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Iconic Silver GT500

When talking about paint options, silver is always a bit divisive. While it works well to accent lines in bodywork and can add subtle style, it is also one of the most common colors in the automotive market along with gray, white, and black. In some applications, silver paint can even completely make or break a vehicle’s look and styling. With such a common and popular color, silver paint options can very easily fade into anonymity.

With so many options for silver paint, there are some vehicles that can wear the color better than others. Many cars wear it, but few cars in general can pull off silver options quite as well as the Mustang. With its sleek and aggressive lines, the Mustang has always worn silver surprisingly well. Even with the body lines to pull off silver paint, Ford has set up the Mustang’s silver options to be the perfect color to properly accent the car, with different shades and hues subtly making the Mustang stand out in any setting. With so many to choose from, there are some silver options that are more impressive than the others and we have them listed below.

Iconic Silver Ingot Silver Briliant Silver Metallic Vapor Satin Silver Metallic Opal Frost Silver Smoke Titanium Frost

iconic mustang

Iconic Silver

Iconic Silver is one of the silver paints that comes along very infrequently in the sense that it makes the car visually pop more. In certain lighting, hues of blue can be found along creases and angles while the rest of the car wears a nearly perfect silver. For a color that is often seen as boring, Iconic Silver is exciting and makes the S550 look wind-swept and sleek. Ford has managed to make one of the best silver paint options ever offered on any vehicle.

ingot mustang

Ingot Silver

Similar to Iconic, Ingot silver does well with fitting the curves of the S550 chassis and highlights the creases and angles throughout the body panels. While Iconic brings different coloration in light, Ingot Silver contrasts lightness more vibrantly. In direct sunlight, Ingot looks almost white while looking light gray in the dark. The differences between Iconic Silver and Ingot Silver on the surface is how metallic the color is since the two are different shades of silver paint that reflect light differently.

brilliant silver mustang

Brilliant Silver Metallic

One of the more common colors on the S197, Ford’s Brilliant Silver Metallic coat was smooth and subtle, accenting the flat lines of the early S197 and the curves of the later model S197 equally well. Brilliant Silver Metallic accentuates the fender flares, making them look larger than they actually are. As such a simple yet elegant silver, this color works as a blank slate for customization and upgrades including louvers, hood scoops, spoilers, and other changes, as well as unmodified as just a sleek paint job.

vapor mustang


Vapor is one of the more unique shades of silver offered on the Mustang. Offered on the early S197, Vapor would reflect differently depending on the light it was in. Depending on the lighting, the paint option could look either matte or gloss which made it a unique color. Additionally, Vapor was also able to look different-colored too, looking pewter in the shade and light blue in direct sunlight which made it a unique paint option for the S197’s flat body work.

satin silver mustang

Satin Silver Metallic

When Ford brought out the New Edge-body Mustang, they decided that there would be a wide variety of specially developed paints that had not been used before. One color was Satin Silver Metallic, a beautifully finished silver option with hints of blue and white mixed in. This paint ended up so popular that Ford brought it back for the S197 model as well. This paint has a more blue tint to it than most silver paint on the Mustang both before and after this body style that made it look both matte and metallic at the same time.

opal frost mustang

Opal Frost

Opal Frost was a staple of the SN95 paint list. It was calm enough to keep itself out of major recognition but lively enough to grab people’s attention as it went by. This paint was reflective enough to give the car an ever-changing appearance that would look different based on the light. This paint is much more blue than any other paint listed and as a result stands out from the others by it.

silver mustang foxbody


Straight to the point, the classic Silver paint on the Fox Body Mustang is a great example of a simple job done right. The silver offered on the Fox was a simple color that had nice shine to it that accented the boxy design of the car. With flat sides, the Fox’s silver paint was a nice compliment to the design with it’s toned-down style.

smoke mustang foxbody


One of the darker shades of silver, the Fox Body’s Smoke silver paint was nearly gray but still had the silver shine to it. The Smoke paint option toes the line between gray and silver itself and was not common in the marketplace as a result. However, seeing one on the road in Smoke is worth recognizing since the color fits the Fox Body’s lines perfectly.

titanium frost mustang

Titanium Frost

Very similar to the Silver paint option, Titanium Frost differentiated itself from Silver by being slightly different hued. Titanium Frost was more on the pewter side with slight tinting as opposed to the natural silver finish of the other options at the time. Compared to other paint options on the list, Titanium Frost stands out as more colorful with a different type of shading that makes it look slightly gold as well as silver. With all of these silver options, Titanium Frost is still able to stand out.

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