Steeda 2001 New Edge Mustang Build

Steeda's 2001 New Edge Mustang Build

By: Chris Cervenka

With over three decads of history behind the Steeda brand, we can't forget our roots. Especially, when it comes to the New Edge Mustang! It's crazy to think that was nearly twenty years ago at this point. Regardless, this nearly 400-horsepower Steeda Mustang tore up the track back then, just as it could today!

Our good friend Steve Turner wrote an article on this exact Steeda Mustang for 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords back in 2001 when this car was brand new.

As Dario remarks in the video, this car will never leave the Steeda stable as it truly is a staple of everything Steeda is to this day. Take a ride down memory lane as we go over some of the awesome parts used for this build.

The Build

There's no way we could've left this 2V Mustang bone stock! The only way to take a Mustang and turn it into a Steeda Mustang is to inject some "go-fast" into the DNA! With that comes a 2001 GT Mustang that could give today's Mustangs a true run for their money. Check out the build list below!

    From the Factory:
  • 4.6L SOHC 2V V8
  • 5-Speed Manual T-45 Transmission

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