Steeda's R&D Testing On Ford Maverick, Mach-E, Bronco/Sport, and Escape

Steeda is testing new products on Ford Maverick, Ford Mach-E, Ford Bronco, Ford Bronco Sport, and Ford Escape

Steeda is happy to offer our services as well as products and upgrades for many of the newest Ford vehicles on the market. Knowing the popularity of vehicles such as the Maverick, Mach-E, new Escape, Bronco, and Bronco Sport and how many enthusiasts want to improve these vehicles, we have begun the development of entirely new performance upgrades for these vehicles in addition to the F-150, Mustang, Fusion, Ranger, and more. Just as we have done with other Ford vehicles, you can expect major performance development on these newer platforms to make these vehicles perform to a higher caliber than before.

With new products in development such as the recent release of our new Steeda Trident wheels, we at Steeda have tested multiple upgrades to the performance of these vehicles ranging from handling and usability to performance driving upgrades across the board. We have taken our over three decades of knowledge of the performance automotive industry to build up these vehicles in the same way we have done with others over that time. Our background with the Mustang, F-150, Fusion, and Focus has laid out the blueprints we use on these newer vehicles to how we will improve them in every way possible.

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ford bronco sport off road

Bronco Sport

Ford developed the first of the mass production SUVs for the world with the Explorer, and with the Bronco Sport in 2021 Ford drew on its legacy with smaller SUVs by developing a capable, attractive, and usable offroad-friendly SUV for the modern family. With the Bronco Sport, the small SUV market gained one of the most competent vehicles in the segment.

With the Bronco Sport's already impressive performance off-road, Steeda is here to turn up these vehicles even further than Ford has done. To improve vehicle rigidity, Steeda has developed additional bracing in the form of strut bracing with more coming for the Bronco Sport. These vehicles have impressed with their overall durability and quality, and with further upgrades, the Bronco Sport has shown incredible potential for future work through Steeda.

Steeda Strut tower brace

Steeda Bronco Sport Strut Tower Brace

Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit

Redline Tuning Bronco Sport QuickLIFT PLUS Hood Strut Kit

ReadyLift Bronco Sport Lift Kit

ReadyLift Bronco Sport 1.5" SST Lift Kit

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ford maverick in gray


The Maverick is one vehicle that completely revolutionized the intended market by in essence creating its own niche. The Maverick slots in as the cheapest new truck on the market and features incredible fuel economy and turbo performance. As a sporty and lightweight truck, the Maverick has many performance possibilities that Steeda is not only building upon but emphasizing with the vehicle.

Steeda staff install our new Strut Tower Brace on the Ford MaverickSteeda staff install our new Strut Tower Brace on the Ford Maverick

For the Maverick, Steeda has developed different parts to improve handling such as sway bars and strut tower braces which add rigidity to the truck as it drives. In addition to these, Steeda's ProFlow Blow Off Valve adapter is designed to fit these trucks, bringing some of the turbo noise that many enthusiasts enjoy into the mix, enhancing the driving experience for many drivers. Steeda has focused on making the Maverick sound and handle more in line with a performance truck than many have attempted, and with plans moving forward for it as well the Maverick is sure to be receiving enthusiast attention.

Steeda BOV adapter

Steeda Maverick Blow Off Valve Adapter

Steeda Strut tower brace

Steeda Maverick Strut Tower Brace

Steeda rear sway bar

Steeda Maverick Rear Sway Bar

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modified ford escape


The Escape has been essentially a family vehicle since its inception, but in the most recent generation, it has moved to a sportier style and driving experience thanks to revised suspension and transmission tuning. The Escape is now a capable, yet fun vehicle to drive and deserving of aftermarket recognition. The Escape handles well and takes aftermarket support surprisingly well, and at Steeda, we have upgraded the Escape to perform on par with much more performance-oriented vehicles.

steeda ford escapeSteeda's modified Ford Escape rides smoothly over both pavement and rough terrain.

To further aid in the sporty nature of the Escape, Steeda has developed handling upgrades including sway bars, strut tower braces, and lowering springs in order to improve the feel behind the wheel of the vehicle and have track-tested these parts as well to ensure maximum performance and drivability is met. These upgrades have paired well with aftermarket wheels and create a performance-oriented and premium look when completely installed.

Steeda escape springs

Steeda Escape 1" Lowering Springs

Steeda Strut tower brace

Steeda Escape Strut Tower Brace

Steeda rear sway bar

Steeda Escape Rear Sway Bar

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modified ford bronco


The Bronco may have been the most anticipated vehicle in the past few years from Ford, and the truck does not disappoint in any way. Impressive ground clearance and off-roadability paired with retro styling and powerful engine options made the Bronco into one of the most sought-after vehicles in years. With higher performance versions on the horizon such as the Raptor and the Everglades, the aftermarket community around the Bronco is only just beginning.

modified ford broncoSteeda staff gather around the Bronco to begin planning upgrades.

Steeda has been hard at work developing upgrades for the Bronco through rigorous testing on and off of the pavement with promising results. Having tested and debuted the newest cat-back exhausts from AWE Tuning as well as developing suspension and stability upgrades to further improve on-road drivability and off-road capability. With big plans for the Bronco, Steeda has concepts for a full-fledged Steeda Vehicles Bronco in the future as well.

Steeda BOV

Steeda Bronco Blow Off Valve

AWE Bronco OFG Cat-Back Exhaust

AWE Bronco OFG Cat-Back Exhaust System w/ BashGuard - Single 5" Diamond Black Tip

Redline Tuning Hood Strut Kit

Redline Tuning Bronco QuickLIFT ELITE Hood Strut Kit

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ford mustang mach e gt


The first electric vehicle to receive treatment from Steeda Autosports, the Mach-E is a completely new approach to the name “Mustang” and because of this, it means all new challenges for Steeda to face. With serious performance for vehicles of their size, the Mach-E shows the potential for enthusiast-focused electric vehicles, and Steeda is ready for the challenge of improving them to the utmost capability. The Mach-E signals a new point in Ford's electric car market by moving towards the sporty vehicle market and this frees up the ability to upgrade vehicles further.

ford mustang mach e sway bar installInstallation of our new Steeda Rear Sway Bar in the Mustang Mach-E.

For this, Steeda has been developing stability-enhancing upgrades in order to keep them fully planted around corners while driving at high speed. We have developed a new Steeda Rear Sway Bar and strut braces to improve high-speed stability and cornering in the Mach-E in addition to beginning development on other upgrades. The Mach-E will receive the same Steeda treatment as any Mustang we work on and improve and because of that, the Mach-E will perform as well as we build every Steeda vehicle to perform.

Mach-E Rear Sway Bar

Steeda Mach-E Rear Sway Bar

Ford Mustang Mach-E Car Cover w/ Charge Cord Access

Ford Mustang Mach-E Car Cover w/ Charge Cord Access

Ford Mach-E Floor Liners

Ford Mustang Mach-E All-Weather Floor Liners w/ Logo

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