Steeda 2022 Mustang Mach 1 Build

2022 Shadow Black Steeda Mach 1

We're so excited to debut our newest project vehicle here at Steeda Autosports. Like the 2021 Twister Orange build we made, this is partnered with our Steeda Performance Vehicles brand and will be used for even further R&D development on new and upgraded technology that we will be testing on this car. The end result of this build will be a higher-performance package for customer purchase with the 2022 Steeda Mach 1.

Similar to the 2021 build we made, this 2022 package will recieve a full catalog of Steeda upgrades ranging from suspension to exterior upgrades and exhaust as well as weight reduction upgrades. With a solid base already from our testing at SCCA National incredible Mach 1 even further in performance and style to bring it to a new level of power!

The Build

We've begun the process of turning this 2022 Mach 1 into a serious performance vehicle even further than it was before! This means turning the car up to 11 with new suspension, performance, and durability over extended use on the racetrack. This car will be tested and driven hard to show the handling capabilities of not only this car, but of the Steeda upgrades we are adding along the way. This car will serve as a test bed for a series of new upgrades that we will offer to our customers in the Steeda Mach 1.

    From the Factory:
  • 5.0L High Performance Coyote V8
  • 10-Speed 10R80 Automatic Transmission

Current Upgrades

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