Steeda Bronco Sport/Escape/Maverick AWD Rear Sway Bar (2020-2023)

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Steeda's 555-1031 Rear Sway Bar for the 2020-2022 Bronco Sport/Escape/Maverick AWD is a great way to reduce body roll and tighten the handling of your vehicle.

Part Number: 555 1031
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Steeda's Bronco Sport/Escape/Maverick AWD adjustable rear sway bar gives you control of your Ford's handling. The sway bar reduces body roll for more neutral handling helping you take corners better. The sway bar offers a comfortable ride for your CUV but keeps things level through corners.

Stability and control. Distributing the weight of your Escape or Maverick between the rear wheels when turning, the sway bar helps to keep your Ford level in corners and planted to the road. Trailer sway is reduced when towing and control is better with heavy payloads, so you can drive with confidence.

Strong construction. Steeda's sway bar is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA and is made from 1-inch tubular Chromoly steel tubing for long-lasting performance and durability. CNC-machined billet steel ends offer greater strength than the coined ends on other bars. The bar is powder-coated Steeda blue for protection from the elements and to let people know your Escape is equipped with Steeda parts.

Sporty feel. The flat and level handling that the sway bar provides makes driving more exciting and enjoyable. Get tight handling like a sports car with the upgraded sway bar. 3-way adjustability lets you fine-tune the sway bar stiffness to meet your needs and provide the control you want. At its softest, the bar is 280lb per inch and at its stiffest, the bar is 450lb per inch, a lot stiffer than your factory 270lb per inch sway bar. It is recommended that you start at the middle adjustment hole for the first setup.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Neutral and flat handling
  • Reduced body roll
  • More control with heavy loads
  • Less trailer sway when towing
  • Maintains a comfortable ride
  • 1.00" tubular steel sway bar
  • 3-way adjustable
  • 280lb, 350lb, and 450lb rates
About Steeda: With roots in racing and performance parts for Ford vehicles, Steeda uses both track and on-road testing to make sure parts refine performance. Steeda's Escape and Maverick parts are no different, tuned and refined by experienced racers, the parts will change the feel of your SUV.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Today we have Overland Florida and his beautiful Area 51 Maverick here. This thing is ready to go off road, he does a lot of street miles on this thing. So we are going to throw a Maverick rear sway bar. It's adjustable. Really excited to show you guys all about it. Do a step by step installation as well as the product review. See how it goes Here we have the Steeda adjustable rear sway bar fitting your 2020 plus Ford Escape all wheel drive, Bronco Sport, and Maverick all wheel drive. If you're looking to change the dynamics of how your vehicle handles, especially when it comes to understeer versus oversteer, this is the way to do it. When it comes to SUVs and trucks, you may not think about things like lowering springs or sway bars, but at the end of the day, these are parts that changes how the vehicle drives, especially on vehicles like the Maverick, the Bronco Sport, or the Escape, where they're tuned inherently for understeer. By swapping out your rear sway bar, you're going to bias that center of gravity more towards the rear when it comes to roll stiffness of the vehicle. You're going to have a lot more of a neutral feeling when you're driving the car or truck. At the end of the day, the Escape, the Bronco, honestly, whatever vehicle you are driving, you want it to be fun, right? So with that, by stiffening up the rear roll stiffness of the Maverick, the Bronco Sport or the Escape, you're going to have a more pleasurable driving experience because the car is going to feel a lot more neutral as it corners. Now, let's talk about the Maverick, with the Maverick you're going to have a load in the back, much like we see in Overland Florida's truck in this video where he has nearly 500 pounds of gear in the back of his truck. By stiffening up the rear sway bar, you're going to handle that inherent body roll because the center of gravity is that much higher in the rear of the vehicle, simply because he has all that stuff in the back. By adding the rear sway bar and having that adjustability in the bar itself, you can adjust how stiff or how soft you want the bar to be over stock and get rid of some of that sway you're going to get as you're handling on the road or even off-road. In some cases the Bronco sport Escape or Maverick could have a trailer hitch on the back. This owner has the 4,000lb tow package on his Maverick, which means he could be towing up to 4,000lbs going down the highway. By adding an adjustable rear sway bar and increasing the roll stiffness of the Maverick, he will have a ton more confidence behind the wheel at speed, going down the highway, towing that trailer. Now let's talk about the Sway Bar itself. It has a beautiful blue powder coated finish with those adjustable billet steel ends. It's one of my favorite features and benefits of our adjustable rear bars and front bars are those billet steel ends. By looking at the factory bar, you'll see that it has a pressed end by getting rid of the pressed end and putting our billet steel ends, we're adding strength and rigidity to the bar and obviously allowing for more length. So you have those adjustable options Starting at the softest hole all the way out from the center, you have 280 pounds. And then the middle hole is 350 pounds and the stiffest hole is 450 pounds. depending on what you're doing with the vehicle, whether you have a load in the back, you tow regularly, you like corner carving in your Escape. Regardless, you have the options there to suit your needs. With that said, the Steeda sway bar is engineered and manufactured right here in the USA out of our Valdosta, Georgia facility. It features a lifetime warranty. So if you have any issues with it, please do not hesitate to reach out to our talented sales team. Aside from that, we're going to kick it off with the installation
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Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Hand Tools

Vehicle Fitment:
Fits Model Years: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

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Steeds sway bar
I was very pleased with the quality and instructions that came with this sway bar. Handling around corners is as advertised my truck handles much better and more precisely.
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Strut and sway bar a must
Absolutely love this combo and made the truck way more stable in any driving condition. Do it!
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2021 Escape Hybrid Fwd
Installed new bar on a lift, took about an hour to install, no glitches. Set bar on middle hole as recommended, noticed improved in turn in on sweeping turns and less movement of the rear of the vehicle. Don't know if making it stiffer will improve more or will be too stiff. Since wife drives the car will probably leave as is. A subtle but nice improvement
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Nice improvement
Well made. Fit nicely. Tightened things up. I like it
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2022 Escape SEL 2.0L AWD Installed the rear sway bars at the same time installed the Steeda 1" lowering springs and front strut tower brace. Installation was typical in my view. Note, that the instructions did not match my Escape as there was no " factory heat shield" to remove in order to create room to slide our the OEM sway bar or to slide in the Steeda sway bar. In order for us to remove the OEM sway bar we had to pry apart / take off the OEM sway bar bracket & bushings - then twist like a corkscrew to get out. It took us a while to figure it out but once did, it was pretty simple. Although, we should have made a note of how we got the OEM out because to install the Steeda we needed to follow the SAME twist pattern in reverse. Note, ADD lots lube to the Steeda sway bar bushings. Remember, before tightening bushing brackets fully - CENTER the Steeda sway bar. I chose the the "center / middle setting" as Steeda recommended - ~30% stiffer than stock - which (along with the 1" lowering springs and STB) literally makes this Escape handle almost - if not better - than my other slightly built daily driver sports sedans / hot hatches. There is very little body roll or brake dive - feels very neutral. I definitely with the Stealth package seats had more bolstering as this car is now flickable. I am considering changing to the stiffest sway bar setting (~66% stiffer than stock) when I re-lube the bushings (remember to really lube the bushings to make sure suspension remains quiet when going up / down curbed driveway entrances) next week before my first mountain road / twisties cruise. Highly recommend. Enjoy.
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I put this on my 21 escape se fwd along with the lowering springs for the awd that don't lower the fwd but actually make the fwd handle like a sports sedan instead of a SUV. Along with the strut tower brace it really transformed my lil escape. Definitely recommend these parts
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