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2021 Ford Bronco Leaked

Kevin Cassar
March 10, 2020


It has been speculated for some time what the full-size Bronco will be. Well, those questions can finally come to a close because the very first leaked photos have been posted by our friends over at Bronco6G.

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2021 Bronco Exterior Highlights

The return of the Bronco has been in the works for it seems to be well over a decade now. Years ago Ford teased us with a concept at the North American International Auto show. Enthusiasts were raving for it constantly. Finally, after all these years Ford is finally giving enthusiasts what they asked for! This image below seems to be the official 2021 Ford Bronco. In what could be at the Michigan assembly plant in Detroit where the Bronco is planned to be built.

Bronco Four Door 2021

At first glance, the 2021 Bronco looks to have no intention of messing around. From this front quarter angle, you can tell Ford was after a retro-inspired design that could be based on the first-generation Bronco while adding modern design influences. It’s a dead giveaway due to the circular headlamps which look to be LED with a DRL (day time running lamp) running into the grille, pronounced Bronco lettering in the grille just like the original, and an off-road inspired bumper which looks to have the capability to have a winch mounted front and center. Prominent fender flares mean that this Bronco could have some serious articulation. Something that is very noticeable is the large trailing arms going to the rear axle which could mean some incredible suspension from the factory as does its Raptor sibling.

It looks to have the possibility of Raptor inspired bead-lock wheels with either mud or all-terrain tires means that Ford is ready to take on the Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon. Other styling cues we can make out are a removable soft top, swing-out rear door with tire carrier, and this picture shows a four-door version we are very excited to see.

Bronco Two Door 2021

This side image is absolutely amazing! The reason being is due to the rumors of a two-door version Bronco that has been circulating around. From this side shot, it seems those rumors are true and will pay homage to the original from the ‘60s. We suspect this image is in a Ford design and product development studio in Dearborn, Michigan.

What really jumps out to us besides the two-doors is the hardtop, unlike the four-door version above which sports a soft-top. What this could mean is there will be an option for either a hard or soft-top for both two and four-door Broncos.

The ride height and ground clearance look to be very off-road capable. This is something we were very worried about because of potential modifications to come. Just like the four-door picture above it sports current Raptor-style Beadlock wheels with all-terrain tires. Looking at the design profile with the hard-top, it seems to us that it will be removable due to the body lines and gaps with the bodywork.

A shorter wheelbase means that this new Bronco could potentially do wonders in rock-crawling situations out on the trail. Overall, we truly think that the return of the Bronco will be an absolute success to its predecessors. Only time will tell until we get official results from Ford on both the Bronco Sport and full-size Bronco. But for now, these images give us a tail tell sign that Ford really made strides to bring back the Bronco in the way it was intended.

2021 Ford Bronco Parts

Overall, we truly think that the Bronco’s comeback is going to be off the charts. Among Bronco enthusiasts from past years, we truly think it is going to be a huge hit in the segment. Like the past generations, it will carry on the legacy that the Bronco did for so long before its exit in 1996. Everyone at Steeda is looking forward to the modding potential and different variants the new Bronco and Bronco Sport could bring. Ford has been hinting to us about a new Bronco and finally, it is here. Were looking forward to the official unveiling that Ford says is coming very soon.

So,stay tuned to the Steeda website and social media channels for the latest information on the 2021 Bronco!

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