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S550 Steeda K-Member

Within the last five years, Mustang and Ford Performance engineers alike have pushed modern American performance boundaries from the factory. With the introduction of standard independent rear suspension, the S550 Mustang withered away all of the notions that a Mustang couldn't handle and perform with its Japanese and European rivals. Steeda has always strived to push the envelope in all things performance for the Mustang and Ford vehicles alike. Using quick and innovative solution we are able to help S550 Mustang enthusiasts achieve speedier lap times at the road course and the drag strip.

Furthermore, getting to know your S550 pony characteristics will only help you achieve the balance you're looking out on track and the street. For many years, Steeda has developed hand-crafted components to make your stallion the ultimate performance vehicle in the marketplace. A key factor contributing to this is the K-Member. This unique but effective piece started to be found in the Fox Body Mustang to readily access your vital engine components while giving your Mustang the added chassis stiffening it needs, especially when launching it hard off the quarter-mile. Each of our K-Members is made with the highest strength steel to ensure longevity, quality and rigidity.

Throughout this guide, we will go in-depth on how both of our K-Member options will suit you for your 2015-2020 Mustang needs!

Steeda Road Racing

Road Racing K-Member

At Steeda, road racing has been in our DNA since our founding in 1988, thanks to our President Dario Orlando. Using many years of track and road racing experience, we have developed many performance parts in particular suspension and chassis bracing. These two critical areas of your S550 Mustang can have a significant role in how it will perform, whether you're on a hairpin corner, favorite canyon road, or a complex track. By infusing the best of racing technology and street performance, we have integrated the highest quality into our Road Racing K-Member.

Each one features mandrel-bent chrome-moly tubing with a thicker wall material to improve bracing. Gussets are tig welded into place for even more rigidity for hard cornering and to stiffen up the chassis even further. If you're worried about your Magneride equipped Mustang, don't worry, we have you covered with premade brackets for the electronics and all shock components. Lastly, for the hardcore racers who trailer their racehorse, we have integrated tie-down points directly to the K-Member for easy loading and unloading on your trailer.

To further all this incredible fabrication and engineering, we throw in our adjustable rear G-Trac brace to aid further with chassis rigity, while still fitting any set of long-tube header combination. For even more performance, we recommend providing your Steeda S550 K-Member with one of our strut tower braces, suspension packages, and caster camber plates for complete adjustment. We designed our Road Racing K-Member for any enthusiast that wants to incorporate more chassis stiffness while reducing weight. Getting as much weight off your S550 Mustang's front end is only going to allow you to turn in harder and handle better whether you're at the road course or carving up your favorite mountain road!

Steeda Drag Racing

Drag Racing K-Member

While our racing heritage started in road racing, that doesn't mean we forgot about the hardcore enthusiasts who want to go flat out on the 1320. Since the S550 debuted in 2015, Steeda made it a focal point in offering uniquely engineered and designed performance drag suspension and supporting components, including our Drag Racing K-Member. It will give your stallion the confidence to launch as hard as possible with as little weight over the front end to ensure perfect weight transfer.

Like the Road Racing K-Member, the Drag Racing K-Member is built to the same quality and strength to withstand as much punishment as possible. Based on the same construction of the Road Racing K-Member, the Drag Racing version uses lighter steel construction to reduce weight over the front to encourage better weight distribution front to rear while still maintaining the same features. The critical difference is the lighter weight for optimal coefficient balance for weight. Featured on our Silver Bullet Mustang drag car, we have achieved high 9 second quarter mile passes with a host of supporting modifications such as long-tube headers, closed cold air intake, and IRS subframce braces, to name a few.

In drag racing, reaction time, horsepower, and weight are the most critical characteristics of getting down the quarter-mile as quickly as possible. It is why we ensure that all of our components, including our K-Member, are built to the highest standards, and we are proud each is 100 percent American made at our Valdosta, Georgia manufacturing facility.

2018 Mustang GT Racing

Which K-Member Is For You?

Unlike most modifications throughout the Mustang world, few are pointed towards performance, handling, and chassis rigidity more than adding a K-Member to your S550 Mustang. Unfortunately, the OEM Ford K-Member is very bulky and heavy. Results are fascinating after installation in either variation. Most enthusiasts see results right away with their pony in terms of turn-in, corner entry, weight reduction, and nimbleness throughout the entire Mustang.

We recommend that you pick up our K-Member variant for drag racing if you're a hardcore drag racer. So you can get the front end up quicker to transfer the monstrous amounts of horsepower to the ground. While on the other hand, the Road Racing K-Member is for the enthusiasts or racer looking to have better handling at corner entry and exit while reducing overall dry weight with the benefit of max chassis stiffening. No matter what you decide, you'll be heading into a new stratosphere of performance, handling, and sophistication at every level.

Note: our 2015-2020 K-Member is very labor-intensive to install, so we highly recommend a professional technician to install correctly.

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