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Orange Mustang

There are few colors in the automotive world that divide enthusiasts as much as orange. When done right, it can make the car pop and stand out beautifully. When done incorrectly, it can be blinding or bland without doing much other than letting people know you wanted to be different. Regardless if someone likes the color or not, Orange is going to get attention almost anywhere it goes. While not many manufacturers can make orange work on their models, the Mustang has made it look easy in every generation.

Throughout every generation of Mustang, Orange has been featured to some degree because the car was designed to stand out. While many other bright colors have been offered, orange paint options have managed to stand out as a staple option. The perfect option for someone who wants a good mix of subtlety and energy, the various shades of orange that have been available for the Mustang range from darker mellow colors to vivid bright ones.

Throughout the Mustang’s production, there have been over 15 different shades of orange paint offered, but the most recognizable and well-received orange options have lived on in many modern interpretations. We have listed the best recent orange paint jobs offered on the iconic Ford Mustang.

Orange Fury School Bus Yellow Bright Tangerine Bright Caramel

orange fury mustang

Orange Fury: 2018-2019 Mustang

Twister Orange Mach 1Mach 1 in Twister Orange

One of the most popular recent orange paints offered is the S550’s “Twister Orange” option. Not as blinding as some other offerings in the past, Twister Orange changes its brightness based on how light hits it. In some angles, it is subtle enough to be mistaken as red, while in direct sunlight it is unmistakably orange. Twister Orange is good at complimenting the aggressive lines of the S550 body style and matches the personality of the car. Additionally, Twister Orange looks softer in some lighting, fitting multiple different styles doing so.

While Twister Orange is more subtle while being bright, Orange Fury is its opposite. Orange Fury is more yellow than many of the other orange options available ever on the Mustang, and had a pearl finish that looked yellow in direct light. Offered for a short time, Orange Fury stood out among other orange paints even because of how bright it is. Only Grabber Orange is similar in brightness. Orange Fury combined a lot of the brighter and more exotic color options with Mustang heritage colors like the original Grabber Orange for a unique twist of color and style.

school bus yellow mustang

School Bus Yellow: 2013 Boss 302

While technically not called “orange”, the Mustang Boss 302 model-specific School Bus Yellow should be included in this list. School Bus Yellow has tinges of orange paint mixed into an already darker yellow paint, making the orange more vibrant. This exclusive paint option was sure to catch attention when the cars would be out on the road. Depending on the light, the car could look dark orange or very light orange, but always had some shade of orange to the paint. With only 1,119 cars ever finished in this color for the S197 this is one of the rarer spec Mustangs built.

bright tangerine mustang

Bright Tangerine: 1996 Mustang

One of the best orange options ever made for the Mustang is Bright Tangerine, available on the SN95 model. Even more rare than School Bus Yellow, only 829 Mustangs were ever built in this color and only for one year. The 1996 GT offered Bright Tangerine in super-limited numbers and is as a result the rarest mass-produced spec for the SN95 Mustang - rarer than the Mystic paint option.

bright caramel mustang

Bright Caramel: 1980 Mustang

While the SN95 and on have had a variety of orange paint options, one of the prettiest comes from the 1980’s Fox Body Mustang. While the orange paints shown so far have been on the bright and aggressive side, this last paint job is more subtle and casual. The 1980 Mustang offered a color called Bright Caramel Orange, a vibrant but not aggressive paint choice that stood out from other paint options available at the time. Although this was early in the Fox Body life cycle, this warm paint option was not aggressive or energetic, simply a contrast to many other somewhat bland colors at the time.

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