The Top Budget-Friendly Ford Maverick Upgrades

It isn’t every day that a new vehicle dominates the market as soon as it is available, but Ford has now done so twice in the past year. While the Bronco was a sales success to those who actually bought them, the newest and biggest success has been the Ford Maverick pickup truck. Much smaller than the Ranger (1 foot shorter!) the Maverick is the right amount of truck for most people and is a surprisingly usable and versatile truck. The Maverick has two different engine options - a hybrid capable of over 40 miles per gallon and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine - to keep the masses satisfied for the majority of the work. A replacement for the Focus in size and performance, the Maverick has taken the automotive market by storm.

For any type of turbocharged vehicle, many enthusiasts want to upgrade them. With the all-wheel-drive platform, the Maverick is ready to play on and off of pavement, and we are ready to make playtime and work time even more fun. These trucks are capable enough for adventure, small enough to maneuver, and fun enough to be unique, and we know you want to make yours unequivocally your own.

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Maverick Exhaust Upgrades

To make your Maverick your own, you need to be ready for some serious customization! One of the best ways to upgrade your Maverick is with a slightly more aggressive rear end with a much more aggressive sound. With this, an exhaust upgrade is in order. We personally have taken a liking to the aggressive sound of the MRT Sport Single Exit Axle-Back Exhaust, which gives a similar exhaust not unlike on the older Ford Focus ST which shares the same engine and tuning potential. With a fun motor paired to a capable all-wheel-drive platform, this little truck deserves a more fun exhaust note and this MRT system is happy to oblige.

This exhaust is a fun and loud option that may not be for everyone, but for the person who wants to stand out, it is the best option. This straight-through pipe lets you hear noise from the turbocharger, as well as get a tuner car sound that many smaller-vehicle-enthusiasts enjoy. Other exhausts are available for the Maverick, but none quite as loud or impressive as the MRT Maverick 2.0L Sport Truck Single Tip Cat-Back. With an upgrade like this, you can rest assured that your Maverick will get looks anywhere it goes.

Maverick Off-Road Upgrades

For those who want to utilize the all-wheel-drive system and take the Ford Maverick off the beaten path, ensuring that your truck is capable of both getting out of situations under its own power or others’ is vastly important. For this, we have made sure to provide a great add-on for getting out of these messy and difficult situations. The Rugged Ridge Continuous Soft Shackle and Hitch Eyelet Kit is a simple-to-install and simple to use a piece of kit that installs to the rear tow hitch and will come in handy when out in the wilderness.

The Rugged Ridge strap connects to the frame of the Maverick, enabling a solid and secure mount for pulling the truck out of problems. With a breaking strength of over 27,000lbs, this can be used to pull just about any vehicle out of a problematic situation. This water-resistant high-tensile rope works perfectly to get your Maverick back on the road or the path if it gets stuck and is having a problem climbing back.

Maverick Performance Upgrades

For those who want to improve the handling of their Ford Maverick pickup, there are solutions for this as well. While some people simply would lower their truck for the desired result, the better way to improve handling and performance is with chassis tightening and bracing. This will help keep your truck flat around corners by reducing body roll. This makes you more confident behind the wheel. With an upgraded rear sway bar, you can more evenly distribute your vehicle’s weight around corners which means being able to take corners at higher speed safely.

For the driving enthusiast, simply tightening up the rear of the Maverick may not be enough. Bringing a tighter front end to your truck might be exactly what you are looking for! After much testing, adding a new Steeda Maverick Strut Tower Brace to the front end has proven to be one of the most effective ways of keeping these trucks handling like a sporty hatchback. Paired with the rear sway bar upgrade, you can quickly take your Maverick from truck to track for a surprisingly low price.

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Image Credit: Ford Motor Company

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