Benefits Of Adding Coil Overs To Your Mustang

Mustang Coilover Benefits

There is no better time to be a Mustang enthusiast than in today's world of American performance. As of right now, the Mustang is at an all-time high in performance styling, and power from the factory. But, that doesn't mean there isn't still room for improvement. Every Mustang enthusiast can be hard to please when it comes to handling, style, and ride height. Coil-overs take care of all three of these areas, due to the functionality of ride height adjustment on the fly along with dampening control.

Steeda Pro Action Coil Over

What Are Coil Overs?

Coil-overs are a suspension system that replaces the factory shock and strut assembly that combines both the spring and shock into one monotube assembly. Unlike a strut assembly, in a coil-over, there is one solid assembly consisting of the perch, spring, shock, and strut assembly all in one. What this does is allow you to have a suspension system that is a direct bolt-in replacement, along with offering plenty of adjustabilities within the assembly itself. Since the inception of Steeda over 30 years ago, we have been perfecting our Pro Action coilovers. In order to help our customers gain the edge over the competition at every level - whether it be on the street or at the track!

Most all coil-over systems are engineered with a monotube design in mind. This is referring to the spring and shock combined as one unit. As it refers in the name “Mono” meaning one. This design gives the coil-over assembly a much more rigid design, to allow your Mustang to tollerate harder turn-in at the apex of every corner.

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Shock & Struts vs Coilovers

For Mustang enthusiasts, there is a constant debate if shocks & struts versus coilovers would be the superior suspension system in the world of Mustang performance. This debate is very subjective because each enthusiast has a different set of suspension goals, such as the vehicle's primary use - the street, track or both.

With the amount of technology and engineering that is available today, it is no wonder that a shock and strut system can go toe to toe with a set of coilovers. With the ability to have a wide range of options such as spring rate, dampening, and specified singular ride height, it makes complete sense that Mustang enthusiasts looking for an all-in-one performance suspension solution are purchasing this combination today. One of the biggest benefits that a shock and strut assembly can offer is bang-for-the-buck.

The price point a shock and strut and lowering spring combination offers is going to be substantially more cost-effective option in comparison to a coil over setup. So, for the enthusiast who just purchased their next Mustang and wants to get their car handling like its on rails without the nuisance of multiple adjustment points, a good set of dampers and lowering springs is the perfect solution for them. Another great advantage that a shock and strut assembly provides is the ability to choose between three different spring types; linear, progressive, and dual-rate.

Where coilovers have the advantage is in the adjustability among ride height, compression, and rebound. This is where a shock and strut assembly falls short due to the singularity of the shock compression and spring ride height. Unlike a shock and strut assembly, coilovers can be a bit more on the expensive side due to the extra parts, added adjustability and monotube design. But, where they are very much alike is in the choice of spring rates. Enthusiasts have the choice on to decide on their desired spring rate for either application to fine tune their suspension setup.

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Reasons To Add Coil Overs

Enthusiasts will more often decide to put a set of coil-overs on their Mustang for various reasons such as drivability, longevity, and to get the most out of there entire suspension system. They also add crucial stability in order to help put all your horsepower to the pavement. While a strut can only of provide one singular adjustment due to the singular spring spacing, shock rebound, and strut height. This can be tricky because most enthusiasts today are looking to get the best of both worlds for their suspension.

A coil-over can fix these problems, because it is designed and engineered to give the user a complete customizable experience. This means a few things such as ride height, dampening rebound, and camber adjustment. These attributes are some of the main reasons why Mustang enthusiasts will choose a coil-over over a strut assembly.

In racing applications, coil-overs offer the enthusiast the ability to completely dial in the shock rebound and shock compression. This allows the fluid in the monotube assembly to put a greater or less than amount of resistance against the piston within the coil-over monotube shock assembly.

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Form & Function

A coil-over isn’t just designed and engineered to get the perfect stance. They are designed so that they can help your Mustang gain maximum cornering ability while reducing body roll and flexing. Think of it this way, when you turn into a hair-pin corner your stock suspension is going to want to push, because the stock spring has only a certain amount of spring rate engineered into it from the factory. A coil-over solves this problem due to the monotube design. Plus coil-overs offer the choice of spring rates across the board, so you can tailor your springs to the desired application.

This design is unique because it combines all the pieces within a strut together as one. Now while you enter that same corner with a set of coil-over installed on your Mustang,coil-over is going to offer reduced resistance that the car is pushing down to the road because of gravity forcing it down. Today most coil-overs offer up to thirty ways of adjustment, this shock tuning can be made by a dial that is either located at the bottom or top of the monotube assembly. You can either tune for a softer ride or a much harsher ride. Most enthusiasts seek a middle ground in order to be able to take their Mustang out on the street or at the track. Combining coil-overs with a set of Steeda sway bars and vertical links will only enhance the performance from your coil-over suspension setup.

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Ride Height Adjustment

Among the many attributes that coilovers provide to Mustang owners. Ride height adjustment has to be one of the biggest reasons and benefits enthusiasts upgrade to a coilover system. Besides the fact that they offer you to fine-tune your suspension, dampening, and adjustment. Ride height gives the user the ability to change the look of your Mustang at a moment’s notice.

Changing your ride height on your Mustang can be for many reasons such as dialing in the right amount of suspension travel for the road course. Getting the car ready for the big car show that is coming up to show off your new wheels. Finally getting the perfect combination of ride height and damping for the best of both worlds whether it is the street or the track.

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Why Buy Coil Overs?

There are many reasons to purchase coil-overs as they add a complete host of customizable options to dial in the perfect setup for your suspension goals. From the monotube design to the more compact design. Coil-overs host more options for the true Mustang enthusiast to enjoy from such as:

    Ride Height

  • Unlike a convention shock and strut assembly, coilovers offer ride height adjustment on the fly, so you can change your suspension application at any time. This could be setting up for a different road course to add in more wheel travel or to slam your Mustang for the next car show coming up. A strut assembly can only give you one ride height option. That is why a lot of enthusiasts pay the extra cost for coilovers.
  • Monotube Construction

  • With a single shock and spring design, you are able to have a design that performs better under hard load, add strength, and finally is going to be more reliable over a long period of time.
  • Dampening Tuning

  • An advantage of having coilovers over a strut assembly is that you can adjust the various dampening rates depending on the application of racing, street use, and functionality you’re intending on doing. The ability to have a firmer or softer ride at a moment’s notice is the key advantage over a strut and shock assembly because they only have a single shock rate overall.
  • Spring Rate

  • Choosing the right spring rate is a critical choice in order to set up your Mustang to the right application it is going to be used for. That is why you will see various coilover systems offer a wide variety of options of spring rates to choose from. This offers enthusiasts the ability to completely fine-tune and customize their Mustang.

No matter what type of coilover setup you decide, you’ll be adding the absolute best in form and function to your Mustang. Once installed, it is easy to see that the functionality, performance, and value is why they are so popular in the Mustang enthusiast community. Steeda has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to get you into the coilover system. Call one of our performance specialists today to get yours!

See the diagram below to learn more about coilover functions and components:

Steeda Coil Over Diagram

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