Steeda Mustang Adjustable Competition Rear Sway Bar (2015-2022)

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Steeda's 555-1034 Mustang Adjustable Competition Rear Sway Bar is designed to deliver the sway bar rates that you need when racing. This helps you control your S550 Mustang and dominate the competition.

Part Number: 555 1034
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If you have a track or competition-built vehicle, this competition rear sway bar has been designed to meet your needs. Adjustable and with a softer rate than any of our other sway bars, this bar gives you the ability to run stiffer springs and other track-purpose parts on the car.

Designed for racing. Up to 39% softer than our standard rear sway bars (555-1016), this bar works alongside your track-focused upgrades to maximize performance. The corner exit grip of your S550 Mustang is increased by not lifting the inside rear tire during cornering. Engineered to work with higher spring rates, multi-adjustable shocks, and aerodynamic upgrades (wings). This bar is an excellent addition for both open track and auto-cross events.

Thoroughly track-tested. Our racing teams have tested this sway bar on multiple in-house test vehicles. This goes for our Yellow #20 Race Car, HPDE 2018 Q500, Q350 EcoBoost, and more. After all our testing both on the track and autocross course, we found that with the stiffer spring rates that our competition-oriented Dual Rate Springs (555-8243, All | 555-8244, GT500) provide, a softer rear bar is necessary to promote corner exit rear grip.

Relocation brackets. The included relocation brackets move the sway bar to provide greater clearance between the sway bar, other suspension parts, and brake components. Sway bar geometry is also improved by moving the bar rearward and putting the end links in a more vertical position. This increases the sway bar adjustability range, especially when pairing with adjustable end links. The more vertical position also prevents binding of the end links. End link binding can artificially and inconsistently increase the rate of the sway bar.

Product Benefits:
  • Designed to work with track-focused parts
  • Up to 39% softer than our standard rear sway bars
  • Helps with corner exit grip
  • Excellent for open track and autocross
  • Improved suspension geometry
  • Includes hardware and relocation brackets

Steeda Adjustable Competition Bar vs Base GT OE Rear Sway Bar

Hole 1 Rate Hole 2 Rate Hole 3 Rate
23.6% softer 7.8% softer 13.1% stiffer

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hey everybody it's Chris from Steeda, we have Jamie Bell here our lead technician and race car driver. Today we're going to be talking about our new adjustable rear competition bar for S550 Mustangs. This is a big deal we've been developing this part for the past two years on our yellow number 20 car, our HPDE car, the orange EcoBoost, my GT350, as well as our black Mach 1. It's been on pretty much any car that sees track time here at Steeda and perfecting the rates has been kind of the talk of the town here for the past two years. Jamie tell us a little bit about this bar and why it's different from other bars out there. We designed this bar around the higher spring rates that we were running on the HPDE car, the road race number 20, the EcoBoost, and the other cars to increase the amount of grip that the back of the car has. If you don't have grip at the back of the car you can't accelerate. Some of the problems we were seeing were corner exit where the stiffer bars were trying to raise the inside tire as you were exiting the corner and we wanted to soften it up so we could take advantage of that inside tire a little more and we started working on rates that allowed us to do that and we just kept refining until we ended up with this bar. And how does this compare obviously we we started with the factory bars then we moved to our existing adjustable bar that's more for street oriented cars so people that are running sport progressives, the minimum drop springs, our ultralights, those types of springs that are more street oriented our existing street adjustable bar is perfect for that. But Jamie how did the street adjustable bar compare to this this comp bar the street adjustable bar is stiffer because it was designed around the Stiffer Spring rates and to reduce the body roll through the bars more than the spring rates. This bar is kind of the opposite it's more to work with the higher spring rates and not induce too much control into to the suspension. So what you're saying is the the bar rate itself and the spring rate both work in use and together with the roll stiffness of the car? Correct yes so for street cars obviously you have that softer spring rate you're going to need like we've talked about in our previous sway bar video you're going to need additional bar rate to keep that car relatively level through the turns but for those track oriented cars that are running those much stiffer spring rates you're going to need more compliance through this competition rear bar which is why we focus more on softer rates. Now in comparison to a base GT bar you can expect to see a 23 percent softer rate in the first hole than a seven percent softer rate in the second hole and the third stiffest hole is 13 stiffer than a base GT bar all in all this is up to 39 percent softer than our existing Street adjustable bar.
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Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Hand Tools

Vehicle Fitment:
Fits Model Years: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
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