Steeda Driver Robin Burnett Wins Spec Iron 2019 NASA Championship

Steeda Driver Robin Burnett Wins Spec Iron 2019 NASA Championship

A Borrowed Car, A Swapped Steeda Suspension & A Driver's Seat Is The Recipe For Another Championship For Team Steeda!

Winning championships are never easy - especially when you are dealt a cam phaser failure & serious engine issues three laps into the qualifier race for the NASA Spec Iron class Championship.

That is what Robin Burnett & his #20 Mustang had to deal with last week at the final race of the season with the Championship on the line.

“It had been a grueling couple of weeks” said Robin Burnett, driver of the #20 Steeda equipped Mustang “Because of our never-give-up spirit on the track & our championship aspirations, we had caught the attention of a new sponsor - SCUDO wallets, through KorR Motorsports (Dean Martin) - we were feeling good!”

Feeling good was an understatement when Robin & his team took the track with their new sponsor & re-stickered car design - they set a new personal best & qualified on the pole the day before the championship.

Unfortunately, three laps into the qualifier race (that sets the grid for the championship race) is when Robin & his team had to overcome adversity - the cam phaser went - essentially destroying any chance at winning the championship … or so they thought.

With some luck & a tremendous showing of sportsmanship, a competitor's father (Steve Revelette) came over to offer condolences AND a CAR! His SI car was at the track on a trailer not being used. Robin & his team swapped over all of the Steeda suspension and most importantly, his seat and they were ready for the 8:00 am hardship practice the next morning.

Because of their misfortune, they had to start last in the championship race. After several laps of essentially getting to know the car & driving it hard, Robin was able to pilot his new borrowed car to the front of the pack, fighting off three different second-place drivers that tried to challenge him for the lead.

For over Forty-Five minutes, Robin drove flat out - against some very tough competitors. Eventually, the checkered flag fell and Robin & his team were victorious! Another national championship for team STEEDA.

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