Steeda Pro-Action Mustang Shocks & Struts (2005-2010)

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Looking for a cost effective alternative to adjustable shocks and struts? Here is the answer. Steeda's new Pro-Action fixed valve shocks and struts for the S197 Mustang.

Part Number: 555 8405

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Looking for a cost effective alternative to adjustable shocks and struts? Here is the answer. Steeda's new Pro-Action fixed valve shocks and struts for the S197 Mustang. Steeda's Pro-Action shocks and struts were engineered by Steeda and manufactured to provide the ultimate in ride quality and handling while exceeded OE standards for durability and build quality.

Pro Action shocks and struts come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and are perfect for daily street driving or open track use.

Steeda Pro Action Shocks are manufactured under these rigorous manufacturing certifications: ISO/TS16949, QS-9000 & ISO 9001

Product Benefits
  • Exceptional ride quality
  • Properly valved for your Mustang
  • Better ride than competing brands
  • Engineered & manufactured to exceed OE standards
  • Great for street and track action!
  • Lifetime warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hey Guys, it's Chris from Steeda and today we're going to talk about lowering your S197 Mustang. This car has 260,000 miles... the bump stops were obliterated, the shocks were shot, this thing was ready for some Steeda Pro-Actions and Sport springs, so we're going to dive into a product review and then an installation, and after that a before and after of what this car looks like bone stock on a slalom and then with Steeda suspension in super slow motion 240 frames per second. So, without further ado let's get started. Everything on this table is what you'll need to lower your 2005 to 2010 mustang so let's go over it first up we'll start with the front we went ahead and assembled these front struts they're the steeda pro action struts for the 2005 to 2010 Mustang along with the steeda sport springs we'll lower the front of your car an inch and additionally we have our steeda heavy duty strut mounts which allow a degree of adjustability when it comes to camber now you can buy all these parts separately and assemble them yourself in your garage the pro action strut the sport spring the heavy duty strut mount the dust cover as well as the bump stop but we went ahead and assembled them all together personally i would suggest getting everything assembled because it's a lot easier you pull the factory strut out you put the pro action strut in and you're good to go moving on to the rear we have our pro-action shocks as well as our steeda sport springs for the rear it will lower the rear of your car a 1.25 inch drop so the front will be a one-inch drop and then the rear will be a 1.25 inch drop we also have the bump stops as well and of course don't forget the adjustable panhard bar it's a rule of thumb anytime you lower a solid rear axle mustang like with the steeda sport springs regardless if it's a half inch drop or an inch and a half you need to get that adjustable panhard bar in order to dial in the rear suspension geometry of that solid rear axle we include polyurethane bushings to not increase nvh but allow for a little bit less deflection on the rear end as well as the grease packet for installation so without further ado we're going to take this 260,000 mile Mustang completely transform that factory suspension with the Steeda Suspension.
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 4 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

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Captain Awesome
First, I don’t really think these shocks/struts need a review. Everyone should already know they’re better than the factory shocks/strut which come on the 2010 Mustang GT. When paired with the strut mounts, new tie rods (both inner and outer), control arms, and hardware they run amazing. Add the other components to lower the vehicle and zero doubt handling improves dramatically over factory. So, stop reading, stop researching, and just purchase these (or the combo which has the mounts). You’ll be happy.
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Great Struts
I have been through several combos over the years. I use the ford 5300k lowering springs and the Steeda struts make a huge difference compared to the Monroe ones that I replaced. While still getting the performance the car now glides across the road and interstate where you no longer feel the bumps in your body but can still feel the road. Makes driving the car a dream. Also the folks at Steeda were great enough to break out the struts only as I use Viking shocks so don't be afraid to ask. I almost passed up these struts thinking they only came as a combo. Great struts all the way and always a great company to deal with. Treats you like you want and shows how much they want and value customer's business.
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Great Upgrade!
I installed the shocks and struts along with the sport springs on an '07 GT/CS convertible with 80k miles. These made a huge difference in the handling of the car! They have the right amount of firmness and damping to make the car responsive and well controlled, but not harsh. This eliminated almost all of the pitch and dive from the stock suspension. They lowered the car about an inch. This makes the car look better, yet remain very drivable.
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Great product
Great product, awesome handling, Also have steeda springs car is great at the track and on the road.
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Great quality
Great product Im using it on a track/street car also steeda springs, perfect for me, car feels nice and firm on the road great on corners, great quality. Great customer service!
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Thanks Steeda!
Wanted to post about the struts, shock. had them installed today and the ride is alot better than before with lowering springs and stock struts,shocks. nice product, more goodies to be added soon. Thanks Steeda for quality equipment!
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Very pleased!
I have a '12 GT 5.0 with the brembo brakes. The stock suspension feels very loose and sloppy. I'm using these shocks and struts with race springs and camber plates. My car is lowered 1.5 but it has excellent handling and ride quality with these. Stiffer than stock but still very comfortable at highway speeds. Great for daily driver but also handles like a sports car should. Very pleased!
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Great non adjustable. Slightly stiffer than stock so in my point of view thats just right for street.
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These are great, especially with the Steeda Sport springs. Improved overall ride and handling. Great if your looking for a better than stock ride and a little more aggresive handling(especially for autoX/track-days).
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Super impressive
I've heard of all the Rnd that Steeda puts in these units and after installing them into my 05 gt I can how all testing and designing is put to work. Really impressive ride quality and handling. Awesome on the streets for daily driving. I took it to the track and wow was I impressed. The improvement over stock is amazing! Worth every penny.
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Great performance
I have had them installed for about 60,000 miles so far and still no leaks or failure. I'm running these with Steeda sport springs and love the ride. Daily driver, not hoppy nor too soft. In my opinion just right for a great look with great performance.
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