Steeda Mustang Bumpsteer Kit (2005-2014)

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Steeda's bumpsteer kit for the S197 Ford Mustang will allow you to correct your bump steer geometry and can do so without requiring you to drill or modify your vehicles spindle. This kit will also make a great service replacement for worn out, high milea

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If you have lowered your vehicle the chances are you have introduced bump steer. What is bump steer? Bump Steer is changes in toe caused by suspension movement. Every car has bump steer, however when you lower the vehicle you increase the amount of bump steer that occurs, if this becomes excessive you will begin to notice some unwanted vehicle driving characteristics. When you turn your steering wheel you are essentially changing the toe of the wheels to turn the vehicle. Excessive bump steer is undesirable because it introduces unwanted steering inputs which means the suspension is steering the car instead of the driver. If your car is lowered and has tracking issues and less predictable steering behavior, you need a bump steer kit. Steeda's Bump Steer Kits will allow you to correct your bump steer geometry and can do so without requiring you to drill or modify your vehicle spindle. In addition, our bump steer kit makes a great service replacement for your worn out, high mileage outer tie rods even if you do not have excessive bump steer issues.

Steeda Tapered Stud Design Advantages
Studs are CNC machined to the exact taper of the factory spindle, for a simple install every time.
Made of 4140 high-grade steel for superior strength.
Machined to exact tolerances for an exact fit.
Heat treated to our specs after machining to ensure hardness throughout stud.

Bolt Design Disadvantages
Requires drilling the spindle hole to a 5/8" diameter. Bit costs $17 at local Hardware Store.
Basic grade 8 bolt that can vary in strength.
Must drill spindle to bolt size, will have "play" or "slop".
No steps taken to ensure material hardness.

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Pick up a bump steer kit today and refresh your outer tie rods and improve your steering.

Note: Will not clear 16" wheels. Will not work with BOSS or BOSS Steering Rack

Product Benefits
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Does not require spindle modification for fitment or adjustment
  • Direct replacement installation
  • High quality construction and fit
  • No permanent modifications

