!

Mustang Week 2021: Monday

Starting off Mustang Week 2021, we were excited for a chance to show off some of our most hotly anticipated new releases; our Steeda Mach 1 and our Trident flow-formed wheels to everyone in order to show what we can offer to any S197 and S550 Mustang owners. Rolling in with our serialized Mach 1 and GT350, we lined up to an already massive crowd outside Myrtle Beach's Hard Rock Cafe with every generation of Mustang you could ever want to see from the original 1964 1/2 through brand-new S550s with different driving setups too.

Up front outside the event, we had our cars stationed along with the new wheels both on vehicles and on display. Along with the Mach 1 and GT350, previous Steeda builds from the 90s made an appearance to really round out the lineup. After meeting up with friends and clients, we started our planning for the next events throughout Tuesday as well as getting ready for the Guinness world record attempt at the largest lineup of Mustangs at a Mustang Week event ever.

Mustang Week 2021

What Is Mustang Week?

Mustang Week is the number-one most impressive Mustang-only show in the entire country, like a music festival but for Mustang enthusiasts. Mustang Week is filled to the brim with events, meetups, celebrations, and other festivities based on the iconic Ford muscle car we all love. If you love watching the Mustang in races, have one of your own you want to cruise around in, or are just a fan of the Mustang, Mustang Week is one of the few events you can’t afford to miss. If you like burnout contests, racing, cruising with friends, autocross, and more, then Mustang Week is one of the best places for you to be.

cars at mustang week

This event is definitely one that you have to see to believe, with tons of people and cars from every model year since the Mustang’s creation to now. Mustang fanatics and enthusiasts from across the country make the trip out to meet up with old friends, make new ones, and experience all the fun of an event unlike any other. Especially after being stuck indoors most of last year, Mustang Week 2021 is set to be one of the largest in its 20 years since its creation.

Dates and Times

Mustang Week 2021 will take place from September 6th through September 12th this year and we expect to see thousands of cars show up for this one. With so many events, the major shows and meet-ups are going to be great times, and there will be nonstop fun to be had the entire week. If you're able to get to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and are a fan of everything Mustang, you need to be there. With days filled with fun activities surrounding the Ford Mustang, there will be events going on from the day you get there through the night it ends.


Things To Expect At Mustang Week

If you are new to Mustang Week, think of it as a week-long Mustang and SVT car meet and car show. You should expect to see Mustangs from the first generation (and some with their original owners), brand new GT500s, YouTubers, and enthusiasts of every age! Mustang Week is one of the best events for any enthusiast of the Mustang nameplate to see everything from the Mustang’s beginnings to the most insane builds.

The event will be starting off with the massive kick-off-party that gives owners a chance to showcase their cars in all their glory while meeting up with friends, other enthusiasts, and more. Throughout the week, various events are guaranteed to keep any enthusiast excited, with different types of shows, meet-ups, events, and other types of events every day. Finishing off with the largest Mustang and SVT cruise on the East Coast, if you love Mustangs and are able to attend this, you need to be there.

taillights at mustang week

Brands like Steeda, Comp Cams, Cervini's, Borla, and more help host different aspects of the week-long event, including meetups, contests, and more to bring some of everything to those in attendance. With events like Test N’ Tune, Mustangs and Coffee, cruises, and parties, there is always something exciting going on for everyone.

Steeda Meet At Mustang Week 2021

For the first time, Steeda is hosting one of the events at Mustang Week 2021! We have been working tirelessly to get things organized for setting up the first Steeda Meet at Mustang Week to bring in vendors, sweepstakes, and much more! During our event, we will be running a raffle for some seriously high-quality parts from major brands in the industry, so you won't want to miss it.We are so excited to be able to host an event at Mustang Week 2021 as well as for other shows such as the official 2021 Mustang Week Car Show to see what Mustangs have been worked on or modified since the last show.

Giveaway Parts Courtesy Of:

We at Steeda have partenered with some of the most reputable brands in the industry to offer some major giveaways! We are thrilled to have so many companies happy to work with us, and we have over $20,000 in prizes to give away at our event!

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