Steeda Road Racing K-Member Nearing Completion After Endurance Testing

Road Racing K-Member Mustang

If there is one thing at the fabric of Steeda, it's racing. Over the past 3+ decades, Steeda has been a manufacturer engineering and developing Mustang suspension components that win! And today, in addition to our industry-leading suspension components, Steeda offers a vast catalog of parts to build your Mustang from the ground-up. Whether it's Mustang cold air intakes, cat-back exhaust systems or a set of wheels & tires, you can build your pony the way you want with parts from Steeda!

Steeda's New S550 Road Racing K-Member

Both Dario Orlando, owner of Steeda, and Glen Vitale, VP of Operations at Steeda, have been working hard to develop and perfect the all-new Road Racing K-Member for 2015-2020 S550 Mustangs.

This month, the #20 Steeda Road Race Car running the prototype Road Racing K-Member among a slew of other Steeda suspension parts won two seperate races back-to-back in adverse conditions! For the Florida Regional Championship, the new K-Member allowed Orlando to lap the entire field once and take the first place spot - all in the rain!

Steeda S550 Road Racing K-Member
Check out the S550 Road Racing K-Member!

That afternoon, Vitale was able to hop behind the wheel of the same #20 Steeda Road Race Car and take home the win for the Tropical Endurance Series - also in the wet! The Tropical Endurance Series races are sanctioned and run by the SCCA Central Florida and SCCA Florida regions. Bringing a hefty pool of contenders, the #20 car was able to turn-in with precision and put the power down reliably on exit.

“What's really great about this endurance racing is that we're proving our parts over and over again… we're constantly tuning and making them better…” -Dario Orlando

Mustang Race Car On Track

The new Steeda Road Racing K-Member will allow the driver to feel more feedback from the front of the car. Not to be confused with additional noise, otherwise known as NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), the driver will know exactly what the front wheels are telling them.

Over the factory K-Member, your S550 will also see weight savings where it's needed most - the front half of the vehicle -- thus improving weight distribution. Earlier this year, the #20 Road Course Car weighed in at 3,509 lbs with the factory Coyote engine. Later in the year, we upgraded to the more powerful Ford Performance Aluminator XS crate engine (heavier than the stock Coyote) in addition to the prototype Road Racing K-Member and the car came in at a lighter 3,473 lbs, despite the heavier engine! We'll have more exact numbers on weight savings once the K-Member goes into production.

Used in line with a slew of other Steeda suspension components, the new Road Racing K-Member will surely take your Mustang to the next level when it comes to the competition. Be on the lookout for more developments as we get closer and closer to production for this product!

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