Why Do I Need A Short Throw Shifter?

Steeda Short Throw Shifter Benefits

Ever since the inception of the Mustang on April 17, 1964, the manual transmission has been a cornerstone piece in the story of America's pony car. That was taken up a notch when the legendary Carroll Shelby took the Mustang from mule to racehorse. He made the manual transmission synonymous with the Mustang when he created the Shelby GT350, GT350R, and GT500.

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What Is A Short Throw Shifter?

A short throw shifter will allow you to firm up shifts between each gear by shortening the distance between each throw. As you shift from one gear to the next, there can be a length in which each gear shift or what is known as (throws). From the factory, these throws are usually quite long between each gear set. By installing a short-throw shifter, you'll be able to have have tighter, quicker, and shorter gear shifts. This allows the driver for a much more confidence-inspiring driving experience on the street or at the track!

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Short Throw vs OEM Shifters

In the world of Mustang performance, becoming one with America's favorite pony car is a connection like no other. But many enthusiasts tend to agree that the factory shifter can be very sloppy and doesn't inspire confidence. The easiest way to fix this issue is by adding a short-throw shifter.

Take a Steeda Tri-Ax short-throw shifter, for instance. These shifters are going to allow the driver to get a much tighter feel and connection to their Mustang's driveline. While driving your Mustang, a short throw shifter will help you work just a bit less to get that perfect shift. Not to mention, when you allow your hand to travel in a shorter distance, it allows for more engagement, feedback, and have an overall better driving experience. What this means for the driver is faster shift, more confidence, and most importantly faster lap times!

One thing to note is that every driver is going to have a different preference for shifter feel and engagement. That is why there is a wide variety of short-throw shifter options. It is much easier to shift gears when the spacial area is smaller and each shift throw is shorter. In the end, this will allow for much more precise shifting, especially in racing conditions.

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How Does A Short-Throw Shifter Work?

When it comes to how a short-throw shifer works, there is a lot of misunderstanding. Some say that a short-throw shifter is just a shorter version of the original shifter from the factory. That is completely false! Short-throw shifters arent just “short”, that is not derived from the name.

There are many differences between short-throw and OEM shifters. One key attribute that they both share is that the shaft that goes in between each gear set. The shaft is what travels through all the gears as you are shifting through the transmission. In an OEM configuration shifter, each shift is going to be at a longer length between each throw. On the other hand, a short-throw shifter is engineered to have tighter spacial gearing to have a more race-inspired feel. What this does is allows for each gear to smoothly shift closer together for a much more connected and seamless shifting experience.

It is much easier to shift gears when the spacial area is smaller and each shift throw is shorter. In the end, this will allow for more precise shifting, especially in racing conditions.

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Short Throw Shifter Features and Benefits

    Improved Reliabity

  • Any sense of reassurance to a Mustang owner is peace of mind in the long run. In today's world, most OEM shifters are the best they have been from the factory. But over time, the long throws can be harsh on the synchros of the transmission as well as the shaft to engage each gear.
  • Better Appearance

  • Giving your own personal touch on your Mustang is such a huge part of how an enthusiast connects with their favorite pony car. Short-throw shifters are no different in styling and appearance. They give your Mustang interior a more race-inspired feel as they kill two birds with one stone, in styling and shifting performance.
  • Overall Better Driving Experience

  • Mustang enthusiasts know exactly what they like and are willing to do anything to get it. One of the biggest reasons why Mustang owners purchase a manual transmission is to be more connected to the driving experience. Enthusiasts expect direct connection and a sporty feel. Upgrading to a short-throw shifter is going to only improve that connection in exciting driving conditions such as on your favorite back road or autocross. Grabbing the perfect shift is an experience like no other and this will only improve upon that experience!
  • Shorter Gear Shifts

  • A shorter gear shift means better reaction times at the drag strip and a better connection while downshifting at your local autocross course. This also means you'll spend less time worrying if you're going to miss the second to third gear shift... instead you'll be able to bang gears with the utmost confidence!

In the end, you will have a sense of security and a much sportier feel once a short-throw shifter is installed in your Mustang. As you change each gear, it will give you a greater connection and responsive feel while driving your favorite muscle car. Steeda has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to get you into the right short-throw shifter. Call one of our performance specialists today to get yours!

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