Steeda 2005 Mustang Ol Yellow Build

Steeda's 2005 Mustang Old Yellow Build

Dating back to 2004, this 2005 Mustang was actually a pre-production vehicle that Ford Motor Company supplied to Steeda, Roush and Saleen to give the aftermarket a shot at the then-brand new S197 Mustang. Ever since then, 'Ol Yellow has been a staple here at Steeda. Argulably one of the most fun cars to drive thanks to its torquey 5.0L motor topped with a Whipple supercharger pumping out over 600 wheel horsepower, you really can't go wrong with the setup on this yellow bullet!

We still continually use this car for video and marketing content, along with the occasional time on the lift test-fitting new parts for release to our S197 Mustang customers. We love 'Ol Yellow as it really is a great all-around cruiser and corner carver. Check out the video and build list for more info!

The Build

There's no doubt that we threw the book at this car when developing so many parts for this pre-production 2005 Mustang. Check out some of the awesome parts we threw on 'Ol Yellow to make it one of the most fun cars to drive here at Steeda!

    From the Factory:
  • 4.6L 3V V8
  • 5-Speed Manual Transmission


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