March Racing Update: NCM, PBIR, & Beech Bend Raceway

robin burnett at spec iron racing

Here at Steeda, we are racers and enthusiasts throughout, which is why we take so much pride in our parts performing well on the track. Recently, we’ve had some of our racers set some impressive new feats around the country. Covering different racing styles and vehicles, these TeamSteeda drivers constantly show us how good they truly are behind the wheel.

Video Spec Iron Drag Racing Road Race

Steeda's Racing Recap

Spec Iron: Robin Burnett's 2010 S197 GT

One of our longtime friends and TeamSteeda racers, Robin Burnett, brought his 2010 Mustang GT to a national race at the Corvette Museum. Competing in Spec Iron, Burnett brought in a new lap record. This car is fully outfitted with Steeda parts to improve its handling and performance across the board. Using upgrades like the Steeda Adjustable Upper Control Arms, Single Driveshaft Safety Loop, Stainless Braided Hydraulic Brake Line, Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter, and more, Burnett’s car performed better than ever before with his skillful driving. While winning at Spec Iron isn’t new for Burnett, this lap record very much is.

Burnett has been part of the Steeda family for decades, dating back to the 1990s and has shown how capable these solid-axle cars are in the right hands. With his background on the racetrack, his performance acts as yet another example of what a properly-sorted Steeda Mustang is capable of. Burnett also had good friend Chris Heinzen racing in the “Scrap Iron” class in his Steeda-equipped V6 Mustang, performing well and keeping pace on the track against vehicles like the Porsche 911 and other Mustangs.

matt ballard drag car mustang

Drag Racing: Matt Ballard's Turbocharged S550 GT

In drag racing news, close friend Matt Ballard of Ace Automotive & Performance in Kentucky ran a personal best in his turbocharged Gen 2 Coyote S550 Mustang. Ballard runs a full Steeda drag racing suspenson including our Drag Racing Stop The Hop kit on his car, which he credits as the only reason his car can put the massive horsepower he produces to the ground. The horsepower needed to put down a new record time comes from a TKM long block motor paired with a BL Fabrications turbocharger kit and custom Lund tune. Running through his TH400 transmission, Ballard ran his personal fastest time down the drag strip of 7.98 seconds at 171.53 miles per hour. His car still features a full interior to make it drivable on the street when necessary, and his performance in the quarter mile sprint is incredibly impressive to see with the full interior weighing the car down.

matt ballard drag car mustang

Matt Ballard has been well-recieved in the S550 Mustang world for his performance over the years and having been working with Steeda for many years we are happy to see the results of his efforts with building the car himself and pushing it to the limit. Having run alongside him at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout in Bradenton, FL, we could tell Ballard was setting up to make this insanely fast pass. Although he also damaged his car shortly after by snapping his half-shafts, the car performed beautifully until then and we’re sure to see it breaking even more records in the future.

dario orlando steeda 20 car racing

Road Racing: Dario Orlando's Steeda S550 20 Car

Finally in road racing, our very own founder, Dario Orlando, took to the racetrack in the yellow Steeda #20 S550 Mustang in order to renew his SCCA Competition License. This was the first time in two years that he has driven the car which has normally been piloted by our VP of Operations Glen Vitale. Alongside Orlando, Vitale was racing in his Spec Miata racecar to victory as well. Orlando wanted to get back behind the wheel himself to show how serious we are about our racing performance and reputation, as well as to do something he truly enjoys. This was, unfortunately, the final race held at Palm Beach International Raceway before its closing for land development in the near future.

dario orlando steeda 20 car racingDario Orlando racing at Daytona Motor Speedway

“Its so great to have our top people at Steeda racing. It really is in our blood to perform on the track”. With racing being at the core of Steeda’s history, having people like our founder and VP on the track, as well as many others employed here is a great sight to see. With road race driving and drag racing both covered by our staff here, racing truly is in our blood for our staff. Orlando is excited to see what other racing there will be so he can get back out on the track more and more.

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