Control Your 2005-2009 Mustang With Steeda Control Arms! | S197 Review & Install

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, talking you through our Bumpsteer Kit for the S197 Ford Mustang model years 2005 and 2014. To better understand what the Steeda Bumpsteer Kit does, let's first talk a little bit about Bumpsteer and where it comes from. Your suspension travels both upward and downward. Downward is rebound, upward is compression or bump. Now as you're going across bumps most importantly as you're cornering hard and that outside corner is compressing or going into bump travel, what ends up happening is your Lower Control Arm travels upward obviously pivots on its inner point as well as the steering tie rod ends, both the outer end which is connected to the inner end, pivots at the steering rack. From the factory those are designed to move on slightly different arcs. As the suspension travels further as the bump is further and you're cornering even harder, what ends up happening is that relationship becomes further and further and further apart. What this does is the inner tie rod is holding onto the outer tie rod which is connected to your wheel carrier, as the suspension is traveling that length stays the same. What ends up happening under travel is the wheel starts to turn, you're not turning it the geometry the change in suspension travel is turning it. This is Bumpsteer. Why do you want to correct it? Better handling and sharper steering feel. So now that we understand what bump steer is and the idea that it is steering without your input as a driver through the suspension travel especially in compression, let's move on to how to resolve this. This is why we're talking about the Steeda Bumpsteer Kit. The idea here is to try to keep the outer tie rod end and inner tie rod end that relationship to the lower control arm as close to parallel as possible. Keep those moving on as close to the same arc as possible, so that through the suspension range that measurement, that length of the outer tie rod end to the inner tie rod end. That relationship remains the same and doesn't pull in on the wheel carrier as much. So setting this up is definitely not something that you're going to do at home unless you're doing mild alignments and race alignments at home already. We know some of you are which is awesome but for the majority of you you're going to take this to a local shop a professional shop that has experience setting up Bumpsteer. Doesn't matter if it's a Porsche or BMW that they typically work on. A Mustang trust me they're seeing plenty of these cars nowadays because of how many people are taking them out to the racetrack. That reminds me for those of you auto crossing and taking your cars to the track days or racing them competitively, this is a must have. It's going to improve the cornering stability. It's going to reduce the scrub radius of the front tires. It's going to give you better feedback as a driver which are all things so important to bringing down those lap times. For those of you driving the car on the street you will also notice a substantial difference. You might not notice the difference in times because I doubt you're timing yourself on the street but the reality is steering feels going to be much improved and responsiveness is going to be greatly improved, So you will notice a difference. If you've installed these on your car tell us how do they affect your lap times and your autocross times, the steering feedback. Please post below. All right I digress let's get back on topic here. The advantage of replacing the factory outer tie rod end with the Steeda Bumpsteer Kit is it gives you the flexibility and the tune ability to set the height of the outer steering tire rod end to the wheel carrier. This is going to again impact how the car steers and feels. Whether you've lowered the car an inch and a half or one inch or a half inch or even at stock ride height, we have the spacers and provide the spacers with the kit to set the Bumpsteer Kit up to match the ride height that you have the car set at as well as how you're utilizing the car. This is why it's so important at installation the professional shop does it and gets the car aligned perfectly. Now a little bit more about the Bumpsteer Kit itself. As you look through each piece of the Steeda Bumpsteer Kit you'll notice right away the ultra high grade of the materials used. Starting with the adjustment collars that are built of Aerospace CNC Billet Aluminum and then anodized blue for corrosion resistance. To the Spherical Bearings at the other end that are Teflon lined for durability and to remain quiet throughout their life and speaking of life these are backed by the Steeda Lifetime Warranty but beyond all of this, what's really important about these is the heat treated, hardened steel, tapered spindle stud that passes through the factory Ford Mustang wheel carrier. This is very important because it's tapered. This means no modification is required to the car to install these. As noted we provide all the spacers needed to simply adjust the height of the Bumpsteer Kit to the wheel carrier itself. So you can get the alignment dialed in and the performance dialed into your specifications. If you've gotten this far into your car and you're considering a Bumpsteer Kit another very strong consideration should be roll center correction and this is done through the Ball Joints in the Front Control Arms and there's really two ways to do this. One is with the replacement Ball Joints, extended height this corrects roll center. This is important if you've lowered the car. If the car is at the stock ride height, you can go with just the Bumpsteer Kit no problem. We know that you've lowered the car. You've brought the center of gravity down. You've gone to stiffer springs. You want to throw this thing around corners. All right so here we go, Extended Height Ball Joints to correct roll center, Bumpsteer to set those angles close to each other. If you don't want to get into pressing new Ball Joints in or likely that the rear bushing on your Lower Control Arms has gone bad, we offer Control Arm with an Extended High Ball Joint. Do these at the same time because the car is going to require an alignment anyway and it allows you to set the Bumpsteer level equal to the Control Arm to the wheel carrier and most importantly dramatically improves the feel of the car and the cornering abilities of the vehicle. We utilize this Bumpsteer Kit as well as the loaded Lower Control Arms on our Q Series S197 Mustangs and boy if we put these things through our paces I'm sure you've seen some videos of Chris and the guys, absolutely enjoying we'll say enjoying the cars. If you haven't definitely check out Social Media for some of that footage. Likewise if you enjoyed this video, definitely click like and share with other enthusiasts. Most importantly if you'd like to learn more about these products and the other products we offer for your Mustang definitely visit Thank you so much for watching and have a great day!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions
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Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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Must have
Installed on 2006 GT with X5 Ball Joints and the geometry is right on, after the alignment of course. Best decision anyone lowering their vehicles can ever make.
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Amazing service
READ THIS BEFORE BUYING FROM STEEDA! I purchased the Steeda Bumpsteer kit over a year along with several other Steeda suspension components. Everything held up fine but for some odd reason I had a bolt break on each side, each within a couple months of each other. I was shocked as I know I can always count on Steeda quality, so it must have just been a fluke or perhaps an error with the installation. The first time, I called and was put into contact with Frank who was more than helpful. He rushed over the replacement part free of charge even though it had been over a year since the parts were originally installed. The second time I emailed Frank as I was waiting on the tow truck. About an hour later he called me and explained that weekend shipping would be the best option. We went ahead with that and in less than 36 hours the part was at my door ready to be installed. I can't thank Frank enough for the amazing customer service. That is how you treat a customer!! I never write reviews but this level of service deserves it. Frank has earned himself and Steeda a customer for life, simply due to this level of support long after the original purchase. You can buy this bumpsteer kit or any other Steeda part with confidence knowing that: 1. You're getting a top of the line product 2. It's made with extreme quality right here in the USA and 3. Should anything go wrong they stand by their products and are there to help!
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Wow what a difference
If you're noticing the steering wheel move while going over a bump, you need these! You should also pick up the X5 ball joints to go with these!
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Must have!
Steeda's bumpsteer kit is a must have, especially if you are running a larger wheel.
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Must-have for Lowered Cars
My car: 2012 V6 base coupe When you lower your car, you change the suspension geometry (at both ends of the car). The effect of the front end is that you introduce unwanted toe changes when loading/unloading the suspension. You can feel this change through the steering wheel - it feels like the steering effort changes on it's own as you proceed through a turn, which in turn causes the front end to feel floaty. Steeda's bump steer kit fixes that problem. It's easy to install yourself (about an hour) with normal hand tools. Remember that you must get an alignment IMMEDIATELY after installing these (you can probably take them to a Firestone or someplace and have them installed and the car aligned at the same time). The kit comes with all the necessary parts and concise instructions. Coupled with Steeda's SLA front lower control arms, your Mustang will steer and feel better than Ford actually intended. Highly recommended.
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