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Steeda Mustang 'Stop The Hop' Drag Ultimate Kit (2015-2023)

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Our Sales Experts take calls all the time from enthusiasts that want to eliminate wheel hop in drag racing. This is where the Stop the Hop Drag Ultimate Kit comes in. Our team of engineers got together and came up with the best parts for eliminating unwanted wheel hop in the new S550 Mustang to help you get the best time possible at the drag strip. A kit that gives you the fundamental foundation for ultimate traction and suspension compliance. As we have explained before, the factory IRS subframe, (often inaccurately referred to as a cradle), mounts to the S550 chassis with 4 mounting locations utilizing 4 soft rubber bushings with plenty of voids, even in the bolt holes. The kit we put together addresses these issues and more.

First is our Alignment dowel kit. This fills the factory bolt hole voids with CNC machined delrin inserts that will square up the rear subframe to the chassis. By filling these voids we are also limiting the side to side and front to back movement of the subframe that is present under hard acceleration and braking.

Second is our tried and true IRS Subframe Bushing Support System. This 8 piece kit was a first of its kind in the performance aftermarket and so innovative and popular we patented its design! Made in-house from billet 6061 aluminum and featuring stainless steel hardware, this kit fills all the factory voids in the IRS subframe mounting locations. Its job is to prevent up and down movements of the subframe.

The 3rd component of this kit is the strongest support brace for the S550 IRS on the market!! Made in house from chrome-moly steel, this brace is designed to support the factory subframe by directly tying it into the chassis at key mounting locations. Using factory mounting locations on the factory frame, this 5 point brace supports the front factory mount and the lower control arm mount as well. A simple bolt-in design, this brace ties the subframe to the chassis in the best possible way.

The 4th piece is Steeda's rear lower control arm spherical bushings which are recommended for all drag race applications. If you drag race your GT, EcoBoost, or V6 Mustang our rear lower control arm spherical bearings will play a huge role in eliminating deflection, ensuring your tires hook immediately upon acceleration. Our spherical bearings stop your S550 from building negative toe on launch. In addition to eliminating deflection and compliance of the factory bushings, our spherical bearings will also eliminate the spring rate of the factory bushing which does not allow the suspension to articulate up and down freely.

The 5th piece included in this kit is the impressive Steeda Adjustable Rear Camber Arms. These help you dial in that track alignment, correct camber after lowering your Mustang, and help you get a better contact patch at the track. These are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and offer +2 through -5 degrees of adjustment.

Steeda's Rear Toe Links are the 6th item in the kit. They help you improve your launch and allows you to control the toe of your Mustang during launches. Improve your 60-foot times and get down track faster with this upgrade from Steeda.

7th in the kit, the Steeda Billet Vertical Links with Delrin Bushings prevents deflection and stiffens the rear of your S550. This CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum piece is a great step up over the stamped factory piece. Reducing bushing deflection will help you put more power to the ground, while also preventing unwanted movement and wheel hop. Bushing deflection from the stock rubber bushings can cost your Mustang energy at launch and will hold your Ford back from reaching its full potential.

The 8th and final piece of this kit is the Ford Performance Knuckle to Toe Link Assembly. This replaces the factory rubber bushing and, like above, reduces deflection. This part will improve the handling and help your Mustang perform at its best.

NOTE: Steeda IRS Subframe support braces will not fit convertible

Kit Includes:

  • 555-5754 - Steeda IRS Subframe Support Braces
  • 555-4438 - Steeda IRS Subframe Alignment Kit
  • 555-4437 - Steeda IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
  • 555-4123 - Steeda Rear Adjustable Camber Arms
  • 555-4121 - Steeda Billet Aluminum Vertical Links with Delrin Bushings
  • 555-4120 - Steeda Adjustable Rear Toe Links
  • 555-4117 - Steeda Rear Lower Control Arm Spherical Bearings
  • M-5A460-M - Ford Performance Knuckle To Toe Link Bearing Assembly

Product Benefits:

  • Eliminate wheel hop
  • Eliminate subframe movement
  • Simple install
  • Squares subframe to the chassis
  • No permanent modifications
  • Better 60-foot times
  • Allows you to dial in the suspension for faster quarter-mile times
  • Puts more energy into launching your S550
  • Gives you more control over your suspension with adjustable components

Steeda S550 Stop The Hop InfographicFind out which Stop The Hop Kit is best for you!

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